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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel has lived in Toronto, Canada for 28 years. He’s a loving father, practicing dentist, divorcee and a well traveled “citizen of the world”. Having had extensive experience with online dating, travel and life in the Philippines, Daniel will tell it like it is and will no doubt open some eyes. He is currently engaged to a Chinese lady that he met on CLM and will very soon get married. However, he's seen a dark side too. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Getting Ready to Celebrate the Birth of Our Baobao    

By Daniel Chermont
4010 Views | 8 Comments | 2/26/2014 3:53:56 PM

Copacabana Beach,Rio de Janeiro city, fireworks show on New Year’s Eve, 2014.

As time goes by and the days drag on and on endlessly, our anxiety, anticipation and expectations are increasing geometrically.  We reached that stage that most couples do where we wish to have our little angel in our arms, bathe him(her), care for him(her), cuddle and give him(her) all the love, attention and protection we can possibly give and beyond. The due date is 1st of March, but the top doctor which is assisting Angela might decide to go to a C section ahead of time.  The last estimate was that the baby was already 4 and a half kilos and long bones and a big head like me and a normal delivery would be nearly impossible or devastating to both,Angela and the baobao (baby).

I might confess that the waiting to hear from CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) answer has being rather frustrating but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, we just wait.  I need to get their decision on paper, on hand, to plan our next step.  I purchased my ticket, my luggage is ready (tons of diapers and baby stuff) and I long to be with my sweet Angela and our baobao, the place where I belong.  I miss both of them.

To make matters worse, Canada is giving priority number one to an immense influx of Filipino nationals, due to the recent catastrophes in that SouthEastern country.  Lots of people from the Philippines have relatives in Canada, and Canada is facilitating the re-unification of families in a gesture of compassion, which is typical of this great country.  This puts an immense stress on the CIC case workers and the backlog increased substantially.

Today we decided that I will go to Beijing on March 10 and stay to the end of April.  I would not forgive myself for not seeing the first hours of my girl’s or boy’s life, I just want to be there.  I will deal with the CIC upon my return.

I am already bringing most of Angela’s clothes and gifts that the baby got and things like that.  It will be less things left for her to do.  I ask her to concentrate on the baby.  I will make sure sure that our place is in good condition, fresh, clean, and nice for the arrival of Angela and the angel.  Later she organizes and decorates the place to her liking.

We are very curious to see what will be the result of the blend of our racial groups.  No matter what, for us, our angel will always be cute and loved.  As an example, please see the collage at the end of the article. These are Eurasian children, when one parent is a Caucasian of European descent and the other an Asian person.  When time comes, I promise to share a picture of Manuela or Daniel with you.

I have a German beer mug that is in my family for over two centuries.  It is used to celebrate the birth of a new child on the family.  I don’t usually drink, but following our tradition, I will buy a good German or Belgian beer, get it VERY cold and drink enjoying to the last drop.  Children are a blessing, a gift from God and have always to be treated as such.

We decided to store some blood collected from the baobao’s umbilical cord in Canada.  Just as a precaution in case the baby needs in the future stems cells to deal with some illness.  God willing, she/he will never need this but if necessary it will be available.

Angela mentioned to me that the cost for this kind of service in China is double the price charged in Canada.  I mentioned this to the lady of the Canadian cryogenic lab and she told me that they have hundreds of clients from mainland China , Taiwan and Hong Kong (actually, they have clients from all over the world to include Japan).  I asked her how come people would go to all the trouble, if they could have the service provided in China, even though it would be much more expensive.  The lady, which was actually Chinese, it does not surprise me, this lab is in Vancouver and the Chinese colony there is even more numerous than in Toronto, replied “Chinese people do not trust Chinese products or services”.

I brought up this incident, which I really fail to understand, to John Abbott’s attention.  All the products and services I have seen, used or bought in China ranged quality wise from very good to excellent.  Back in Brazil, in my generation, Brazilians did not trust our products either.  The old story “the lawn of your neighbour is always greener and nicer than yours”.

I feel that Chinese people should be prouder of their country, their achievements and give a fair chance to the local products and services, is that simple.  I am not saying this to be politically correct or to please the Chinese members of our community, I am not a fake, those who know me personally are aware that I say things exactly the way I feel.  I am the kind of guy that if I do not have nothing nice to say, I shut up.  If I have something nice to say, I am always sincere and I say it.

Long live China and the Chinese people.

All the best and God bless you all!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-02-26 16:17:24 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Daniel - while you are going through some waiting pains at the moment, and we sympathize with you over that, it seems that overall you are on a very happy path. I'm sure I speak for all members and staff when I say we are all wishing you the birth of a healthy and beautiful baby, and that he or she brings you great happiness in the future. We are waiting for your good news.

#2014-02-26 19:29:18 by Grace172 @Grace172

Congratulates! It's always the wonderful time when the new baby come. The baby must be lovely and smart. Wish the lovely baby live happily and be healthy forever.(h)

#2014-02-26 21:52:41 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for these lovely words, Daniel. This article is a marvelous update to the one you last kindly wrote for us here, "Say What You Will". I'll never forget the wisdom you so eloquently espoused in that article,

""Relationships are never easy, even in your own country, your own city, with people that share the same language, culture, values etc. However, love is Universal. It is about a man and a woman and the willingness to compromise, to be tolerant, to be kind and to try really hard to live in harmony."

How true these words are and so beautifully expressed.

By the way, on a hum0rous note, you said here,

"I don’t usually drink, but following our tradition, I will buy a good German or Belgian beer, get it VERY cold and drink enjoying to the last drop."

Please don't let my learned naturopath friend hear you say these words - he's dead set against anyone drinking anything that's too cold. He earnestly advises it's bad for your body, placing strain on your poor digestive system! Maybe he thinks frozen ice blocks will be passed in the toilet, rather than normal bowel motions? lol

Seriously though, all the best to you, my friend. if anyone deserves peace and happiness in this life, it's both you and your most dear wife. God bless both you and Angela and also of course, the beautiful baobao. :)

#2014-02-26 23:42:31 by Enyaluo1977 @Enyaluo1977

wow...congratulations to you Daniel! Best best wishes to Angela and your baobao!!(f) Yes, Children are a blessing, a gift from God! When I have my child, I thought I may have done something good, my child is the best reward of any good thing I have done!

#2014-02-28 00:11:52 by sandy339 @sandy339

haha congratulations! Daniel, I think we all are curious about what you angel might look like :)

It is very hard time for Angela, I remember when I was about to give my baby, I was so scared, and hope everything goes well with her, enjoy your life together and pass my best wish to Angela: be safe and happy:-)

#2014-03-01 01:54:05 by QinQL @QinQL

Daniel , thank you sharing with us your most happy things and expections in life! We all knew it is true that as you said your baby will always be cute and loved. And we all also look forward to seeing pictures of Manuela or Daniel .

Please be assured the hospital techlology in Beijing China where your baby will be born , and also can trust our products in China(but should be aware and avoid some of fake products). As for me, I went to a normal hospital closed to my mother house when my baby was born. After the child was born, she need to have many kinds of preventive injection
, I could choose import’s, but my baby had all of them made in China. As she had grown old enough to go to a Kindergarten, I considered two aspects which Kindergarten that she’d better to join in : one, near home to be convenient transportation; another, there are sports venues that can let children to play and run. as I think baby's health is the most important of all ! Going to school, she has been enjoying chinese policy that all are free to take the entrance to a school that very close to my apartment. my daughter has been keeping healthy and happy from her born till now , and is as tall as me now – so amazing and glad when we found it that she has been growing up so fast!

Please believe it would be safe for both of your sweet wife and your baobao in China, and your baby can grow up healthily and happily as well! We are waiting for your good news.


请放心,您的宝贝在中国北京出生是安全的,也可以放心使用中国的产品(但是要小心和避免一些假冒伪劣的)。我的宝宝出生时就在我妈妈家附近的一家普通医院。孩子出生后,要打各种各样的预防针,可以选择进口的,但我家宝宝打的全部是国产的。孩子长大了,上幼儿园了,我倒是有得选择,但没有选择什么国际的、双语的、教学好的等等,考虑了2个因素:离家近,方便接送;再就是有运动场地的,宝宝的健康最重要!孩子上学了,享受国家就近入学政策 ---- 全免学费。我家宝宝健康快乐,现在都长到和我一样高了!


#2014-03-03 04:14:13 by Chicano @Chicano

Senior Chermont, congrats on new-arrival, we pray that all is well.

Having lived off and on for about 8 years in Guangdong Province, I would have recommended Canada Consulates other than Beijing.

Being a USA Citizen, a Chicano, I have had go tax-payer help with immigration of China family in Guangzhou and Hong Kong USA Consulates.

Yes, China Medical might be a bit more but my experience is that it is more efficient than our USA. Not to mention the "Train wreck of Obama-Care".

Wishing you and the family the best in the Year of the Wooden Horse.

From Texas, USA
Victor A

#2014-03-05 13:50:18 by canadianmike @canadianmike

Daniel - This is one of the greatest events in a person's life. The birth of their children ushers in a special type of immortality for the parent. It opens you up to the best and worst experience that life can throw at you and when all is said and done, you would do it again. The marvel of life.
Congratulations on the birth of your baobao. May they be healthy, happy, and keep you on your toes! :D

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