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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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Friendship and Love 友情和爱情    

By Xin73
7667 Views | 23 Comments | 12/20/2012 1:56:14 PM

Everyone is eager to have a profound friendship. Friendship is like our life over the road sides opened full of flowers, that we rush about on the road because of the fragrant diffuse and don't think hard. True friendship lies not in its intermediate dopant many interests, but rather it show sincere and honest will to appease people's fretful heart and purify the soul of the people. True friendship in the nature refused to utilitarian,refused to belongingness, refused to tacit understanding, it is independent personality between mutual echo and validation. Is the so-called a hedge between keeps friendship green, bathed in gentleman the friendship of people, to break the hypocrisy and wallow, become more intellect and deep.

Love is a gift of God to humans, maybe God feel humans life too plain and lonely, therefore put the love as the most precious gift given to humans. Love can make people stand aloof from this mortal life, feel paradise of the passion and wonderful. From friendship to love, not only should have thought, the interest is the same,but also have temper,character,and so on special requirements.The love itself after all, there are many friendship can not reach the place,this does not negate the friendship give love and open up the road, but to really to go on the way of love, and love itself should have many special conditions. Between men and women can accomplish a friendship. but will not necessarily development to love. That is because friendship and love are often confused. Someone doubt whether the presence of pure friendship between men and women.

There is a friendship between opposite sexes, it goes beyond the general friends feelings, but is not the love between men and women, temporarily called dissociate both and between the " the third category feelings ", nowadays called to "the blue yan bosom friend". This kind of feeling make heartbeat but don't estrus, let a person warm but without passions, the dull but is lengthy. This affection is the key to an understanding of psyche,the spirit of the blend. The humans feelings is rich and complex, between the opposite sex friendship and love, if from the emotion set out, between men and women first like each other, can gradually developed into a friendship or love. In my opinion "the third category feelings " is also a development and deepening the friendship, can be said to be a deeper, broader the love.

The love is a very special, very wonderful things, it is not all that exists in the marriage, more often even exist in non-marital state,with social ethics of conflict. The friendship and love between the men and women, what it really is? Someone say: love is one body, two souls; friendship is two body, one soul. " I think this sentence probably meaning that: love is two people who love each other should have the human body the union, but at the same time also have their own independent personality, should respect each other; but friendship must be able to the same heart, induction and understanding,but there can be no body the amphibolous.

Between men and women have a deep friendship and treat each other as bosom friend,this is a kind of soul and the thought and spirit can mutual induction of a friend, they can be loyal in friendship and share happiness and sufferings.Between them do not the secular think any deviant behavior, why there is no presence of deviant behavior? it is because they are more reason, more attention to each other 's feelings, and don't want to hurt each other, so suppress the desire.They exist between is life care for, more is career,work support and in the heart tacit agreement and understanding.

Gone through the prosperous and bustle and gone through the bloom of youth,In the age of 40 can meet a “blue yan bosom friend”, the life can have this bosom friend, what else do you want ?

Christmas will is coming,This article would like to pay tribute to everybody in here whatever it is friendship or love can all be satisfactory! Merry Christmas!









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#2012-12-21 10:43:31 by anonymous5015 @anonymous5015






#2012-12-21 13:16:40 by llyz @llyz

可能是因为当我们的出发点是想要去寻求一段爱情的时候, 我们事先给爱情定下了太多的要求。 但现实要真正实现或达到这些要求不是那么容易和顺利的。在过程中,当爱情的发展不如我们期望的那样, 我们就会觉得这不是我们要的爱情,心里会很沮丧, 会觉得对方并不爱我,或者大家相互根本不合适。然后一段爱情就可能走向失败了。

而当我们的出发点只是想要一段友情, 我们就不会给对方过多的要求。只想发展单纯的男女之间的一段友情的时候, 我们的心态也是处于比较平和的状态。在友谊的过程中, 如果对方的做法大大高于了我们对这段友谊的期待, 那我们就会觉得很幸运,遇上了一段好的友谊, 慢慢得就可能会成为“蓝颜知己”,“红颜知己”。大家如果处得一般, 那就是普通的朋友。

虽然对方都是异性, 但友谊”或“爱情”, 我们交往的出发点不同, 对对方的起始要求也不同。么个人对于“爱情”,起点的标准和期望高, 一旦失败失望也越大,造成的伤害也就越深。但“友情”,一般的期望值,就算失败,对自己造成的伤害也不会很大, 而且“友情”可以同时有很多和在不同的level.

当我们去寻求一段爱情的时候,如果把自己的心态也放在像寻求友谊的位置上, 是不是会好很多?当然“爱情”不可以同时存在好几个, 哈哈哈哈, 那是道德了;-)

“友情”和“爱情”都很重要,我们对它们表达的方式不同,但它们的价值对于我们的生存是同等的, 并且它们之间的关系是可以互补的。哈哈,不要“重色轻友”喔;-)

#2012-12-21 21:55:48 by sara1202 @sara1202



#2012-12-23 12:33:43 by anonymous5026 @anonymous5026

人世间只有3种情缘,既:亲情,友情 和爱情!

#2012-12-24 11:17:49 by cathyf2012 @cathyf2012

I think this is the way of Chinese people to consider about the love, friendship and soulmate. I was confused with it while my foreigner friend asked me to be his soulmate, or his friend.

Most foreigner don't think like that. They open mind, even had sex they may not start a relationship. They think soulmate could had sex, even friends.

I am not here to give you nagative comment. I just want to tell a truth.

Merry Christmas!

#2012-12-25 21:14:40 by Grace172 @Grace172


#2012-12-27 10:54:53 by xin73 @xin73

llyz 哈哈。。。我绝对不是那种重色轻友的人哦。如果有一天你,sara1202 和Grace172 相逢于本市,我定会以东道主的身份热情招待各位,让你们品尝本市北部湾的旅游特色:上山下海又出国。我真的好期待有那么一天能与你们会面。
Grace172 你的观点正确,我深受感同。在生活中,本来就只有两个性别,男人和女人。在社会中因为世事纷扰,人有时候真的需要有一个人,在烦恼时,诉说心曲;在开心时,分享乐趣;在失意时,鼓励你振作……这个人并不一定是你的老公。因为老公爱你,但他不一定懂你。
每个人的内心都有一个属于自己的角落。那里可能是儿时没有实现的梦想,也可能 是生活中无时不在的困扰……如果有一个人能真正地走进你的内心,解读你的失意,明白你的困惑,更懂得你的渴望——如果有这样一个人,那他就可以称作你的蓝颜知己或红颜知己,也就是知心朋友!人生遇到这样的男朋友,真的太不容易。男人与女人,在生活认知上有太多的差异。日久生情的故事无处不在,但男女的交往,只要把握好尺度,我相信会有真正的友谊的。
菩提本无树,明镜亦非台,本来无一物,何处惹尘埃?这佛家偈语,也正是它让世人明白:只要你的心是坦荡无私的,你的眼中的世界也就是清澈透明的。 男女间的友谊也是如此。所以我说人生需要知己,需要知心朋友。如果能让我遇到这样的“蓝颜知己”,爱情和婚姻对我来说已经不再重要。

#2012-12-27 18:25:01 by llyz @llyz

谢谢,xin73, 大家一定有机会碰面的 :-)

#2012-12-27 19:27:06 by sara1202 @sara1202



xin73相信你一定能遇到某位“蓝颜知己”或是心仪的知己爱人,这仅是一个时间问题。来自心灵与精神的吸引远非亮丽外表所能企及, 因此,这就为此种吸引多了“理性”一词的注解。

#2012-12-29 18:33:03 by xin73 @xin73

llyz and sara1202
谢谢sara1202 世事难料。许多既定的开始都有一个想不到的结果,所以才耐人寻味,不管是喜的还是悲的,是自己期待的还是自己拒绝看到的,矛盾和落差给这个世界太多的美丽。

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