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Four Signs Your Partner Has Started Lying to You    

By Guest
226 Views | 2 Comments | 7/29/2021 6:54:28 AM

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People change with time and you can’t blame them. Our mind consumes new information every second and our perspective and thought process changes accordingly. A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its former dimensions and we are gaining new experiences every day. It’s only human nature if you feel your partner has changed.

In many ways, you have also changed even if someone hasn’t pointed it out. While change is not necessarily a bad thing, losing love, respect, and value for family is definitely not something insignificant. 

The person you have called the love of your life and trusted with your very existence might now seem to have started lying to you. You have to tell many lies to cover just one and if you are feeling your partner is lying, there could be a good reason for that. Here I have discussed a few signs that your partner has started lying to you. 

Talks in an Unusual Way

You know the tone and style of your partner. That could change when someone is trying to hide something. You should notice if they are trying to avoid eye contact, not sharing complete information, or going way too much into details. 

Some people can tell the difference when their partner is acting differently. If you have doubts, you can hire a private investigator to look into the matter. He will do thorough research and come to you with proof of whatever he finds. 

They Don’t Tell If Not Asked

Partners are supposed to share everything with each other. They particularly have to share something that could become a problem in the future. For example, you must tell your partner right away if you run into your ex somewhere. If you feel like they don’t tell you things unless you specifically ask, there could be a reason why they are avoiding the conversation. 

You should ask straight forward if there is something they are not sharing for some reason. Tell them that they can trust you with everything and if they are not ready to share just yet, at least let you know that there is something. Sometimes, it takes time for a person to process the information on his/her own before it can be discussed. 

You Get Different Vibes

Gut feeling is not something you should ignore. If you feel that your partner now has different vibes, you should follow them. We don’t just love someone because of their looks. We love them because of how they make us feel and the vibes we get from them. If the vibes change, the person has changed.

You should discuss this with your partner so that you know you are getting different vibes and if they know the reason behind it. The answer should help you figure out a lot. If they are lying, you would get the feeling. 

They Have Become Distant

If your partner has started keeping a distance from you, this could be because they don’t want to reveal something. They might be afraid they will have to talk and lie to you about something. Distance means they are doing anything to avoid talking to you and they are jumping at chances to go away. 

They could be coming home late and leaving early and not talking even at the dinner table. You might also notice romance going away as people can’t get romantic when they are feeling guilty. 

Among all this, you should not consider just the worst. There could be a rational reason behind their behavior and they might be trying to protect you. Make sure you give your partner full benefit of the doubt. 

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#2021-07-29 07:02:21 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

We understand this article may seem a little off topic for a dating site where people are just starting to meet each other, but we felt we have to recognize that members who have met and partnered on CLM or ALM over the years may now find themselves in these very circumstances. For most members it will seem out of place, but for a few it may seem highly relevant to their current situation. We truly hope that the latter find ways to communicate that allow them to overcome their problems and rebuild their original love for each other.

#2021-08-02 22:23:45 by oldghost @oldghost

Strange.  Outside my experience.  i think I have never met dishonesty.

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