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A native Texan, Gongji has traveled extensively in the US, living mostly in the South and Western states. Now he resides once again in Texas. Having keen senses and curiosity for all things “unusual” (beyond the surface) he searches for ways to communicate the beauty and wonder of creation to others. With substantial life experience in many fields, he joins CLM in hopes that through mutual sharing of experiences, insight into our individual lives may be gleaned, allowing greater growth. Come, let us share. Come, let us share.
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For Consideration of the Non-Photo Profile.    

By Gongji
3704 Views | 18 Comments | 12/20/2014 3:16:33 PM

Hello dear readers, as some of you have asked about my Rooster Logo and Website Name, please allow me to explain...

When I first came to this “internet” thing I was very cautious.

I did not know who or what I might be encountering.

I thought it wise to exercise some caution and,...that assessment has proven to be correct.

I used to work with a friend who still runs a grand piano restoration shop. 

We performed all necessary repairs from general case work to stringing/soundboard/hammers/key board/pins/refinishing etc.

The whole gamut.

This steward had a small covey of chickens.

I became acquainted with one.

The rooster of the flock,...”Harry”.

The “Guardian of the Barnyard”.

Harry shared an abbreviated version of my middle name and this in itself was curious to me.

The particular rooster in the picture, quite a handsome fellow I might add, is the one in consideration.

This bird was very interesting because he tolerated his younger brother, was friendly with certain adults and especially children. 

The extreme opposite of most cockerel behavior !!

However, when it came to his barnyard duties as protector of the flock and crowing to signal the beginning of each day,... he was resolute.

Nothing would escape his observant eyes and he was always ready to begin investigation! 

I have seen him break the neck of a pesky rattlesnake, (other “beneficial” snakes were welcome), combat the occasional hawk, cats, foxes, indeed,... any "intruder" of question.

He was particularly fond of plain yogurt and cucumber salad,... which is one of my favorites as well.

I feel we established a sort of “psychic bond” because,... he would always come to check me out when I arrived at the shop,... or perch on the window sill next to my workbench.

One afternoon I felt something was amiss but,... I did not know what.

A quick search revealed the answer,...Harry had departed.

I found his body limp on his usual roost.

I guess he could not stand the blistering Texas heat and collapsed at his post doing his job.

His younger brother was close at hand,... solemnly assuming the new position.

All were sad that day,...especially three certain hens (mother, sister, and sweetheart,... I was told) that used to stay close by him.

To me,.... they clucked so mournfully.

I had never heard such a sound......

We stopped shop work and gave his remains a cremation ceremony worthy of his life, spread the ashes on his favorite roost and around the yard.

Then,... all celebrated by telling stories of him and drinking a bottle of rather expensive Tequila. Ha! 

So,...there's the story of Harry.

Encountering this site and before becoming a member, my curiosity was awakened.

I read as many of the blog articles as I could and especially those of John Abbot.

There is a plethora of information regarding cross-cultural relations and Chinese dating and customs.

The more I read about CLM, the more I began to understand the workings of this menagerie/barnyard that many of us have come to appreciate and enjoy.

There are such a lot of people here from all different types of backgrounds.

Some are sincere folks who really wish to find a special partner (and it can happen).

Some just come to “check it out” and then move on.

Others' intentions have less integrity.

And who do we have as overseer of the flock ? ,...... “Papa John”.

So,...I started to make a mental association and , seemed most logical to use Harry as my logo.

However,...the logo itself would not suffice.

A “user name” was required and,... this is an Asian site (right?).

Ah,...Yin Ting Yu.

I looked very closely at the astrological significance.

I was born in the Chinese year of the “Solitary Fire Rooster”,...Ting Yu.

Still,...this did not seem to be enough.

I looked more closely and discovered that although this particular year was both Yin and Yang,...Ting Yu year is mostly Yin,... especially when viewed from a “Western” (Scorpio – water) astrological perspective.

I tried to incorporate all.

Yin:      cautious, remote, respectful, silver, heir.

Ting:   to stand out, graceful, extraordinary.

Yu:      handsome, fair, brilliant light, hard metal, fisherman.

All of these definitions seemed accurate.

So,...I chose.

Regarding the nickname Gongji I understand as follows

To attack / to accuse / to charge / an attack

To sum up / to total

To furnish / to provide / to supply

Chicken / Cock / Rooster

Feat / contribution / merits and achievements

Public memorial service

All are applicable but, in my case I choose to go with #4. and,... the male of the species please!

I just thought Gongji was a little more casual and friendly way to end my comments.

Now you have it.

CLM (John) has been gracious enough to allow this blog space.

It is my intention to create / provide a sort of “Free Safety Zone” for a multitude of personal topics (share, learn, grow).

All are welcome here.

Do not be hesitant about the language challenge please.

I have occasionally been accused of “seeing double” on this point.

Rest assured I have two translators here,,.. for each of you (hehe).

Should you choose to respond, I do not care if you use slang, curse words, or salty humor to get your point across.

However,...if there is any underlying or overt malice in your responses, it will not be taken kindly.

I sense such comments will be addressed post haste by "Captain John" and probably,... deleted.

No threat,... just a reminder.

Let's just keep it “relatively?” dignified and please,...inject some humor.

If this is not “Serious / Divine Comedy”,...we are all in a “World of Shit”.

So,...with that caveat in place,...let us engage.

I really feel we have a lot of good things going on here with CLM...

Please,... allow me to share more in the future.

Oh,...regarding private contact:

I have chosen to go “Green” for a while so,... I cannot read your messages.

I need some time to reflect.

You understand.

Let me write a little more so you can know better who I am.

I will read your responses as well.

Perhaps you will take a turn and “Gold” up for a bit?

Peace and Blessings

Yin Ting Yu,


Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-12-20 15:26:10 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Please welcome Gongji as our latest blogger. After he took a shift as a Guest Blogger last week we were able to convince him to give blogging as a regular a shot. It helped that everyone enjoyed his guest blog so much.

A bit of a philosopher, an astute observer of human nature and an excellent storyteller, Gonji has all the ingredients of a great blogger.

Enjoy everyone,,,

#2014-12-20 16:08:57 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@John Abbot
Thanks for your kind words and patience in getting me started.
A personal blog space is really the best choice.
I sense this will become,......."interesting".
Oh,...just to make it clear to all,...Harry's picture is above the bio. :D

#2014-12-20 22:12:31 by Barry1 @Barry1

Quite a nice introduction to some of your rationale and thinking, Gongj.

But I must be honest. I'd prefer to see a recent photo of yourself at the head of the article, rather than a rooster. Just as every other blogger here does. Now that you're not just a "guest blogger" but a fully fledged one, this is only fair, yes? It's always better to be able to put a face to any comments you make.

Your rooster story was interesting. I also once had a rooster that seemed to be attracted to me. When I would watch TV of an evening, he'd come into the house, jump up onto the lounge chair where I was sitting and plump himself down right beside my ear, ready to settle there for the rest of the night.

I then would have to carry him out to the rear shed each evening and attempt to get him to roost there. Eventually he learnt to do this by himself.

Then one day I found his dead body. It looked like my partner's dog - a fast moving Afghan hound - had tracked him down and finally been able to grab and maul him. I felt quite sad for some time over this.

In any case, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Gongji. They're always an interesting and informative read. (y)

#2014-12-21 07:54:37 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi Gongji
Thank you for making clear the intentions behind your choice of logo and username. My detective work with your username proved to be futile. I made the wrong conclusion early that you username must have something to do with music. In future, if you can provide hanzi characters alongside the pinyin, I will be able to reach my dead-ends a lot faster.

#2014-12-21 22:23:48 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@Barry 1
Hi Barry,
I understand your preference completely.
I grappled with the public "photo-non photo" thing for many days.
Really,...but from previous experiences I chose to "stay the course"and go non-photo,.....for now.
There were two past internet incidents that affected future income but,...these are good fuel for another post. :)
Just please be patient with me as more is explained and I sense you will understand.
However,'ll have to read. (rofl)
I enjoyed reading your "Rooster Rendition"
Although a little bit sad to be mauled by an Afghan still,...these things happen.
Just part of living this time.
Isn't it interesting how we develop these bonds?
Anyway,...thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you again.

Greetings Detective Mel,
Do not be disheartened about your research regarding my username.
It does have to do with music but,... in a sort of unusual, tangential way.
Perhaps you know the story of Orpheus and Eurydice ?
Briefly,...Orpheus (son of Apollo and Calliope?) would play his lyre, kithara, guitarra every day to encourage the sun to rise.
Unbeknown as yet, and I hate to let the cat out of the bag so soon, my instrument of choice is Classical Guitar and I practice every morning before sunrise.
What barnyard creature signals the beginning of each day?
Ah, the Rooster and,...I was born under this sign.
There's the connection.
I appreciate your suggestion and I will try to be less "cryptic" in the future but, promises.
Thanks for reading my post.
If you celebrate Christmas,...I hope you have a good one.

#2014-12-23 19:30:31 by whui @whui

Hi, Gongji,
I keep my words to come here again:)
Actually, I read your blog more than two times. It is a little bit difficult for me to understand. I also read all above comments. It made me very happy to find that I am not the only puzzled reader.:D
I must admit that you gave a wonderful appearance on the stage(y)
Reading blogs and comments from JohnAbbot, Barry and Melcyan,I often thought of one Chinese slang "Three Women A Play", which should be modified "Three Men A Play". We call this kind of team as "Iron Triangle". For now, I am watching you come on the stage from standing on the shoulders of "Iron Triangle". How splendid! You deserve our welcome with many applause.(clap)(clap)(clap)
Let's get to the point(coffee)
I can understand your use "Gongji" as nickname for the reason that you was born in the year Chinese sign "Rooster". "Gongji" is the Pinyin of "Rooster " in Chinese. Another reason is from the rooster of the flock "Harry". you had “psychic bond” with him while you worked in a grand piano restoration shop. From Harry' s behaviour under your description, I have no suspect that he fell head over heels for you. I can imagine the scene that you was repairing the stringings or others with the sun shining on your naked bronze shoulders through window. What a strong and handsome man! (muscle)
Howver, I cannot understand "YinTingYu" though you exlained a lot.
You said Ting Yu was from the “Solitary Fire Rooster”. I guess that you mean “heavenly stems and earthly branches” (in short of "stem-branch"), chronology originated from astrology in ancient China. If you was born in "fire rooster" year, it's "stem-branch" should be "Ding You" (pinyin of Chinese characters), with very similar pronunciation to Ting Yu. That is to say that you was born in 1957.
It is very difficult to understand, including some Chinese people."Yin Ting Yu" , if not this blog, I will think of its meaning "silver tin of fish":P
Am I clear? (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
Anyway, I must admit that it is very interesting. Dear Mr. Gongji, you gave a big appearance with a wonderful blog(clap)(clap)(clap)
Looking forward to your more interesting articles here.

#2014-12-25 01:12:02 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hi Whui,

Thanks for stopping by and reading.
In my mind there was "no question" that you would respond.
Takes time, pressure.

I apologize for my writing but, it is the only way I know how.
I can write in English, French, and Spanish also speak but, in Chinese,....I am "infant".
Perhaps some kind person may help in translation ?
Takes pity on "Solitary Fire Rooster" ? Ha! :D

I know my words, ideas, and humor are not always easy to understand in Chinese.
John with others and you have encouraged me to write.
All sense I may have something of interest to share.
I thank them.
I will continue.

You are correct about the "Earthly Stems and Branches".
I was born this time in 1957.
A "Classic" year by the way (in USA) ,...57' Chevy etc...
I try my Very Best to research before posting but only have 3 books plus internet.
I sense there are "At Least Two" ways to express (pronounce) in Chinese but,... I thought I made the good choice.

"Silver Tin of Fish" ?,... interpretation is OK with me if you want.
Sardines and Smoked Kippers are some of my favorite "easy" fish food !!
In USA,..they come in a silver (aluminum) can.
Looks "shiny silver". (rofl)
Please remember though,... by what I have written ,...ALL definitions I find,... APPLY !!
Also I request that if I am "Silver Tin of Fish" to you,.. please don't eat me all up,.....yet. :P
Allow me to write some more.
I sense you and others will enjoy.

Regarding "Iron Triangle":
Please include Paulfox1.
I sense he is a good man as well.
A little "salty" but still....I like what he has to say.
Perhaps makes the "Iron Rhombus" ? :D

Oh, skin is naturally bronze for a westerner.
Is a Scottish / Mediterranean genetic pigment thing I think.
Also,...I wear a shirt when working physical in company. (rofl)
I don't know the "Bronze Shoulders" but I think it means,..."really fine worker".
If this is correct,...I thank you.
It is true. :D

I really consider myself as a "regular guy" but I know,.... I'm different.
If one reads further,... they will discover....
You are always welcome to this blog space. :)

I not sure if you celebrate "Christmas or Christmas Eve" but if you do,...I hope you have a pleasant one. :)

Peace and Thanks,

#2014-12-27 21:40:40 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hehe ok
Yin Ting Yu
You have psychic bond with rooster? haha, it is interesting....
I ever checked one’s psychology by letting them pick their favorite animals: the animal you love best is the representive of your character and the animal you love secend reprents your expected character for your partner. I am not quite sure what is the characteristics of a rooster, maybe it is as you described in Harry.

Sorry, I still cann’t understand what is your meaning by “I was born in the Chinese year of the “Solitary Fire Rooster”,...Ting Yu.” ? which does not make sense to me, can you explain it further?

#2014-12-28 23:36:01 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hi Sandy,
Nice to see you again !
Sorry for the confusion.
I'll try to explain further....
Chinese astrology is a little bit complex but really,... no more than any of the other cultures.
Let me put on my Chinese "Hat" for you. :D

I was born in 1957,... Lunar month: 9,... Heavenly stem: Mou,... Sixty year cycle: 34.
Sixty year cycle 34 says: Ting Yu (heavenly stem and earthly branch).
Ting Yu is one of 5 types of Rooster years ( Kuei Yu, Yi Yu, Chi Yu, Hisn Yu, and Ting Yu ) all with varying qualities / attributes.
Not all Roosters are the same for sure but, they do (from my experience) share some Very Basic characteristics.
Ting Yu is described as "Lonely Rooster" but,...I am not lonely,... only "Solitary".

Each animal sign comes in 5 "Elements" as well,... Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.
The basic element of Rooster is Metal but, 1957 is a Fire year so,... "Solitary Fire Rooster".
Although the Rooster has both Yin (water) and Yang (fire) qualities, (like all of the animal signs), it is traditionally associated with "Water" which is supposed to have powerful Yin qualities linked to peace and reflection.
However,...this mix of fire and water can, ( in my case), be used to create a lot of natural "steam",.............if needed. :P
Especially when I view a particular little "rain dance" I have going on with Mars and Neptune in Western astrology.
I see this true of me so,...Yin Ting Yu.
Perhaps you begin to understand my absolutely clear but somewhat,... different logic ?? :D

Please understand that I have only 3 textbooks on this plus internet but,... all seemed to concur.
I really don't mind explaining for you however,...I have to be careful,...I do NOT wish to become the "CLM Astrologer" !! (rofl) (rofl)

Oh,...psychic bond with animal is interesting ??????
Well,........Hi there! .... ;) :D
I will be writing / posting more.
Perhaps you will read and get more information.

Really,...thanks for stopping by.
Hope to hear from you again.
You are welcome in this space.

#2014-12-30 21:42:24 by whui @whui

@ Yin Ting Yu
Thank for your best wishes. Christmas is also BIG day in China for business. I consumed two dinners with different girlfriends (bosom buddies). So, My Christmas was not bad. I hope to celebrate next BIG day with some special one.
As you know, confusion came from different translations. It is normal. So, it is unnecessary to say “sorry”. Your article is not easy to understand. Nevertheless, I think I get it across. Another BIG day, New Year is coming. We will have three-day vacation. I will try to translate this blogs for more beautiful Chinese ladies to understand you well.
I accepted your proposal that include Paulfox1. “Iron Triangle” is good phrase in Chinese. It means one powerful team with three excellent members. We have not “Iron Rhombus” so far. We have “the Four of Gang” that is not good expression for us. So, I advise that John concentrate on working as “Papa John”. Then we have “New Three Triangle” here.
“Bronze shoulders” refer to “shoulders in bronze color” that dye skin under long time sunshing.. Men in bronze are always strong , healthy and powerful. Of course, they are also charming.
I haven’t understood well to your “different”, but I think this blog is very different for me. It attracted me to read many times like a suspense.
I am not sure if you can read this in 2014.
I would like to give my best wishes to “different ” Gongji, Happy New Year!!!

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