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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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By Imi
11693 Views | 200 Comments | 8/6/2018 2:25:00 PM
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#2018-08-15 01:40:48 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


You said:

"Nowadays, members of CLM are reading the blogs for conspiracy theories and verbal fights. For example, @autumn2066 prefers reading the comments where we, men, fight about completely unrelated issues to a dating site. I could easily envision autumn2066 glue to the TV and watch Jerry Springers all day. That is her world. As she said in her comment, I should go back and write about flowers, lilies and roses. I'll take her advice. I've got a beautiful flower in my garden that needs my care.  "

“You are right, I'm condescending and rude. But guess what. The thoughts and words that are expressed in this blog and comments don't nearly mirror the actual thoughts and words that are in my head. I'm the sort of man who, if you pull a knife at, pulls out a sword. If you point a gun at me, I will line up the artillery. Seriously, my biggest fault of mine is if I don't respect someone, I will show it."


My dear friend, it seems you forget that this world is full of all kinds of human with quite different mindset, different religions, different views and different interest. People have better respect each other even if they don't.

Thanks for mentioning about me in your comment. You make me smile. It is funny that you don't even know me, you never talk with me before, but unhesitatingly you judge me as a shallow stupid woman, only because I disagree with you. Maybe my comment upset your man ego a little bit? If it is so, I could appologize to you for that.

Umm..the truth is that you are totally wrong about me. I don't interest in any fighting shows, I haven't watched TV programmes for nearly 10 years since I found it is full of hypocritical lies and brain washing stuff. 

My dear friend, I am not angry with what you said about me. What you think of me is your own freedom. But your attitude has reflected that you seem exactly the kind of person whom you are blaming and fighting against. Don't you think so? :)

In my eyes, Mr. Paul called other people as stupid or sheeple, it is rude in word, but that is his style, he always be that way. That is him. You used to be polite and gentle, so your insolence here seems rude in attitude. With that attitude, maybe you should concern a bit more living in those western countries with increasing Ethnic and religious conflicts.

Not like you, if I don't respect someone, usually I won't show it. I could still keep my affability and patience.

Peace comes from respect and patience. Or comes from totally conquest, which is much harder to approach and usually won't end good. 

So, why not Live, and let live?

#2018-08-15 01:54:41 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Appreciate, well wrote.(y)(clap)

#2018-08-15 06:50:11 by kalzorch @kalzorch

@melcyan  Contrary to the fake news pushed by mainstream media, the science is not settled with regards to global warming or vaccinations.  There are plenty of scientists on both sides, but those who represent the conventional views are arguing to protect their reputations/funding/position/career.  Those espousing alternative views are risking their careers, funding, reputations, and sometimes even their very lives.  Which do you think is more likely to be motivated by good intentions for humanity?

Over the centuries, science has been wrong many times.  In fact, science is simply the framework of what we currently believe about the world around us.  Science doesn't have the capacity to imagine, see, measure, or understand anything outside that framework.  That framework demonstrably moves over time, getting better and better. Today's heresy may very well be the mainstream 10 years from now.  It has certainly happened before.  Just ask Mr. Semmelweiss.

Ultimately, on whatever topic you care to name, whenever the experts are in disagreement, you're going to have to study the issue and decide for yourself what you believe.  Some of the experts are necessarily wrong.

#2018-08-15 07:17:36 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You said

"Here are some beautiful round photos to put on your flat bedroom wall."


You think those are real photos? Hahahahaha

#2018-08-15 07:31:05 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


You said, I don't know you, have never talked to you, but I judge you. With all due respect, I wouldn't even talk to you if it wasn't for you. Wasn't it you who mentioned these in your comment?


"Haha,haven't you guys been enjoying kicking Conspiracy theory around indoor while other men enjoy kicking football around outdoor?


"I love these topics! I will be right back and join you guys!"




"Interesting that a sweet person like you can speak out some words sounds a bit aggressive.I laugh loud, glad to see a fight starting."


I wrote what I wrote about you according to what you wrote about yourself. I'm sorry if my assumption of you was incorrect. My bad. You don't like to watch people fight. I got it.


Then, you said to me on this blog. Keep in mind, we've never talked before or sent any comments to each other. (Though I have to confess I admired your intellectuality in your comments on other blogs and forum threads).  


"How about you walk your walk while letting other people walk their walk? How about you keep describing your unforgettable sweet love stories with Lily or Rose or whatever flowers in your romantic sweet blogs, while letting @paulfox1 going on his parroting about no gravity, no curvature, and no outer space? If you don't like other people's parroting, maybe you can keep silence saving yourself some time because other people don't care neither if your want to read or not."




"In my eyes, Mr. Paul called other people as stupid or sheeple, it is rude in word, but that is his style, he always be that way. That is him. You used to be polite and gentle, so your insolence here seems rude in attitude. With that attitude, maybe you should concern a bit more living in those western countries with increasing Ethnic and religious conflicts.


Do you actually want to tell me what I should do, keeping my mouth shut if it's not about flowers? Isn't that what you consider "rude in attitude,"  telling others what to do? So, you can do it, and Paul can do it, but not me. Interesting.


For a minute, I thought you were very serious about this sentence of yours: "So, why not live, and let live?"


I envy you @autumn2066. You know why? You can still look at the world with virgin eyes. Unfortunately, I can't anymore. Live and let live sounds great in theory. It doesn't work in reality. You proved that with your comments.


Anyway, thank you for this comment. I let you live. Please, let me live and enjoy your comments on other's blogs.  








#2018-08-15 10:50:25 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Thank you for the link. Wonderful images!


I like science because it challenges itself. Scientists dispute each other's theory. Therefore our brains never stop developing. If we closed the door on science, we would be braindead. What else is there to challenge our minds?


Lies? Thinking about lies all the time makes you miserable and depressed.


Here's my theory, Melcyan, about the universe and of who we are in a nutshell.


We used to have lived in a two-dimensional universe. That universe gave birth to our three-dimensional universe. The Earth was a circle in that two-dimensional world. (Flat-earthers still have the memory of that place and are having a problem to realize that they live in three-dimension now).


When we die, our energy slip into a four-dimensional world where the earth would not be called a globe but hypersphere. As energies, we travel through dimensions in multi-universes and multi-dimensions in the same way as children eventually graduate from school.


Have a glass of wine, Melcyan. I hope I'll see you in 4D one day and fight globetards. 

#2018-08-15 12:40:18 by melcyan @melcyan


Conspiracies theories have a common pattern. Most of them have an answer for every objection. I was speaking to a friend last night about changes to the frequency of extreme weather events and global warming deniers. He said surely these changes in bushfires, floods and other extreme weather events will make them see the light. My answer was that instead of seeing a connection with AGW they are much more likely to see these events as being deliberately initiated and manipulated by the NWO. He said that was absurd. However, less than 24 hours later Paul Fox provides supporting evidence for my words. Please forgive me Paul for not saying thank you.

#2018-08-15 18:16:05 by melcyan @melcyan



All the conspiracy talk on CLM is meaningless. Let others have their meaningless conversations while you concentrate on what is really important. Getting a visa for your wife.


Paul’s talk makes you angry. Should it really? This may be the only forum that Paul gets any positive feedback. Think about it. You have to be either very desperate or very misguided to try to start changing the world via CLM. CLM is an online dating site. CLM is an online dating site. CLM is an online dating site. I repeated it 3 times because I vaguely recollect that there is something magical about saying something 3 times. (Dammit, I remember now, that was Beetlejuice). Who knows? Maybe it will work and put an end to the avalanche of futile conspiracy talk on CLM.


Why be angry with anyone? I am talking to you Imi, not the conspiracy theorists. Let them be angry. Their anger is not your problem. Is there anyone in this world who is definitely against you? I doubt it. There are many tens of people on your side wishing you the very best. Everyone else in this world is indifferent. The people deciding your case are indifferent. Does worrying about silly thinking (unless it is your own) get you anywhere?


You get angry. Does your anger help you? If not, let it go. Instead, imagine you are living in a world that is trying to help you. The only catch is that this help is contingent on you making your case crystal clear. Make your case idiot proof. Idiot proof for your own lawyer and the people who assess your case. You must learn the framework that they have to work by. Make their decision to approve the visa one of the easiest that they have ever had to make.


Don’t worry about how other less deserving people successfully gain visas to Canada. That is nothing to do with your case. Mentioning it clouds your case with irrelevant detail. Irrelevant detail always makes approval harder. Apologise for what happened the first time around. While you and your wife knew with absolute certainty that your relationship was 100% genuine, you realise that you failed to communicate that with sufficient evidence matching the approval guidelines in the first application.  

#2018-08-15 19:07:33 by autumn2066 @autumn2066



Lol.  You right, I was rude too. I shouldn’t ask anyone to stop doing whatever he wants to do.  Being human being, we all have similar weakness time to time. : )

I apologize to you.

But I still very interest in these topics and still in Mr Paul’s side.

Look forward to your new blogs  about your new romantic stories.: )




#2018-08-15 22:27:08 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Since you said 'Thank you' to me, I will elaborate on my response regarding the 'photographs' that Imi got so excited about.

Take a step-back for a minute, open your mind to all possibilities, take a deep breath, and read-on.....


We live in a world full of lies, deception, and complete BS. The only way we can move forward is by un-indoctrinating ourselves to the lies we've been subjected to since birth. I can't un-indoctrinate you - YOU must un-indoctrinate yourself. I can only HELP you by pointing you in a certain direction.


Look at the 'photos' again. Then go to the NASA website and you'll find all those same 'photos'.

This time, on the NASA website, you'll find ALL of them desribed as 'images'.

The fact that some brain-dead moron has taken those images, then reproduced them on their own website and called them 'photos', does NOT make them 'photos'.

Thy are ALL CGI IMAGES ! Even NASA itself says so.

Look the one showing the 'spinning ball'. FFS, it's a CARTOON !

In 2017, NASA admitted it cannot go beyond 'low-Earth orbit'. Kalzorch admitted 'we' can't go high enough to photo the Earth from 'space'.


I've posted a link to the ORIGINAL NASA footage of the 1969 Moon-landing hoax, and even Barry has agreed it's a 'crock of shit'!


If you REALLY think that those 'bedroom wall' pics of the Earth from space are real, then you are beyond help, my friend.

Before you say it, NO!, it doesn't prove the Earth is 'flat', but I can guarantee you, 1000000000000%, that it's NOT a 'spinning ball' !



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