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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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By Imi
12895 Views | 200 Comments | 8/6/2018 2:25:00 PM

I know the subject of this blog doesn't relate to Chinese dating, online dating and/or international relationships, and I need to apologize for that. However, I couldn't hold myself back from writing this article for a personal reason. There is a blogger on CLM, whom I'm going to name later in the article if you bear with me, who, like a parrot, keeps repeating his preferred words of nonsense in almost everything he writes about as of late. And what really pisses me off is that he does this condescendingly, calling us, ordinary people, CLM members, and bloggers, sheeple. Well, he's flat out wrong.


Let's talk about Flattards. In my opinion, Flattards are the brand-new breed of human. Unfortunately, this new breed of earthborn is an off branch on the tree of humanity that is utterly barren, producing no leaves or fruits. These people, perching on this dead, dry branch, somehow got sick and tired of evolution and instead wish to embrace devolution and disregard common sense and everything that they have been taught at school. They are scientifically illiterate.


I strongly believe that the majority of Flattards are lonely people who find pleasure, not in relationships, but in revealing the most guarded truth of the civilized world—the shape of the earth. This notion, this knowledge of the “true” shape of the earth, feeds the biting loneliness inside them with something that makes them feel human again in their unhappy, lonely lives. I would even dare to go ahead and say, superhumans is what they begin to think they are, with the supernatural power of knowing about everything. They absolutely believe that they are smarter than 99% of the population of the world, including geniuses. This I-know-you-don't attitude could reach dangerous levels, however. When they get to these breakneck highs (still under the magic cloche, mind you), Flattards begin to look down upon the rest of us who believe the earth is a globe. And that, to say the least, is roundly annoying.


I've never met a Flattard in person. The closest I got was here on CLM when Mr. Paul Fox began to advocate this cockamamie idea. I can't even call it a theory, because Flattards don't have a working model of their Flattardia. What they've got for a model right now is a recently updated two-dimensional image of the earth from the UN flag. A year or so ago, I asked this of Mr. Paul Fox in a comment: if the earth is flat and the sun hits Canada at an angle all the time as is shown in their flat-earth “model,” how come I can see no shadow of mine at noon in Vancouver? It was a simple question that a fourth grader could have asked—and one that reflected my understanding of science. Mr. Paul Fox's answer was disappointing. Why do you think that I have an answer for everything, he asked me in his reply. Well, he had to say no more.


Flattards seem to believe in something that they can't explain, but most importantly, they don't have a working model of their Flattardia that conforms to current physical laws, let alone, a precise measurement of its size, movement, or an explanation of why it is flat while everything else around us seems to be round and spherical. They also seem to be having a hard time coming to the disappointing conclusion that someone, a few years ago, submitted a YouTube video about the flat earth that was meant to be a joke. Or it might have been someone with a direct, well-thought-out purpose. Some people, working for the Elites, wanted to find out how stupid we, the people, had become over the 40-50 years they'd been feeding us unnecessary chemicals. Had we reached the “totally dumb” category yet? Because if we had, they could go ahead and invade Europe with Muslim migrants (rapefugees) and the USA with South American migrants (cheap labor and votes for the plantation masters) under the flags of “Diversity is great! Diversity is our strength! We need immigrants (non-vetted illegals are much more preferred) to have a better future!”


Flattards are the poster boys for how weak-minded we, the people, have become. Our forefathers, who fought wars for our national sovereignty and future, would be ashamed of seeing us letting a handful of demented, wealthy, devil worshipers control our minds, lives, and future.


Where are the men? I ask. Where are the real leaders I would be willing to follow to get rid of over-sized governments, monopolies, mendacious MSM, indoctrinating school systems, and affluent family dynasties that have lived off of the masses for centuries and made the majority of their wealth by financing both sides of every war that has been fought on earth since the Industrial Revolution? Are we, men, truly becoming women? Have we indeed become so corrupted that we are willing to debase ourselves and sell out our dignity and integrity for money? Do we really lack the necessary testosterone to fight back? If we do, then the Global Elites will win. Their plan, Agenda 2030, will run its course.


I'm ashamed of myself and my generation. We didn't stop the destruction of our once so colorful nations and future. The same future our grandfathers gave their lives for. An immigrant myself, a double shame is on me. I have been too busy looking in the other way, but I'll do it no more.


So Flattards, Mr. Paul Fox, please, don't remind me with your nonsensical idea how weak and dumb we have become. No one thinks your lunacy has any value here on CLM. It's instead embarrassing, annoying, and making me depressed. So I would suggest that you go and lecture your belief from your high horse at a sniper school or at the Navy or the Airforce. Don't you want to find out what they might think of your flat earth nonsense?


Lastly, if I may give you a bit of advice, Mr. Paul Fox, take a break from your “research” and find yourself a beautiful, round-bottomed Asian girlfriend, but if you prefer flat, then a flat-bottomed one. Aren't we all here for that same reason? Don't you think you deserve a bit of fun, a woman's gentle touch after having to breathe so much stale air in the rabbit hole that completely blocked your common sense? Give it a break already, would you?


I expect you to make a comment on this blog, but if you come back and start parroting about no gravity, no curvature, and no outer space, and everything is a lie, you can save yourself some time because I won't read it. What I would much appreciate is if you came down to my level of science and explained where the heck my shadow is at noon in Canada, and why. The answer is simple. Dare to say it, Mr. Paul I-know-everything Fox?



Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-08-06 14:24:48 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Well, this should be interesting. 

Having let @PaulFox1 have a voice on the Flat Earth topic so many times, I could hardly censor Imi from blogging about how tired he is of seeing it take over the conversation here so often. So I have gone ahead and published Imi's new blog.

And I agree with Imi on two points:

1. Paul has managed to bring the conversation around to Flat Earth or other controversial "truths" that (even if true) do not relate in anyway to the relevant topics of our websites, which is Chinese or Asian dating. There is a fairly broad range of topics that are relevant, such as travel in, culture of, geography of and people of various countries, etc. But for certain, whether or not the Earth is flat is not to be found among them.

2. Paul has been very condescending, and often rude, in his comments aimed at readers who have commented with arguments against his flat earth theory. At least dozens of times he has declared anyone who dared disagree with his claims of the earth being flat to be "stupid" or "a fool", and being stupid fools, we are also, of course, "sheeple".

Also, I too have several times responded to his so called 'proofs" that the earth is flat with pretty strong arguments why they prove nothing, and Paul never comes back with an argument why I am wrong nor a concession I am right, but instead just moves on with another "proof" that also proves nothing.

So, having now published Imi's take on the whole subject, let the games begin... 

#2018-08-06 16:23:15 by Barry1 @Barry1




Paul has cited various examples of how lasers or other objects that are many miles apart can still be seen via a telescope, when in theory, they should have been obscured by Earth curvature.


So why can a laser 30 miles away still be seen, when in theory it should be dozens of feet below the horizon? 


The answer to this is:  I don't know.  (sweat)


However, the opposite scenario exists also. I have seen photos of wind farms in the North Sea region that clearly demonstrate that there IS curvature of the Earth. That is, when viewed from a long distance away, only the top blades of the giant wind turbines can be seen, as their upright masts have fallen below the horizon.  To see these photos, scroll three quarters of the way down the following page:


So the above two examples demonstrate opposite ideas. They contradict each other. I still believe the Earth is round. But yet, I cannot adequately explain why two objects that are very far apart, supposedly well below the horizon, can still be seen via a powerful telescope. Many examples of this exist on YouTube. 


I'm sure there's a solid, plausible explanation, but what is it? Atmospheric refraction perhaps?  The "bending" of light due to dynamic atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, wind, varying regional temperatures? All these could lead to mirages or mirage-like images, correct?   :^)


#2018-08-06 21:39:26 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

@Imi. Thank you for writing this blog. @JohnAbbot. Thank you for posting this blog.


Before I begin my response, please allow me to set the proverbial 'record' straight on a few points raised by both Imi and John.

1. When I refer to people as 'sheeple', I am referring to the 'masses' in general.

2. I may come over as quite 'arrogant' at times, but these are just words on a screen and have no intonation. Perhaps if we were talking face-to-face the 'arrogance' would not seem so bad.


That said, on with the 'show'......(By the way, please feel free to research ANYTHING I mention in this response.)


It was around February 2017 when I was profoundly affected by something that is known as the 'Mandela Effect'. As I began researching it, I kept getting all these 'flat-Earth' videos popping up in my news-feed.

My initial reaction was always, 'piss off, the world ain't flat!'.

I refused to even entertain the possibility, and refused to click on any of the video titles.

This went on for a couple of months.

One day, a video popped up called 'Flattards Vs Globetards'. I'll never forget it. It was 6pm at night. I decided to, "Oh, FFS......go on then......", and I clicked on the video.

At 3am the following morning I was still watching FE videos.

Of course, I still couldn't believe that the Earth could POSSIBLY be 'flat'.

At this point may I please say that those who are labeled with the name 'flattard', or 'flat-Earther', don't necessarily believe the Earth is 'flat' per se, but we do NOT believe it's a 'spinning ball'.


So, after watching many, many 'flat-Earth' videos, I still found myself having 'cognitive dissonance'. Despite my own eyes telling me there's no 'curvature', I still believed the 'globe' model.


That was, until I saw something.


Since I can't post pics in a response, I'll tell you what I read.....


The curvature of the Earth is 6.66 inches per square mile in all directions.

The 'axis' of the Earth, (23.4 degrees), is actually 66.6 degrees from the horizontal.

The Earth hurtles round the Sun at 66,600mph

The tropics are 66.6 degrees above, and below, the equator.


That was it. (Mark of the Beast, anyone?)

From that moment on I decided to do some SERIOUS research, and, in a nutshell, here's what I quickly discovered......


1. NASA has NEVER shown us a REAL photo of the Earth from 'space' Everything they give us is, by their own admission, CGI, (computer generated images).

2. Only 12 people have ever been further than 'low-Earth orbit'. All of these 12 people have allegedly walked on the Moon.

3. These same 12 people are all 33rd-degree Freemasons, and not ONE of them would swear on the Bible that they walked on the Moon. Some of them even ran away when asked. (See 'Astronauts Gone Wild' on YT)

4. NASA has 'lost' all telemetery data from all 'Moon landings', and admit they can't go back there.

5. Until around 1600, when Copernicus came up with his 'globe' theory, everyone believed the Earth was 'flat', and had done for thousands of years. (Copernicus was a Freemason).

6. 100 years later, Galileo was put under house-arrest for promoting the Copernicus theory.

7. In 1961/62, the USA and Russia carried out some high-level explosive tests in a project called 'Operation Fishbowl'

8. In 1931, a scientist named Auguste Piccard flew a home-made balloon to a height of 51,000 feet. He was the first person to reach such altitude. In his journal, he wrote, 'The Earth appears to be a flat disc with an upturned edge"

9. The Earth is 70% water, and water does not 'curve' around a 'ball'. It ALWAYS finds its own level. (Sea-level, or 'See-level'?)

10. The word 'horizon' comes from the word 'horizontal'

11. No matter how high you go, the horizon always rises to meet the eye. If we lived on a 'ball' this would not be so.

12. If the Earth were a globe, the river Nile would have to run uphill.

13. NASA, in Hebrew, means 'to deceive'

14. The NASA logo has a red 'forked-tongue' that looks like the letter 'T'. It becomes an anagram of 'SATAN'

15. All the 'moon rockets' were 'Saturn V' (again, 'Satan'), and were named 'Apollo'. The ancient god 'Apollyon', or 'Apollo', is a deceiver.

16. I have carried out tests, with a high-powered laser, over 53 km, and, according to the 'Earth Curve Calculator', the 'drop' should be 240.25 metres, yet my friend can clearly see the laser. This would not be possible if we lived on a ball.

17. The Isle-of-Man, in the UK, can be clearly seen from Blackpool on a clear day, using binoculars.. This, despite the Isle of Man being 183 miles away, and as such, should be hidden by a whopping 21,658 feet, or, if you prefer, 4.1 MILES, due to 'curvature'.

18. In training school, ALL pilots are taught the Earth is a flat, stationary plane, and that no 'spin' is allowed for.

19. No surveyor, canal-builder, railway engineer, bridge builder, etc, is ever taught to consider 'curvature' when constructing.

20. The Bible states, over 200 times, that the Earth is 'immovable', 'stationary', and 'flat'.


Now, let's get into some stuff that you can actually consider in your own mind.....


1. We're told that the Earth 'spins' at 1000mph, (1600kmh) in an Easterly direction. So, if a plane flies at 500mph eastwards, how could it ever arrive at its destination?

2. Why don't helicopters simply hover and wait for their destination to arrive?

3. How could a pilot land a plane on a runway that's spinning at 1000mph?

4. If you at a point in the West, and were flying to a point in the East on a 12-hour flight over the North pole, when your plane arrived at your destination, you'd be landing at the same place you took-off from.

5. The 'Pole-Star' never moves, nor do any of the constellations.

6. The Sun and the Moon both appear to be the same size. We're told the Sun is 93 million miles away, and the  Moon is 237,000 miles away. Who has the tape-measure?

7. Cellphones don't work in rural areas, yet we're supposed to have 'satellites'

8. As stated earlier, water remains flat. This is observable.

9. The US military has something called the 'Rail-Gun'. It can hit a target 100 miles away, despite that target being 6,666 feet below line-of-sight.

10. Finally, a technical question for you. A submarine is at 150 feet below the surface of the water and it's travelling at 30 knots. How long would it need to travel before it broke the surface of the water?

Forget trying to answer, because it would NEVER break the surface of the water!

The fastest plane in production is owned by the US military. It allegedly flies at 80,000 feet and can hit speeds as high as Mach 3. At full altitude and full speed, it would need to drop its 'nose' a staggering 5,800 feet every SECOND, if we lived on a ball.


I could go fact I could make this response 2,3,4 times as long, but enough for now.


My 'quest' has been 'WHY?'. As I said earlier, I don't give a rat's ass what shape the Earth is, but I want to know WHY we've been lied to for 500 years.


I THINK I've found the answer - at least I've found AN answer that makes perfect sense.

The sad truth is that we've been lied to for over 2000 years, not just 500.


William Shakespeare famously said, 'All the world's a stage'. He was spot-on !


So please, COME-ON, @Imi; @JohnAbbot;@Melcyan;@Barry1, and @all......


On the rear window of my car you can see, in BOLD, CAPITAL letters -





Bold statement, right? I get more 'thumb's up' than anything else. I've been rebuked twice in 4 months. Crazy thing is, most of the 'thumb's-up' I get are from people on motor bikes and in big 4WDs.


I remain steadfast in these beliefs. I will NOT be lied to again!

There is so much evidence to demonstrate a 'flat-Earth', yet there is ZERO evidence to demonstrate a globe.

The 'sheeple' simply beLIEve what they're taught by their peers and what they see on 'Tell Lie Vision'






#2018-08-06 21:51:05 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Oh, and 33rd-degree Freemasonry............


The Twin-Towers, that came down in 2001, were built in 1968. (33 years later)

Stanley Kubrick, who filmed the fake Moon landings, made a film in 1968. It was called "2001, a Space Odessy"

Why 2001?

33 years?


Why 33rd degrees in Freemasonry? Why 33?


Below is a link to a picture of a 10,000 year old map of the world. It shows our 'domain' in the centre, enclosed by a 'dome', yet shows 33 more 'continents' outside our sphere of 'reality'.


Isn't it strange how English works?

We live under a DOME, in our DOMAIN.


#2018-08-06 22:05:34 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Ask anyone what the 'problems' are, and they'll undoubtrdy say 'Politics and Finance'

Religion is also a 'problem'

All of these 3 things are false.


Politics is a 'game'

'Finance' is a joke. What is $1 worth? It's a bit of worthless paper !   It has an AGREED 'value', that's all........


Religion is a fear-and-control matrix.


The 'BuyBull' is 80% BS, and 20% pure gold!


Part of the 'pure gold' says, - "for what profits a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul?'


It also talks of the 'pleasures of the flesh'

We think of that as being sex.



Time to get REAL, folks. We've been conned and lied to for 2000+ years.

#2018-08-07 07:42:14 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Just as a quick follow-on from my earlier response, how many people do YOU know who acknowledge the fact that our food and water is being poisoned?

Most people I know tell me I'm 'crazy' when I mention it. 'Sheeple'!


Both you and John have said that the subject in discussion here has nothing to do with relationships or dating. I think you're both wrong.


The whole 'agenda', in which the 'flat-Earth' is just a small part, affects every man, woman, and child, on Earth.


I'll wait for your response before I elaborate further, but in the meantime you might want to take a look at this 8-minute video, (NOT flat-Earth!), in order to see what's coming, UNLESS we ALL do something to stop these mad, psychotic bastards.

#2018-08-07 15:40:23 by melcyan @melcyan






Choose your signs more carefully in the future Paul. I would give this sign the thumbs up and you know what I think of your flat Earth.

#2018-08-07 16:51:26 by melcyan @melcyan



I can't find any evidence from a reputable source that Copernicus was a freemason. The only sources that I can find are..... you guessed it .......looney tune conspiracy sites. I actually desperately want him to be a freemason. Do you want to know the reason why?


I am not sure that you can handle it, Paul.  Make sure you are seated and maybe knock back a whiskey or two. Ready? Here goes.  Paul my father, my real father was a FREEMASON! It gets worse. My father's father was also a ......... FREEMASON!!!


It gets spookier still. When you add them all together (include Copernicus), double the number and say it three times.


However, I believe Paul Fox suspected all of this from the very first time I posted words on CLM. Right now my hands are trembling as I desperately try to continue typing. My first words on CLM were posted exactly 6 years, 6 months and 6 days ago.

#2018-08-07 19:01:47 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You said - Paul has cited various examples of how lasers or other objects that are many miles apart can still be seen via a telescope, when in theory, they should have been obscured by Earth curvature.


No telescope needed, my friend. The laser can be seen with the naked eye.


You also said - However, the opposite scenario exists also. I have seen photos of wind farms in the North Sea region that clearly demonstrate that there IS curvature of the Earth.


Sorry, mate, there is NO 'curvature'. You only saw the top of the blades due to 'perspective'!

Had you picked up your binoculars, you would have easily been able to see the whole of the wind-farm.


I was in Fremantle the other day. Just by chance I saw a ship sailing out to sea, towards the horizon.

I had a friend with me, who is extremely skeptical, yet open-minded.

As the ship 'disappeared' over the horizon, we waited a few minutes and then pulled out the binoculars.

My friend was able to 'pull' the ship back into clear view. No binoculars = no ship. Binoculars = ship !


To say he was 'blown-away' is an understatement. He is now researching 'flat-Earth' every spare minute he gets.


After @Imi responds to my comments above, I'll do my best to explain - "Why the Lie?"


Most people won't like it, but as ever, I've done LOADS of research into it and I'm pretty sure I've found the answer.

#2018-08-07 19:20:44 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Today was a 'sad' day. YT took down Alex Jones' channel, so did Apple, as well as Facebook.

Jones had over 2 MILLION subscribers on YT.

I was not one of his subscribers because I think Jones takes a tiny bit of truth, wraps it in BS, then rants about it. However, I would defend his right to say anything he wants, on whatever platform he chooses.

The fact that YT can decide what people WANT to watch, is abhorrent.

It's a bit like me being your postman and failing to deliver your monthly magazine, because I don't think you should read it.

Apple has just hit 1 TRILLION in market-share. Their first-ever computer was marketed in 1976 at a price os $666.66.


A YT channel that I DID subscribe to was one called 'HighImpactFlix'. Despite him having over 500,000 subscribers, his channel was deleted from YT because he DARED to deviate from the 'official story' put out by the mainstream media.


This is '1984' on steroids!


We all become 'sold' on the BS that CCTV cameras are on every street corner because of our 'safety'. Really?

Why, when I turn on my Samsung Galaxy S5, I get greeted with the 'all-seeing eye' for 5 seconds?


Am I 'paranoid'? I don't think so.

The 'elite', that run this world, are scared that we might discover who they are. They monitor our e-mails, conversations, our choices on the Internet, everything!


Just try searching for a flight to Spain, for example. Then see how many 'suggestions' you get over the following few days.

Every time I log into CLM I get 'suggestions' for other dating sites around the world.


It's time to 'wake-up', people.

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