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Flash sale and online dating    

By Jasmine Huang
3002 Views | 3 Comments | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM

Key words: off-source stocks, off-season stocks, discount, time-limited, agitate, hypothetic, promotion campaign, strike a bargain, take the bait

Flash sale is the latest and attractive marketing strategy and tactic offered often by big stores and retailing stores to promote their off-source stocks or off-season stocks. The key words for the flash sale are: high discounts and time-limited. Retailers will agitate consumers: Don't blink, don't move and definitely don't hesitate as the clock is ticking.

So what does the flash sale have to do with online dating?

Before illustrating the correspondence between these two, I’d like to bring up one thing first: Love is not merchandise, which is not what I want to discuss here today. But rather at first I’d like to give you some insights of the similarity of searching for online dates and looking for goods in the supermarket or the stores.

Have you been fascinated by the long list of candidates who may be your perfect matches out of your searching criteria on the online dating sites? Isn’t this quite like when you go to the supermarket, linger around the high shelves and are a little hesitated when you are provided with such a variety of goods?

What will you do then?

Suppose you haven’t built up the brand loyalty towards the goods you are going to buy, you are quite likely to check the packing, which is the very 1st impression you’ve got (Yes, it is the human nature to always judge a book by a book cover.), maybe compare the ingredients, taste a sample piece, or have a touch to feel the textures…

Sounds quite familiar, right? Aren’t these steps what you are doing frequently and similarly when you click the search button and browse the profiles? And for online dating, after you’ve ‘locked up your targets’, you would enter the ‘back and forth’ part of information exchange and communications.

Hypothetically, each one on the dating sites is the owner and promotor of one commodity: you, yourself, and you are looking for only one customer (This supposes that you don’t do the ‘black case work’ by having more than one customers since your proprietorship can’t be divided.). For this reason, you are pulling together all the means for the promotion campaign.

You understand that consumers are quite likely to be attracted by the packing or looks, therefore you put up some nice pictures, and brushing up your profile. You try to have more exposures to your consumers by logging in frequently, maybe posting some intriguing topics on the forum and probably just by sending out kisses, like what we do on CLM. Or you may upgrade to be the VIP then you are on the top of searching list.

All these campaigns are considerably acceptable, however some promotors just do not go by normal and regular rules. Sometimes the packing does not go with the substance, or maybe the quality and efficiency are exaggerated or you are finding more than one customers. And some are found to play psychological strategy like the flash sale promotion. So it is really like the consumers are tempted or imposed to close a deal when the promotors make it clear that do not waste each other’s time if you have no intention to strike a bargain. And if you do, you have to avail the opportunity as soon as possible. Many people take the bait as they feel they really got a nice discount(here the discount just implies the advantages that the people on any online dating sites feel they are taking. It could be the attractive background, the good appearance, the financial stability, or any other things.), and the most important thing is the commodities usually seem to be specious and presented in an appealing and attractive manner. Also consumers are worried if they are buying too late, the inventory may end up being depleted by other eager shoppers.

It is not so bad yet. As we just assumed that all these are happening under the hypothetic premise. After all, love economics is also a very good subject that causes a lot of people’s attention. There are plenty of strategies, tactics and mechanisms which can be applied. And I am writing to urge that you don’t make prompt decision when anybody online shows you his/her affection as soon as he/she contacts you. You can’t love easily at the first glance. You’d better slow down. And do not compromise easily to some tough and unacceptable agreements since a deal should be closed on a win-win basis.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2010-05-06 01:11:17 by kahnsfury @kahnsfury

I'm not sure anyone could have said that better Jasmine. I think sometimes our own loneliness can get the better of us and we overreact. Then we grab onto the first thing that will show us the affection we desire and sometimes we live to regret the mistake.

#2010-05-09 05:08:23 by pops @pops

Everything said here by jas ,the world needs to see,read and be aware of.Keep up the good works,informatively,empower the world,lol,jasmim.

#2010-05-23 21:22:13 by gardenguru @gardenguru

Lots of strange players here, i just got invited to chat with a girl, 23 years old and wery pretty, the first thing she sayed was that she want to marrage me and askt me when i can come to china and see her, didnt take 1 minute.
Then she gave me her phone number and qq and address, and then she wanted my phone number and address.
And about 3 minutes in to the chat she loves me and want to move to me and have babys.
A little strange i think, we havent eaven chatted before and dont know eachother.
But it looks like this is the way here, i stop counting the offers i get.
Hope just to find the real chinese lady amongst all players.

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