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Gareth is an Australian who has lived in JiangSu, SuZhou (Heaven on Earth) for a few years - he is a keen observer of the Chinese people, Chinese culture and the changes that are occurring in China at break-neck speed. He can often be found on his a nightly 'perch' in front of his bar in the famous Bar Street in Suzhou, talking to the locals in his bad Mandarin, teaching the 'flower-selling girls' English, eating street food and smiling at the local chengguan (neighbourhood police). Gareth also has several other businesses in China around Business and English training. His experiences have been varied and interesting and his years in China have taught him to be wary of promises but excited about prospects, not a bad situation to be in!
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First International Festival of the Freckle    

By Garreth Humphris
1764 Views | 0 Comments | 2/24/2012 11:32:03 PM

I was feeling a bit under the weather last weekend and decided that a day “on the couch” might be a viable option. I selected a few favourite DVDs and wrapped myself in a few blankets and got comfortable.

Somewhere in the afternoon I fell asleep, my current DVD finished and the TV switched to the local Chinese channel. I awoke to a local info-tainment program on women’s beauty in which they were celebrating the First international Festival of the Freckle.

Essentially it was some type of promotion run by “body shop”, one of those upmarket cosmetic surgery chains that are everywhere in China...nosejob, double eyelid change, white skin chemical treatment... So essentially it is some laser heat treatment for the skin that scattered the small particles of melamine under the skin into a few billion pieces, and according to the cheesy animations, some mysterious chemical inside your body wrestles with them and takes them to some other part of your body that people can’t see. International, they have a white guy in a white suit by the name of Dr Paul who rubs the machine over a model’s face with all the skill of a gorilla painting pictures with a banana... Maybe Dr Paul is one of those ’job opportunities' that Justin talks about...

So, this machine, as well as whitening, it firms and softens the skin - something to do with the microwave oven effect on the underlying fat cells...each application of laser vaporizes 2 layers of cells until they explode and disappear (again according to the animations) and all do a vicious little defiant “wobble” before they explode. Got to love animations!

I am always surprised at the things shown on Chinese TV and the morbid fascination that people have with both beauty and death. It is not just China, I know, but I have lived here a long time and it still shocks me a bit. We hardly ever see “graphic scenes” on Australian television of actual events. In fact, I call the local news the “blood news” - it seems to be filled with unfortunate people being injured or worse in accidents, disputes and crimes...there is always plenty of pictures of the aftermath...lots of images of blood and struggle. They also seem to only take 1 minute of footage so they replay the same loop 5 times during the report.

They interview by-standers and others around about their opinions - often they are “he’s crazy”, “i always knew they were bad people” and “society is changing”.

They also follow patients into the hospital, asking inane questions to people obviously in pain and needing privacy...victims of crime asked to recount what happened as a nurse bandages the wounds.

And the bad guys, they get them on tape...sitting on a hard wooden chair in a orange-red jumpsuit face down staring at manacles on their wrists - the white walls behind have a fine patina of red liquid and a couple of what look like bloody fingerprints. “why did you do it?” the cute newsreader asks...”I needed the money” or “I got angry”, the usual answer.

The local news is also the source of other hard-hitting reporting...In fact, i just watched a report of the official opening of a public toilet upgrade in a busy part of the city - complete with footage of people waiting to go, images of the urinals and interviews with satisfied customers. The news is they made the male toilets smaller, and increased the size of the female toilets to allow for more seating capacity...amazing! I am glad someone in the world is thinking about life’s essential problems.

Although i don’t wish to be sick again, i am hoping for another few hours on the couch...So, I will be watching local tv again soon, hoping for the Celebration of the Cankers, or the Ceremonial Suturing of the Carbunkles... Or just the local news.....Not!

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