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AmyLu grew up on a farm in South China’s Guangxi Province. She dropped out of high school early to go work in Guangdong and help support her family. Present living in Shanghai, AmyLu admits that when she talks she talks a lot, but when she doesn’t she listens, watches and learns. She likes to keep learning and to try new things. AmyLu is flexible and easily contented. When life knocks her down she stands back up and learns from the fall. This is her first time to write down her stories about her life in China, and she hopes to also debate society, culture etc. She says she also hopes to find another missing piece from our CLM mother! :)
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Even On CLM, Married Playboy Plays Woman's Heart    

By AmyLu
8081 Views | 16 Comments | 7/9/2013 4:04:58 PM

Some guys are clearly not marriage minded, even on CLM.

after a broken heart with my ex boy friend i try to keep looking someone to be love and hope my heart alive again.

in my city where i living there always some guys who are younger interest at me. they think im just 22 years old. even when they know the truth im 30 years old they dont care. but i care who are too young for me and dont want to have the feeling dating with brothers. i hope my life partner are more mature than me and spoil me .

so i think i should go back to website try to looking in there again. before i was on cll there. it seem much more chance for you to go date with someone. but you have to very carefully who are you talking with and dating with.

i remember first time sign up on cll get so exciting. so much people interest at you. you reply their letter exchange each others chat account of add or phone number. who know some man are looks so sincere. write you a long letter it seems like he like you a lot. telling you how much he like you and want to build a family with you. will treat you like a queen etc. will come to china marry you soon. make you feel so good so happy. you believe everything in his talked. expect it become true soon.

but after he trying to ask you for money. tell you he is in somewhere doing business. dont have enough working fund want me to help. say this is for our future we going to be rich have a good life together

what can i do? for me im very shy to asking for help especially money. can a man do that? this is seem like a scammer. first im a giving person with a kindhearted. but have no money to help. also want to help but how can you help someone with money that you never meet? i believe a lot of chinese woman have a kindhearted and their eyes blindfolded. that is the reason why they be cheated. sympathetic this is a sad part.

some guy are just want to have "fun" with you. they think chinese woman are so "interesting". in the beginning he is very nice and decent. but after talk or suddenly send you filthy of photos. you get scare of it this is so hurting your eyes and feel sick when you looking at it. you will think what does he trying to do? make you so disappointed on he and after some bad experience at CLL

then i go to search on internet. there is one website recommend all about the online dating site stuff. which one webside are good for you to go. there is two webside catch my eyes CLL and CLM. CLL catch me bec i was there and want to know what is going on with that website. i looking at it say: CLL good for some young people and who are looking for one night stand have" fun" and meet some new people in the same city to make friends. if you are looking for the marriage there is not a good choose for you .

looking down to CLM it say:it is the best website for you . who are looking for true love 、west husband /chinese wife.most of people in CLM online date are more sincere looking for into here .i told myself must sign up this online date .this is what i want and looking for !

i click the link into CLM. after logon on i see the scammer prison. WOW this is so awesome. CLM got this. i dont have to waste my time and pay my emotion to the scammer.

just then i find out it have bloggers and forum on it too. wowwwwww what a great dating site.

i have never see any other dating site with a open forum like CLM for us post thing to debate

i have never see any other dating site with a bloggers like CLM for us to learning things share your experience etc.

i have never see any other dating site with a scammer prison like CLM protect us. dont let us get be cheat. scammer is everwhere on any other web dating site. sometime we just dont know. but i believe in CLM only have a few of scammer here and we will arrest he soon. CLM doing great made a scammer prison here. lets sincere people comes and stay. make scammer to leave.

this is why im here now and will only be here

i received a skype chat invite from a woman. also i will posting some of my chat history below with this woman (players wife) tried to let me know the man who i was talking with. he just a player playing around. when i see what did the woman telling me i get really mad on that man .

even a good dating site like CLM sometime bad thing happen too. as i know some members just playing games here. so everyone all have to be careful. we are adults and have to help CLM protect us.

hope our sister learn something form my chat history

life is short, wonderful and inestimable

i wish our sisters be careful while you searching and find your love, happiness again! same to the gentleman !














chat history


<2012-9-25 22:26:49> blossom284: Please accept me as a contact so we can call and instant message each other.
<2012-9-25 22:26:49> Amy: Amy 已与Pearl Blossom分享联系人信息。
<2012-9-25 23:15:17> Amy: hi
<2012-9-27 14:19:47> Pearl Blossom: Hello
<2012-9-28 0:37:03> Amy: hello pearl blossom
<2012-9-28 0:38:00> Amy: how do you get my add
<2012-9-28 0:38:18> Amy: and what about the man you talk to me ?
<2012-9-28 0:38:22> Amy: is that your husband?
<2012-9-28 0:38:44> Amy: if you dont talk to me i cant help you
<2012-9-28 0:41:03> Amy: you are also a stronage woman added me but didt talk
<2012-9-28 10:50:00> Pearl Blossom: Hi Amy
<2012-9-28 10:50:54> Pearl Blossom: Sori I just read your are you.?
<2012-9-28 10:51:20> Amy: who are you? can i help you ?
<2012-9-28 10:51:41> Amy: how do you get my skype add?
<2012-9-28 10:59:17> Pearl Blossom: I know you from my husbands Skype you often chat with him
<2012-9-28 11:00:25> Amy: oh when did you saw that?
<2012-9-28 11:00:44> Amy: why he talk to other woman if he has a wife?
<2012-9-28 11:01:01> Pearl Blossom: When I asked who you are he said he's just teasing Chinese women online cus somebody sent him list of Chinese women dating online,,,
<2012-9-28 11:01:44> Amy: what? cant belive it
<2012-9-28 11:02:34> Pearl Blossom: I saw it bunch of names with pictures you are one of them
<2012-9-28 11:02:53> Amy: who is the guy give he the website of chinese woman dating online?
<2012-9-28 11:03:26> Amy: well thanks y ou telling me this
<2012-9-28 11:03:41> Amy: that is very bad
<2012-9-28 11:03:55> Pearl Blossom: Sandy,jermie,mabol,Wendy,Ashlyn,
<2012-9-28 11:04:16> Amy: omg you should try to told those woman
<2012-9-28 11:04:25> Pearl Blossom: Let me them think ...
<2012-9-28 11:04:40> Amy: i think i dont talk with your husband long time ago i deleted he
<2012-9-28 11:05:05> Pearl Blossom: Yes,I know it's not goog at all if I'm in your shoes il upset for sure
<2012-9-28 11:06:44> Amy: many woman form that site they just want to find someone to fall in love with marry them and bulding a fmaily
<2012-9-28 11:07:01> Pearl Blossom: He sent you a picture just recently 3 of them with the tennis picture,black shirt white slacks,then cream jacket and slacks
<2012-9-28 11:09:12> Amy: oh really but i dont remeber that i got the kind of pics
<2012-9-28 11:09:54> Pearl Blossom: I told him don't do that it's not good I know women in online dating finding their match and he said just sending his old photos for. Him to get exchange and see who are these women how they ok like
<2012-9-28 11:11:31> Pearl Blossom: Just be very careful when you chat online esp man here in the us they just want to have a good time sorry to say this but that's the truth you know...
<2012-9-28 11:12:01> Pearl Blossom: Look like
<2012-9-28 11:12:35> Amy: yes i know some bad man there just want to have some fun
<2012-9-28 11:13:03> Amy: if i feel they are stranage i will delete them never ever talk with them again
<2012-9-28 11:15:44> Pearl Blossom: He show me emails from Chinese love links in a day he receive at lest hundreds of women picture says this woman is interested with you...he just delete or put in a junk mail.
<2012-9-28 11:17:02> Amy: yes i know
<2012-9-28 11:17:19> Amy: i think i know who are your husband now
<2012-9-28 11:17:28> Amy: i was fight with him
<2012-9-28 11:17:50> Amy: he said he have a company in shanghai
<2012-9-28 11:18:02> Amy: and will come to shanghai soon
<2012-9-28 11:18:10> Amy: want to date with me
<2012-9-28 11:18:26> Pearl Blossom: Married man here in the US take advantage of dating online esp if their wives at work at night you know what I mean so just don't trust anybody until you meet in person.
<2012-9-28 11:18:43> Amy: and have sex with me. to see how good we have sex together.
<2012-9-28 11:18:52> Amy: i told he NO
<2012-9-28 11:19:40> Pearl Blossom: Yup, I heard that from him as we'll he said just playing around and he laughs.
<2012-9-28 11:20:26> Amy: that is not funny
<2012-9-28 11:20:40> Amy: i delete he long time ago after we fight on skype and i ask he to stop playing woman
<2012-9-28 11:21:21> Pearl Blossom: Did he say something bad with you.?
<2012-9-28 11:21:52> Amy: but thanks like me i can find out who is bad guy but for some young woman they are cant
<2012-9-28 11:22:40> Amy: yes i told him i date with some west man before but not work out he said bec im not good at sex
<2012-9-28 11:22:59> Amy: that is why i cant keep the man i dated .so i better try sex with him
<2012-9-28 11:24:37> Amy: other i forget
<2012-9-28 11:27:11> Pearl Blossom: Hi
<2012-9-28 11:28:50> Pearl Blossom: He even fight with Wendy,Ashlyn Jenny I forgot others
<2012-9-28 11:30:43> Pearl Blossom: He said some of the women he chatted are asking money he said its a scum but I don't think so.
<2012-9-28 11:32:04> Pearl Blossom: One woman name Tina,Xiang ,li omg can't even remember.
<2012-9-28 11:34:20> Amy: oh well china also have alot poor ppl too they maybe bad ppl they maybe poor need money .but maybe they are not chinese just some scum
<2012-9-28 11:34:52> Amy: but i think nomatter how ask for money that is not right
<2012-9-28 11:41:22> Pearl Blossom: I'm getting ready to go out in I few mins,it's so nice chatting with you Amy...thank you for your time. Be safe.
<2012-9-28 11:43:08> Pearl Blossom: Whenever you have time and wants to chat with me your welcome to drop me line ok. Bye now...take care Amy.
<2012-9-28 11:52:33> Amy: thanks it is nice to chat with you too yes sure i hope we can chat again take care
<2012-9-28 11:52:57> Amy: i get ready go to for work too
<2013-3-25 15:16:05> Pearl Blossom: Hi
<2013-3-26 0:30:35> Amy: hi
<2013-5-12 12:50:28> Pearl Blossom: Hi Amy we chatted sometime careful whom you share confidential photos of yourself...
<2013-5-12 12:51:11> *** 来自 Pearl Blossom的呼叫,持续时间 00:06。 ***
<2013-5-12 12:51:36> Amy: hi how are you
<2013-5-12 12:51:44> Amy: what happen this time?
<2013-5-12 12:51:52> Pearl Blossom: How are you?
<2013-5-12 12:52:00> Amy: im good thanks
<2013-5-12 12:52:04> Amy: how are you?
<2013-5-12 12:52:16> Pearl Blossom: Do you remember me?
<2013-5-12 12:52:21> Amy: i dont send my photos to anybody i dont truest
<2013-5-12 12:52:23> Amy: yes
<2013-5-12 12:53:00> Amy: do you have a good relationship with your husband?
<2013-5-12 12:53:45> Amy: bec i remember i was deleted he long time ago but i think like 20day ago he add me again dont know why and we didt talk anything.after i delete he again
<2013-5-12 12:55:21> Pearl Blossom: I saw some confidential photos of women in his phone looks like your one of them
<2013-5-12 12:56:11> Amy: what?
<2013-5-12 12:56:19> Pearl Blossom: Yup
<2013-5-12 12:56:20> Amy: how can he get it?
<2013-5-12 12:56:33> Pearl Blossom: I recognize your face
<2013-5-12 12:56:35> Amy: i dont have any photos in skype right?
<2013-5-12 12:57:13> Pearl Blossom: Maybe in yahoo or hotmail that's where he chat
<2013-5-12 12:57:45> Amy: oh no i dont have yahoo but he dont have my msn
<2013-5-12 12:57:56> Amy: he only have my skype but i dont really talk to he
<2013-5-12 12:58:04> Amy: he is sick
<2013-5-12 12:58:16> Amy: why does he do that?
<2013-5-12 12:58:28> Pearl Blossom: If you ever chat with him that how he get photos you know. While chatting he is taking photos in his cellphone
<2013-5-12 12:58:49> Amy: it is not me i ony type to he before
<2013-5-12 12:58:57> Amy: i think you make a mistake
<2013-5-12 12:59:31> Amy: you dont see asian face often when you see the asian they always look the same
<2013-5-12 12:59:39> Amy: he maybe talk to someone eles?
<2013-5-12 12:59:49> Amy: what does your husband want and doing?
<2013-5-12 13:00:50> Pearl Blossom: Bec he said these women trying so hard to chat with me bec they like me and continue sending message and pictures but I didn't reply and delete them from my contacts that's what he said but I don't believe him at all
<2013-5-12 13:01:23> Amy: you know what i think you can help me wirte a pasange about west man why and how they doing this to chinese woman or asian woman i want to post it on the website that make chinese woman know about this
<2013-5-12 13:02:29> Amy: yes dont belive he if he dont ask and dont try to chat with chinese woman or asian woman noone know his number and add to send he
<2013-5-12 13:02:49> Amy: he just paly woman and maybe someone it maybe someday become ture you need to becarful too
<2013-5-12 13:03:00> Pearl Blossom: That would be a good idea bec I feel sad about this iknow how it feels being a woman like this people you know
<2013-5-12 13:04:28> Pearl Blossom: You should have ask him why he is trying to add you again and see what he tells you
<2013-5-12 13:05:10> Amy: yes alot chinese woman in that kind of web site bec they are divorced .their husband meet younger pretty woman divorce with them .and sometime it is hard for divorced chinese woman looking for a new husband get marry again bec of the culture.sure there is single woman too. but for west man they dont care who is divorced so chinese woman on the website looking for west man true love build the new family and happiness
<2013-5-12 13:05:48> Amy: i know sometime some chinese woman are carzzy on this bec they so expect to have a fmaily and to be love again
<2013-5-12 13:06:20> Amy: it is so bad and sad someone like your husband are playing those womans feeling
<2013-5-12 13:06:33> Pearl Blossom: Just to let you know you have photo in skype
<2013-5-12 13:06:50> Amy: i just dont like he so delete he
<2013-5-12 13:07:42> Amy: yes but i deleted he i wont talk to he
<2013-5-12 13:08:06> Amy: i do hope you can help me wirte something about your husband doing to chinese woman and his firends too
<2013-5-12 13:08:22> Amy: that i do want some silly chinese woman know that and becareful
<2013-5-12 13:13:55> Pearl Blossom: It's too unfair really for this women hoping they will find love someone to marryI asked him why are you doing this online it's better if you go and meet in person this women rather than chatting and promising this people. You what he said I will never ever wanti have no plan to go anywhere and he is giving me his passport just to convince me that he is not going to see thiese women you. I said please go and meet the family he said no way
<2013-5-12 13:34:17> Amy: why he keep doing this?
<2013-5-12 13:34:38> Amy: he just haveing fun and enjoing the woman are chase he?
<2013-5-12 13:45:01> Pearl Blossom: Hi
<2013-5-12 13:46:37> Pearl Blossom: I'm back just give meds with the patients
<2013-5-12 13:48:45> Pearl Blossom: So be careful if ever you chat with him you might be recorded
<2013-5-15 23:48:51> Pearl Blossom: Hi Amy how are you?
<2013-5-15 23:49:36> Pearl Blossom: Were you able to write the passage for him?
<2013-5-15 23:49:48> Amy: hi pearl im good thanks
<2013-5-15 23:49:50> Amy: how are you
<2013-5-15 23:50:08> Amy: me? no bec i didt talk to he much
<2013-5-15 23:50:30> Pearl Blossom: Im fine just get off from work last night
<2013-5-15 23:51:49> Amy: i dont talk much with him. how can i wirte ?but i hope you can wirte you can mkae the passage more powerful and persuasiveness
<2013-5-15 23:52:33> Pearl Blossom: Do you know Ashlyn and Wendy?
<2013-5-15 23:55:00> Pearl Blossom: .
<0:01:40> *** 未接Pearl Blossom的呼叫。 ***
<0:02:09> Pearl Blossom: Sorry i dialled by mistake
<0:05:34> Amy: it is ok
<0:05:38> Amy: i dont know them
<0:06:00> Amy: you had have talk to them too?
<0:09:42> Pearl Blossom: They added me before and talked to them maybe twice asked me if i know him bec they have been talking to him and promised both of them to go to china to visit and meet their family but never happen.yesterday and last nite i have off life messg if i still see him u know...sounds weird
<0:11:57> Pearl Blossom: They asked who i was to him and u know.its up to him if that makes him happy he just do it.its his lufe not mine
<0:15:27> Amy: hehehe it is weird how can they get your skype add
<0:16:03> Amy: anyway this is not good for anyone what does your husband doing
<0:19:05> Pearl Blossom: I think they know each other
<0:22:34> Pearl Blossom: One of them was pissed off bec he sent her a pic fr a nice park garden tellung her its his house garden u knw i feel sorry for her
<0:26:40> Amy: oh my .how can he do that?
<0:27:20> Amy: why dont you just tell him stop talking to chinese woman
<0:33:36> Pearl Blossom: I did tell him and he said he dont have any body in his skype he said he deleted all but i didnt even want to see whom he is talking u know.he said that chinese women contacted him and continue sending him a msg but i dont beleive that u knw its just sad bec they balieve him hw promise something but he didnt do it & i know how ir feels for a woman
<0:47:06> Amy: yes it is bad

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#2013-07-09 18:53:32 by prana @prana


#2013-07-09 19:23:03 by panda2009 @panda2009

I just have 5 (include me) linkpeople on skype, plus a sound test service, and an English learning assistant, 7 links. Because so many strangers find me trying to chat with me, I have a long time no going to there. So don't take these strangers too seriously. I always delete all of them to keep my skype clean.

#2013-07-09 19:35:16 by haifeng @haifeng


#2013-07-09 20:39:33 by anonymous6838 @anonymous6838


#2013-07-09 21:59:49 by dailian @dailian

yes,i met some too,his name is (name deleted),he is Phd,from Netherland.been to china for few times for work and working in one University in Japan and Netherland. he contacted many girls.and promised every girl that he will come to meet them soon.but never come.

#2013-07-10 10:29:57 by anonymous6844 @anonymous6844

[2012-9-28 11:22:40] Amy: yes i told him i date with some west man before but not work out he said bec im not good at sex
[2012-9-28 11:22:59] Amy: that is why i cant keep the man i dated .so i better try sex with him

i thought girls don't like to play with fire

#2013-07-10 12:19:35 by mei2000 @mei2000


#2013-07-10 23:58:42 by isbella2010 @isbella2010


#2013-07-11 06:58:38 by anonymous6854 @anonymous6854


#2013-07-11 12:21:43 by anonymous6858 @anonymous6858

As an American widower on here, trying to find a wonderful Chinese woman with whom to share my life, it frustrates me immensely to know that there are men out there (on here, rather) whose intent is to defraud others, especially a woman's heart.

This makes things MUCH more difficult for us legitimate men.

Having said that, I will take some issue with the writer's comments regarding a man having asked her for money (if I understand the writer correctly, that is).

After months of searching for a Chinese woman who currently is IN China, I have come to realize that it is no small expense to bring to America a potential wife/wife from another country, not just China. And so I have relegated my searches to North America.

After having done that, I have received messages from overseas women (not just Chinese women) and I have had to tell them that my search is restricted to EITHER North American-based Chinese women OR an overseas Chinese woman (presumably) in China who has some means to get herself here. Now this could be within the context of meeting, or in moving here once the relationship has progressed to that point.

At first I felt somewhat guilty about even suggesting the woman be both willing and able to "pay her way," as it were. But honestly, I am not a wealthy any stretch. Yet judging by the vast majority of woman who, as far as I can tell, expect the man to pick up all the costs, I am well outside the "norm."

Well, I guess that sucks for me, but I refuse to feel guilty to ask a woman to make some investment in at least meeting the man. Yes, she's committing to a lot IF they get together, but I don't think it's too much to ask of her. Besides, I'd be willing to consider some type of arrangement so that BOTH of us have some financial investment in the potential relationship.

Anyway, I feel I'm rambling. I do appreciate the writer's thoughts and am sure she'll find a man who is all that she desires, and more.

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