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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Dragon Boat Festival in BeiJing    

By Panda
3628 Views | 2 Comments | 7/4/2010 1:59:25 AM

in a traditional courtyard house

There were three days in Dragon Boat Festival, and I have one day of over-working, so I was free on 13, 14, 15, 16, June. Why not went to BeiJing to visit those traditional courtyard houses, Bird Nest, and listen Verdi’s opera in National Centre for the Performing Arts, and visit an American friend? I booked airline tickets immediately, and flew to BeiJing at 12th evening from WuHan.

My nephew picked me to his place in AnZhenQiao area, then went on to watch FIFA World Cup. I waked up next morning, found a routes paper which my nephew left me. I took the tube after breakfast, and arrived in Olympic Park quickly. Looked around the great Park, and went into Bird Nest. There were a man who walked on a steel cable in the sky and some performances on the red ground. I changed a pair of sneakers to go into the red ground, and got some physical tests: height is 166cm, weight is 62kg, vital lung capacity is 3004ml, lie on and sit up is 28times, stand with one leg and close eyes for 52sec, etc.

Come out from Bird Nest, sit down in a chair of the park, look up kites in the sky when my cell phone rang. It was my friend J who lives in ShuangJingQiao. Of cause, I would meet him. He guides my English writing although we’d never met each other. I took a taxi immediately and met him soon.

This is my first time to speak English with a foreigner face to face. I spoke to him word by word, just like my English writing. I hope that I can get more information from him. But he just told me his family shortly. There are a white-black photo of his son and a his mother’s drawing on the wall of sitting-room, and a LeiFeng’s portrait was hung up his bed-room. After a quiet Japanese dinner, it was rain. So he gave me his umbrella, and said “good- bye”.

Next morning, I waked up in sunshine. After breakfast or lunch, I walked on street under the umbrella. It was a sunny day, but that exquisite black umbrella gave me shady and cool. I took the 108 bus, and arrived DengShiKou west street FengFu alley soon. There is Lao She’s old house, a small traditional courtyard house. Lao She cost 500$ to change 100P(about3333metres)cotton textiles to buy the house from a merchant. Lao She (1899-1966) was one of the most renowned contemporary Chinese writers, famous for his novels and plays. His works have been translated into over 20 foreign languages. "Tea House" is his famous play. His famous novels are "The Yellow Storm", "The Drum Singers", etc. Thanks for those volunteers guard the lovely yard and told me many stories of Lao She. Came out from the small yard, I took 102 bus to go to MaoDun’s old house. This is also a traditional courtyard house, but there is a two comings yard where is located on No.13, Houyuanensi, Dongcheng District, Mao Dun lived here from 1974 to his death in early 1981. He had written lots works, the famous Drama script is "Front and rear Pure Brightness", lots of novels: "Three People Walking", "Wild Rose", "Giving to the Poet Festival", "The Smoke and Cloud Collection", "Rainbow", "Disillusion", "Midnight", "The Shop Of the Lin Family", "Spring Silkworms and Other Stories", "Autumn Harvest", etc.

Came out from MaoDun’s former residence, I opened the black umbrella, walked to subway station. I went to ShuangJingQiao later, and arrived Apple Community again on 5:00PM. J invited me for dinner this night, I returned his umbrella, and showed him my pictures from my camera. J appreciated where I went to so much. Then we went to a Hong Kong restaurant in SanLiTun, and tasted a Guang Dong’s meal. Finally, we have to say “good bye” again. I took a taxi to go to my nephew’s place. J said that he must see me until I was disappear. The most gentle style that I would treasure carefully. “Good bye”, J, I will come BeiJing again.

My cousin had bought a house in BaiZiWan area before three years. It had been fit up. My nephew picked me to his new place in my third day of BeiJing. The house is located the 19th floor, the fixtures are very luxurious. My nephew hired workers to clean the house, and called shop to send refrigerator and washing machine. I helped to do some things, and shared the happiness from the new house. I love BeiJing, I love the new house. I would love to live here in my short holidays, visit more lovely places, and cook for the lovely young man in BeiJing. After backed the old place in AnZhenQiao where is my older cousin’s real estate which is smaller than the new house, I cooked a meal for us, this was the first dinner with my nephew at home. This young man had been disappeared two days since I had been in BeiJing. He had been putting in order his new house in Dragon Boat Festival.

Next day, I cooked a breakfast or lunch for us, I had my meal first, my nephew got up and ate some things later, then he drove his jeep taking me to GongWangFu, and went to his new house alone. I hired a rickshaw to visited so many traditional courtyard houses in ShiChaHai area. I took a taxi to go to National Centre for The Performing Arts, the huge egg building after the wonderful afternoon. I bought two tickets of the Italy Verdi opera "Rigoletto", and waited for my nephew. 18:30, the handsome young man appeared in NCPA.

The theatre didn’t allow taking camera into performing site. Leo Nucci acted Rigoletto, The Duke’s Jester. Desiree Rancatore acted Gilda, Rigoletto’s Daughter, Francesca Meli acted The Duke of Mantua. Chorus: Teatro Regio di Parma Chorus; Orchestra: China National Opera House Orchestra; Conductor: Stefano Ranzani. The beautiful night will be my mind always.

I returned WuHan on 17th June from Capital Airport.

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#2010-08-23 17:59:32 by simonsays123 @simonsays123

this is great stuff, more please, very beautiful and insightful and informartive

#2010-09-01 22:24:52 by panda2009 @panda2009

just a journal account. smile

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