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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Do you want my Sausage?    

By Paul Fox
4259 Views | 19 Comments | 4/9/2014 3:24:50 PM
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#2014-04-17 16:19:12 by Barry1 @Barry1


“…add some cheese and butter to the mashed potato, and leave it to cool in the fridge overnight. Next day, form it into patties, roll it in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and drop it in the pan to serve with some bacon and eggs for breakfast…”

As nice as the above meal sounds, let's delve a little more closely into it.

Both cheese and butter I submit are no good for you (too much cholesterol).

Bacon is also no good for you (too fatty).

So what does that leave us? Ah yes, potato, eggs, flour and breadcrumbs.

So I'd like a recipe on a HEALTHY meal using only healthy ingredients like these, please. Any takers?

And no, please don't tell me to mix it all in a bowl and spread it on a sandwich. :)

#2014-04-18 07:13:30 by anonymous9675 @anonymous9675

lovethisworld99 I have to disagree with your assumption that most western guys are lazy, you could not be farther from the truth if you tried to be. Most western guys are good cooks mostly because most western women are crappy cooks and we learn to cook so we don't die from their attempts at cooking.

#2014-04-18 07:57:26 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

1) You can use low fat cheese
2) You can use a good quality spread (such as an olive-oil spread or a low-fat butter). Margarine should NEVER be used since it is one molecule away from PLASTIC!
3) Use lean bacon for breakfast, but as with ANY MEAT, it should ALWAYS be cooked with the fat on it (all the flavour is in the fat) - You then remove the fat before you eat it
4) Flour and breadcrumbs are used in very small amounts - even though white flour should be avoided at all costs
5) If deep fried in VERY hot oil, the oil does not have time to penetrate the food. It is only when oil is not HOT enough that 'fried food' is un-healthy. If the oil is allowed to penetrate the food, then you will end up eating it

Let me tell you a little story about this -
Many years ago I owned a traditional fish and chip shop. Many of our customers would ask for their fish to be cooked on a griddle without batter, rather than deep fried
They believed it was 'healthy' - Poor mis-guided fools !

Traditionally, in a fish and chip shop,a raw piece of fish is rolled lightly in flour and then dropped in batter before being deep fried in very hot oil. The flour forms a barrier between the batter and the fish, thus preventing oil from reaching the flesh. The oil fries the batter and the heat from that essentially cooks the fish
Once cooked, the crispy batter can be removed to reveal perfectly cooked, healthy fish with no oil in sight!
Grilled fish (cooked on a griddle) has no flour or oil and relies on the oiled surface of the griddle to cook the fish
The result is always greasy fish

#2014-04-20 09:18:02 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for the food advice Paul, though I contend that cheese, butter and oils of all descriptions are best avoided, whther they claim to be low fat or not.

Bacon especially should be avoided, as not only is it high fat, but tests have shown pigs are more intelligent than dogs, so if you wouldn't eat a dog - why would you eat a pig?

I recommend eveyone move to a diet high in natural fruits,nuts and seeds. Plus some microwaved eggs and bread, plus some frozen veges thawed out in the microwave.

Forget fruit juice, unless it's freshly made complete with all the fibre.

I also drink three cups of coffee per day. This doesn't lead to bad withdrawal symptoms if I stop, whereas if I have FOUR cups per day and suddenly stop, then headaches and other annoying caffeine withdrawal symptoms appear. Caffeine is quite addictive, I've found.

The end result of all this is a healthy body, if combined with plenty of regular exercise.

Some time ago I was given a free gym membership for a month, so during that period, I visited the place. I found it to be inconvenient jumping in the car and driving there and back however. Plus they had the music too loud, blasting it out as if everyone was deaf.

They also had tvs to watch, but you couldn't hear a word being spoken due to the loud, blaring music!

They also had signs there, asking that all patrons please ensure they used deodorants!

Surprisingly also, the local gym wasn't air conditioned either. They relied on natural flow through ventilation that probably would be okay in winter, but simply wasn't effective enough in summer. They had a few big fans around the place also blowing hot air but in all reality, every gym should be air conditioned, in my view.

So I decided to exercise from home. I purchased some gym equipment for my place. This means I can do exercises in private in air conditioning, whenever I like. It saves ten minutes driving to the gym in the car, then another ten minutes driving back. Plus no blaring music, hot humid conditions or shouting people!

So I recommend others to also consider this for their own situation. It's amazing how cheaply near new condition gym equipment can be purchased for also, as so many people sell it, after just using it for brief periods of time. Human nature. So many people are inherently lazy, despite having good intentions.

#2014-04-20 10:55:45 by sandy339 @sandy339

Haha ok, I am really not sure that whether Chinese people like it, if you are serious about that, I think you might try to sell them at your GF’s city and see whether the price and flavor could be accepted or not in China, if it works and then you could plan next step (open a shop on TB), otherwise it is not wise to try, Good Luck:)

#2014-07-13 14:17:01 by zqy2014 @zqy2014

Very good and humorous starting on this blog.Yes, you made it that do grasp our attention to read your article.Yes, I have to accept that seldom local western restaurants can offer tasty western dishes.After reading your blog,I am just a little curious on how the ‘Aussie Beef Sausages’ taste...

Seems you are living a very healthy way.Good! You are a vegetarian.Actually I have been trying to be a vegetarian even in the family but seems it is a little hard w/o meat each meal. I seldom have fresh chicken or duck meat(except frozen ones) due to I always feel I am too cruel when go to the living chicken/duck market...Hope you could move smoothly on your currently relationship...

#2014-07-13 15:27:05 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I always feel I am too cruel when go to the living chicken/duck market."

Yes, I feel the same as you do, Zqy2014.

I'm appalled by some of the things that humans do to animals. I feel guilty enough eating fish but that's where I draw the line.

Most especially distressing is that the dog and cat trade still is alive and well in some parts of China. To see what I mean, please take a look at the following.

#2014-07-14 18:51:37 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Hi Barry: yes, I absolutely understand what make you to be a vegetarian. I have read your blog on your travel to China and mentioned how you can't endure to see the restaurant boss kill the fish in front of you...You are so kind person that I have to say. Your kindness will be onto all creatures... Actually I have had this intention in my mind from long time ago. I hope more people can join also. I have incident seen your blog regarded the dog bit I just don't want to read since that will easily bring me to the memory of my previous mother dog.She is only about 3 years old and never come back when she out in the district grass to take a piss 6 months ago.At that time she just be on his 15th day after giving her birth of 5pcs lovely baby dog.(We have only left the one who is with some kind of skin disease so that we can take good care of him due to we already have that experience with his mother.We gave all the other 4 baby dogs to those kind person and buy one pack of dog food to each of them.By now, all of them are seems living good life although not same perfect like we do.This make us released after heard.) I have blamed myself times that did not take good care of her and cried many times just like lost own kid... I have been regarding she as my little daughter in my heart and she is very very cute and loyal to the family indeed...We have much good memory on her in the past 3 years since we found her at the local garden... I heard some dog killer have been our place and kill many dogs with poisonous pin in the later time....We hate all those dog killer and bless our mother dog could be happily living in the heaven.Sometime I just staring at the night sky and name one of stars there to be the mother dog.She is watching and missing us there and we will never lose her in this way...We are all together.We did not spend happy Chinese New Year Festival due to the lost of the mother dog...

#2014-07-16 10:36:18 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Your kindness will be onto all creatures"

Yes Lily, I must say that I abhor cruelty to animals. As a teenager I lived near an abbatoir where cows,sheep and pigs were slaughtered. The screams and cries from these creatures is something I still remember, forty years later.

"She is only about 3 years old and never come back "

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, Lily. Some people earn a living in China by stealing dogs and selling them to restaurants for food. Other people deliberately poison the animals, so they can then be snatched and onsold. It's a hideous practice.

"I have blamed myself times that did not take good care of her"

Please do not blame yourself, Lily. You had no idea that your dog would be stolen. It's the cruel people out there in the world who need to feel sad and sorry for themselves - not good and kind people such as yourself.

Please believe also in the law of karma. These evil people will receive punishment for their actions, if not in this life, but in one of their future lives. It may well be in the form of hard life lessons, but retribution will come in some way... it must.

"Sometime I just staring at the night sky and name one of stars there to be the mother dog"

What a beautiful sentiment, Lily. You sound to be such a kind person. If everyone was as intelligent, empathic and decent as you are, what a truly wonderful place Earth would be.

Best wishes to you, Lily. :)

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