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Cheng, a divorced single mother, forty years old, loves to smile, was born in a small village in Huangshan. She's been working in Changzhou, Jiangsu, so far as a sales manager in a local company. A quiet woman who enjoys a simple life, Cheng has experienced pain but now confidently optimistic and cheerful. She hopes to share her feelings and some ideas with you here . 程,生于徽州的一个小村庄,并在那里成长。一个四十岁的单身母亲,一个爱笑的女人。定居江苏常州,并任职于一家当地公司的销售经理至今。在经历痛苦和岁月的沉淀后,她现在是乐观的愉快的。非常乐意与您在这里分享她对人生的看法,对爱情和婚姻的期待。
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Do you love yourself? 你爱自己吗?    

By Chengs
5215 Views | 15 Comments | 5/19/2012 1:38:10 AM

We often say hello to someone else :” How are you ?” But we always forget asked ourselves:” How am I?” When we are deserted by the one we ever loved deeply , we will feel enough sadness, pain and hopelessness.It seems all joy drained from the betrayal and hurt.

We usually forget to love ourselves when we rise struggle in the perplexity in pain and sufferings. When we forget love ourselves,We will lose self confidence and doubt ourselves and everything around us. And yet, if we give ourselves wholly to pain and grudge, sacrifice all we are and all we may become in the name of tragedy.

If we don’t love ourselves how we could love people around us ? If we don’t love ourselves how we could believe people love us? We “need” someone’s love, but, also are afraid of love, and don’t know why we are worthy of love?

So if we would be love, love ourselves and be lovable. If we love ourselves, we will apply to our life using love and understanding, ardor. That is why it is necessary to love ourselves enough before start a fresh relationship. We love ourselves, and keep trying to find the one we love who really love oneself.

If we love ourselves, we really will become as good as we think. We are what we think we are. We will be get better if we think we are good; We will get worse if we think we are bad. If we love ourselves, we could re-establish our life even though our life is destroyed. All pains and happiness is caused by ourselves. So Be nice to ourselves - Fervently love our life. Greet a beautiful future. Let all the strains of joy mingle in our life, shaking and waking all life with laughter. Even we really feel unhappy, we might could mask our suffering with a cheerful smile, and no one doubt our pretended happiness. One day, our grief and distress would pass, pretended happiness would become real happiness.

Do you love yourself?


我们真的会变成我们自己所想的那样。我们认为自己可以就一定可以。我们认为自己好,自己就会更好;认为自己坏,自己就会更坏。所有我们生命中的痛苦和愉快,都完全是自己造成的。如果足够爱自己,即使我们的生活已经被毁灭, 我们能够重建我们的生活 。对自己好-热爱自己的生命,迎接美丽的未来。让一切欢乐的歌调都融和在我们的生活中,让欢笑震撼我们的生活。如果太悲伤而快乐不起来,我们不妨用快活的微笑掩饰住自己的痛苦,谁也不会怀疑我们假装的愉快。时光流逝,假装的愉快有一天会变成真正的幸福。


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#2012-05-19 10:33:15 by xin73 @xin73

Even if the whole world betrayed me,I more love life is always full of confidence,happiness and joy don't expect anyone to give.don't expect man will bring you happiness,happiness and joy in your own created.
there is no smooth sailing life,when adversity knocks, I will smile to greet,
adversity is also a kind of happiness to me.others can not give you the time, more love myself,in my life does not exist in the sorrow and the pain.because I know how to love themselves.

#2012-05-19 23:49:54 by smile01 @smile01

Xin73,Thanks for your comment.I agree with you.

#2012-05-20 21:10:56 by xin73 @xin73


#2012-05-21 06:42:04 by smile01 @smile01

你好。很高兴你喜欢我的文章。如果想开通博客,可以发一个邮件到 说明你想开通博客,JOHN会跟你联络的。

#2012-05-22 06:08:32 by alven @alven

I was deserted by a woman I loved deeply. It was terrible, I felt like being in a prison of pain and that there was no way out. She took everything from me exept for one thing; my feeling of love. I held on to that feeling and it made my life brighter. People seem to like me more and I learned that for me it is: I can not expect to be loved, all I can do is to love. And that includes myself.
I am grateful to her.

#2012-05-22 08:59:27 by lansemengxiang @lansemengxiang

你好!每当看到你的文章都感觉很亲切,虽然没有华丽的辞藻,但是所有的观点和感受都来自与生活,就像和好朋友聊天一样的舒服和惬意,人都应该爱自己 特别是女人,我们爱自己努力让自己生活的开心快乐,就算我们失去了男人的爱,但是我们不能失去那一份尊重.....

#2012-05-22 12:53:50 by ziyun72 @ziyun72

xin73 is right,you are smart

#2012-05-22 20:07:38 by yinghua9768 @yinghua9768


#2012-05-23 01:34:31 by anonymous3633 @anonymous3633

"If we love ourselves, we could re-establish our life even though our life is destroyed."
That's only true if your brain works properly.

#2012-05-23 10:20:09 by smile01 @smile01

alven ,thanks for comment .I agree with you ,if still keep your feeling of love ,In the end you will rebuild your life .And become stronger than before .

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