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Sandy is a professional teacher of English. She has a consistant curiosity in all things that are worthwhile, and she has a very frank nature to her personality, which plays two sides in her life. Studying and teaching English for so many years makes her feel close to and appreciate mainstream western culture. Her spiritual beliefs in this world are closest to being a Buddhist, so she tends to just let things go forward naturally. Among other things she will blog about Chinese women, traditional and not so traditional.
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Do You Like House of Cards or Legally Blonde? 你喜欢《纸牌屋》还是《律政俏佳人》?    

By Sandy
4072 Views | 8 Comments | 5/3/2014 11:16:40 AM

A friend introduced House of Cards, an American political drama television series, to me. I was so curious at the beginning and found out it is too complicated and tired for me. House of Cards is set in present-day Washington, D.C. It is about the story of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from south Carolina’s 5th congressinal district and house majority whip who, after being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State by the newly elected president, decides to plan his revenge on those who betrayed him. There are too many tricks in it and it is suffocating and boring to me.

While Legally Blonde is an American comedy film, the film star Reese Witherspoon (She is so sweet that I like her dearly.) as a sorority girl who struggles to win back her ex-bf by earning a law degree at Harvid University. At the very beginning She only wants her ex-bf back, but at graducation ceremony she was so excellent that she delivered the graducation speech, and happily in a relationship with Luke Wilson, a sweet, honest and respectable attorney she meets during her studies. Matthew Davis as her ex-bf ends up without job and gf. I just cann’t help laughing and crying with Legally Blonde. In general, it is simple and cheerful in a rather cliche plot: the good is over the evil, I don’t know why I enjoy it very much and I can watch it over and over again, never bored (up to now). It is strange to me since I am kind of woman like trying something new and challenging and easily get bored. Whenever I feel bored with some movies, I always think of Legally Blonde. It is really a great way for me to relax and laugh.

This complex reminds me of one thing: whenever I am in a lowest spirit, I would dream of my old high school bf. Maybe it is because I know he could be always counted on and sweet to me. I really don’t know why, it just happens. Maybe I need Freud’s explaination, even I don’t like him. Haha, what’s point in this blog revelant to this dating site? I don’t know, just want to share my thoughts on the two movies, maybe there is a little more than that : I hope there could be less person like Frank Underwood who plays cards and heart with others. Couldn’t we keep things simple and straight and put all cards on the table? It is an idiot’s question of course, I know. I think most of us only need to live, laugh and love in this life. Good Luck to all of us!




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#2014-05-03 11:23:25 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

At first glance, as Sandy says herself, one might ask what does this have to do with cross cultural dating. Well one thing you should take from it is that when you're introducing your foreign girlfriend to your favourite movies, if you want her to enjoy herself, then keep them simple. Don't try to get her to watch movies with plots that are so complex, or so dependent on an in-depth understanding of your country's politics, history or culture, that many of your own fellow citizens can't understand them, let alone a foreigner who speaks and reads limited English. This is a good read, coming from a Chinese lady who has a good head on her shoulders.

#2014-05-03 18:42:05 by Barry1 @Barry1


You like the "Legally Blonde" romantic comedy film, Sandy?

Hmm, I more prefer the "Evil Dead" horror film franchise, that deals with rotting corpses and demonically possessed entities that delight in slowly mutilating, dismembering and butchering as many hapless victims in as extraordinarily blood curdling and horrific a fashion as possible.

Perhaps I could commend this series of movies to you? (rofl)

As far as "Legally Blonde" goes, in all seriousness I don't think I could sit down for two hours and watch such a thing. It'd be too utterly boring for me. Movie romances do this to me every time. Isn't it interesting how people are different? Specifically, men and women.

This subject reminds me in fact of a forum discussion being held right now, on the differences between men and women, that can be viewed here:

In a nutshell, women tend to be peace loving, sincere souls who should be admired. Men tend to be brutes, bullies and thugs who should be eliminated.

It's all very simple, really. The answer to the world's problems is spelt out on the forum right now. I think I've finally managed to convince everyone there to my way of thinking. (y)

#2014-05-03 23:09:49 by 99moonriver @99moonriver

I enjoy different styles of TV series, most of them r fun loving jocular style, like《The big bang theory》《one n a half men》《the last true man》《Happily Divorced》《love in Cleveland》. Cute adaptors, fun loving actors, always make me laugh a lot. I love them because they r good relaxation, .

After I have to say, 《House of Cards》took my breath away at the first sight. What a great catcher this series is !

This series always leads my brain runing fast n fast to catch up with it all the time. It mixs with so much opposite elements into one course, wisdom n conspiracy, evil n holy, justice it n impudicity, Intimacy n coldhearted, kindness n coldhearted... it has its charm forcing people facing a lots of paradoxical view.

It is great stimulant for brain, well done!

#2014-05-03 23:41:53 by 99moonriver @99moonriver

I love 《House of Cards》very much ! Great story, genius adaptor, well done! I could see what true topicalities had been hinting obliquely at n how conflict of interest between countries or political parties had been balanced. All these cross swords details just make this TV series seem so press close to real political affair.

And the actor, Frank Underwood is such an evil charming man, so evil so hypocrisy so tricky so coldhearted, but have to admit that he is also very very charming, very very firm and tenacious on his goals, excellent in impact resistance. He is a man walk on blade. U could blame him shameless , but u have to admit that he is dauntless.

#2014-05-11 18:50:39 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hi, John, thanks for your comment:)
yes I think you are right, I do enjoy comedy, but I found it hard to understand when comedies come to in depth western politics, history and culture. Even I know the words, because I don't know the context or the implication of them, I still cann’t why they laugh so hard. What I usually do in this case? I laugh too embarrassedly. Only at those moments, I could realize how foreign I am, or how Chinese I am, which strenghens my identity as a Chinese:)

#2014-05-11 19:04:21 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hi Barry
Thanks for your comment:)
Yes, I like the "Legally Blonde" romantic comedy film. Haha, you like the "Evil Dead" horror film franchise? Good, I know what kind of person you are now, haha…
“Isn't it interesting how people are different? Specifically, men and women. “ yes, that is true. When I went to shopping in supermarket, sometimes I was amazed by the goods they bought, I might never and ever buy or use them in my whole life.
For your opinion on, I don’t agree with you, but thanks for sharing your opinion anyway. haha you think you've finally managed to convince everyone there to your way of thinking.” Do you think it is necessary to convince people to your way of thinking, I think diversification is a attraction. Thanks for your comment again:)

#2014-05-11 19:19:11 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hi Moonriver, thanks for your comment:)
I enjoy many TV series too, 《The big bang theory》is one of my favorites, my students downloads it for us, I enjoy it very much and I could laugh all the way, but when I commnunicate with my colleage, she said it is too vulgar, haha.
Oh, ok you like 《House of Cards》? Good, I never have patience for that. Since you like it, maybe you will like another latest one Game of Thrones《权力的游戏》?
This series always leads your brain runing fast n fast to catch up with it all the time? Good, I never think about it, yes, I think it prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Haha, just kidding…
“U could blame him shameless , but u have to admit that he is dauntless.”
Oh, yes, I never think of it, thanks for sharing your opinion, what I could understand is he is goal-oriented person, I am not. I enjoy the process, and accept whatever it might lead to, thanks again for your comment, good luck to you:)

#2018-02-20 21:10:30 by anonymous16895 @anonymous16895

My two favorite shows are "The Office" and "Suits." I think the relationships and inter-office interactions are hilarious. But once Steve Carrell left it went pretty much downhill. I enjoy the second series due to the fact that I went to law school. Our Dean told us that there were too many lawyers in California, but not enough good (ethical attornies who seek the truth and justice). Harvey, Michael, Louis, Jessica et al are hardly ethical and represent what is the worst in the legal profession, but it made for interesting drama and storylines.

Since I  majored in Political Science and Pre-Law in college and volunteered on several national and state campaigns, I enjoyed "House of Cards." The actor Kevin Spacey was fired and written out of the script due to his pedophile behaviior, which was brought out  on "The Family Guy," when Stewie was running and screaming that he'd just escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement. Then Spacey tried justifying it by stating that he was a gay man.  I like the political drama as it portrays a corupt,sexually deviate, criminal, power hungry couple who think they're above the law. Sound like anyone we all know in American politics? Yes, Hill and Bill, who'll be going away to cool their heals in prison (hopefully Gitmo) for the rest of their lives soon.

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