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Jellyfish: A cultural exploring traveler loves making friends from different countries. As a western culture lover, I would like to share fun moments from my travel experiences. In my journey of searching for Mr. Right, I would like to provide food for your thoughts so that you will discover what will make you click to find your love. It is all mindset and atti-tude. Let us work on that! Jellyfish: 喜欢在不同國家交朋友及發掘文化差異的旅人。作為一名喜愛西方文化的愛好者,我將會分享旅遊經驗的有趣事情。在這經歷找真命天子的過程中,我期待為你分享一些想法,對你在找尋真命天子中有幫助。所有事情都是出於心態及想法,我們一起努力吧。
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Do We Have Prejudice Against Strangers? 我们对陌生人有偏见吗?    

By Jellyfish
3360 Views | 26 Comments | 11/6/2017 12:37:45 PM
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#2017-12-03 10:34:43 by sandy339 @sandy339

@QinQL I am fine thanks, it is always warm to see your words(y)



#2017-12-19 16:40:19 by IsabellaFly @IsabellaFly



Hi all,

Merry Chritmas! may both of you would have a prosperous new year in 2018.

I'm 2396julia, Chinese name Zhuzhu, the previous account was deleted 2 years ago, so me registered another new one, with new name: IsabellaFly.

So you could call me later through this new account.

And may baby QinQL would find soulmate soon, hehe.


#2018-04-01 23:28:52 by oldghost @oldghost


#2018-04-02 13:51:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@oldghost - I want to suggest to you that need to address your comments to the persons you are responding to, including the blogger if you are addressing your comment to him or her.

By "addressing your comments to the person" I mean starting your comment exactly as I have this one, by writing @oldghost at the beginning (followed by a space). 

This achieves 2 things:

1. it tells the person being spoken to that it is indeed them who is meant to read, and perhaps respond to, the message; and

2. The use of @ in front of the person's username causes an email notice to be sent to that person telling them that a comment was made on this specific blog that was for their attention, and tells them to come and read it and respond to it. 

You should have received a similar message advising you of this comment I am making to you.

#2018-04-05 19:36:57 by oldghost @oldghost

Do we have prejudices against strangers? I think not! But it is natural to put them into the unknown - undetermined bin...

| Destested | Distrusted | Doubtful | Unknown | Positive | Trust | Blind Trust | 
and that's independent of gender or race - at least in my case.

(but why do the friends I trust never return the books they borrow!) :(



#2018-04-05 19:46:32 by oldghost @oldghost

@johnabbot then it would be useful to have an edit comment/post function to permit me to add the @ xxx 

Oh by the way, I had thought this 'blog' would permit bloggers to contribute but it seems not so - I was misled, but perhaps that's just my mistake.  If I want to contribute my experience, it appears I cannot?

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