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Melcyan is a Water Dragon. He is also a retired Chemistry teacher and a lifelong learner. He met his Chinese partner for the first time in 2007 while ballroom dancing in Australia. Their relationship started in 2010 and they have been together ever since. His focus on CLM has been to learn more about the implications of his life-partner's culture and language for building a lifelong loving relationship.
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Decluttering Is All About Love Part 1    

By Melcyan
1545 Views | 28 Comments | 2/22/2019 2:00:32 PM
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#2019-02-26 13:51:29 by oldghost @oldghost

Coincidentally I came across 'decluttering' in a recent article ...a bit of a buzzword it seems for the moment.  Makes me think of decolletage - and how as a gauche young male almost 50 years ago I made the appalling mistake of praising a fellow worker's decolletage - the next day she arrived with a high lace edging stitched onto her blouse - bloody idiot I was.

#2019-02-26 21:01:08 by melcyan @melcyan

@JohnAbbot Yes, you went overboard with the praise a lot! 


I need to thank you for pushing me to blog. It means all my blogs are together and not interspersed with other blogs. I do have to laugh at my bio pic. I like it but it is ironic that I chose a water dragon when my partner's superstition gives me so much grief. To be a water dragon I need to be 7, 67 or 127 years old this year. So letting people know that I am a water dragon also reveals my age.


My partner believes that you should celebrate birthdays on the day or before the day of your birthday. To celebrate after the actual birthday risks inviting bad luck. I celebrated my birthday on Sunday 24th of February even though it is not my birthday until the 28th. 


It feels good but ever so strange to have my house clean and tidy before my birthday, I cannot remember my house ever being that way. Clean and tidy does not mean the same as decluttered. The final goal of being decluttered is still several months away but it is definitely starting to feel like an achievable goal. 


#2019-02-27 12:18:40 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan and @oldghost

Wow. Talk about compounding a problem. Seems that I remained logged in as Melcyan from the time I loaded this blog for him. 

I promise I was not drinking last night when I did this, but I am going to have one now.(d)

Melcyan, I will send you instructions tomorrow on how you can now upload your own blogs from here on.

Oldghost, I am having very long frustrating days right now, so please bear with me for one more day to get your blogs set up after which I will also send you instructions on how to upload your own blogs. I will also try very hard to remember to log out as you and back in as myself once I've loaded that first blog so that I am not commenting as if I am you.

#2019-02-27 15:01:51 by oldghost @oldghost

How would you respond to a partner who lived in a cluttered house?


Move house!  Give them visiting rights, but no storeroom

#2019-02-27 15:04:14 by oldghost @oldghost

Install x-ray equipment and implement bag search at the front door, make them drink from any bottles they bring with them; if it's good enough for the ditie, it's good enough for me!

#2019-02-27 15:07:30 by oldghost @oldghost

@melcyan I still remember my son disposed of all my then wife's Kenny G CD's thank god - he only admitted it 15 years later - I hated them, just as I grew to hate my previous GF's Deng lijun CD's - but Kenny G was far far worse.

#2019-02-27 15:56:18 by melcyan @melcyan

Today I was at my partner's house waiting for her to get dressed before I took her to a dental appointment. She saw me staring at one of her rooms. She asked me what was I thinking? "Nothing" was my reply. 


Were you thinking your house is tidier than mine? That was exactly what I was thinking. We both burst out laughing. It is a very rare moment in history for my house to be tidier than hers.


My house looks very neat and tidy right now but it is far from being decluttered. The door to my garage and the doors to two small rooms remain shut. My garage and the two small rooms are filled floor to ceiling with clutter.

#2019-02-27 19:14:41 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Happy Birthday! My mother was born on the same day as you were, 28th of February. Although she is nine years older than you are and not a water dragon. Could you tell me what she is?

#2019-02-28 00:21:55 by newbeginning @newbeginning

@melcyan, I dont think many Chinese women will reply, possibly none. It seems the Government is causing them to be afraid of participating in social media blogs for fear of reprisal from said government. 

What ever happened to the old addage "love a person for who they are, not what you wish they were"

Personally, I am who I am and I would never let anyone put conditions on me. Coming to a mutually accepted agreement or compromise is fine as long as it is equal and benefits both parties. 

Supersitions are strange arent they? I still to this day will not step on the lines in the cement sidewalks and I almost always say "touch wood" while knocking on my own skull lol 


#2019-02-28 12:33:01 by melcyan @melcyan

`Thanks, Imi. Your mother was born in the year of the Water Sheep.

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