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Dating and Romance Scams: The FBI and HuffPost are Getting It Half Right    

By John Abbot
1761 Views | 4 Comments | 8/9/2017 1:37:06 PM

The FBIs IC3 Internet Crime Report Cover Image

When it comes to Romance Scams on Online Dating Sites performed by third party internet scammers, or even organizations of third party internet scammers, the FBI seems to be all over it. As owner/operator of one of the very few dating sites that tries relentlessly to keep online scammers at bay, of course I am happy that the FBI is taking an interest in this at all.

You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that the FBI has an online publication of sorts in which they write about various topics they are working on, and it turns out that third party online scamming, including dating and romance scams, is one such topic. But, to be clear, when I say, “third party internet scammers”, I mean individuals (or organizations thereof) who are registering on online dating sites as fake members to scam other real members of the site. They are not being operated by, nor related to, the site in anyway. Also, to be clear, when I say the FBI is all over it, I do not mean they are doing much to prevent it, but they are talking about it a lot, and attempting to warn the public about it.

I just discovered this by way of a recent HuffPost article that someone sent to me entitled “How A Billion-Dollar Internet Scam Is Breaking Hearts And Bank Accounts”. In spite of the fact that the title is wonky and leaves the clear impression the article is about one giant “Billion-Dollar Internet Scam”, and in spite of the fact the HuffPost has devolved from what was an innovative and somewhat openminded and well-rounded publication into a ludicrous cartoon caricature of a meaningful publication that devotes itself to promoting all things that are socially or politically far left, be they good, bad, smart or dumb, the article itself is not a bad look at the topic of third party Internet Scammers on social networks and dating sites. The claim that these scams amount to $1 Billion per year, however, is wildly speculative with little or no support.  

But what caught my eye was the fact that the article was quoting from, and linking to, a story posted by the FBI.  It seems they have a section of their website wherein they publish all (or some) of their press releases, and one such release was “FBI Warns of Online Dating Scams”. In it the FBI discussed such scams as a warning to the public “as Valentine’s Day draws closer”. Since it was a press release that no doubt got picked up and posted by a lot of publications, this was a good idea and a good service by the FBI. I commend them for it.

Having read the one press release on the topic, I did a search of the site for more press releases on the general topic of “dating scams” (without the quotation marks) and found a lengthy list of press releases over time on the same topic of third party internet scammers, as well as on many other topics related to internet scamming other than dating or romance scams. But I didn’t find what I was looking for, which was information pertaining to scams perpetrated by online dating sites or social networks on their own members, so next I searched “dating scam sites” (also without quotation marks). All I got was pretty much the same list as from the prior search. So, I tried “scam dating sites” and got the same list again. Then “scam dating websites” – same list. I tried “dating scam websites” – nothing new.

Perhaps I was being too general, so I started searching for website operations that are known scam operations being perpetrated by the website owners.  You know, the usual suspects. I tried about 15 prominent dating scam sites, and got zero listings.

So, I dropped the word “dating” and tried “scam websites” as a last-ditch effort. I did not get what I was looking for, which was an indication that the FBI was investigating scams perpetrated by many online dating sites themselves, and perhaps also scams perpetrated by social networks. But I did get a pretty strong indication that the FBI is NOT investigating such things.

The first item listed under that search results is a very interesting PDF Document entitled IC3 2014 Internet Crime Report.  IC3 is a cute acronym (not sure why the FBI felt a need to be cute) for the FBI’s “Internet Crime Complaint Center”, and the report can be downloaded from here…  Of note, while the report is for the year 2014, it was released about a year ago in 2016 according to the search results.

What is significant about this report, as far as online dating and romance scams are concerned, is the information on Page 14 and Appendix 3 pertaining to “Confidence Fraud / Romance Scams”, because there is no information contained therein relating to any scams performed by online dating sites or social networks upon their own memberships.  That clearly suggests that the FBI are unaware that there are numerous online dating operations that are complete scams and have been created for almost the sole purpose of scamming their own members.

Out of curiosity I tried to search the HuffPost for any signs of articles on the subject of scam dating sites but could not find a search function. However, in browsing through the relevant categories that might include such articles I didn’t find anything relevant in the first 100 articles listed in each category. As near as I can tell, like the FBI, HuffPost seems to think that third party scammers are a blight on mankind, but major online dating sites that scam their own members are not worth considering.

This is stunning to me. Since we opened and close to 10 years ago we have had hundreds of members join who have complained bitterly of being scammed by sites such as (formerly,, (part of and, to a lesser degree, many other scam dating sites. These sites are single websites in much larger organizations of scam dating sites. Of those hundreds of reports we’ve received several have indicated they have specifically filed complaints with the FBI, so I can’t understand how the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center could fail to know about them.

For example, as to the income of these scam operations, is one site out of many that are under the umbrella. I read more than 6 years ago that organization alone was bringing in over 300 million USD annually. This is the one of the largest of the known Scam Dating Sites outfits, but as stated, there are several other large organizations running the same type of scam dating sites. So, it would not be surprising if by now these scam dating organizations as a whole were making over 1 Billion USD per year.

Then there is the enormous white label dating scam, under which thousands of dating sites exist under an umbrella of “members” who have joined one site but are being shared, unbeknownst to them, by hundreds of websites. Of course, they are not actually signing on to any but the original site they joined. is one, perhaps the largest, of many sites that promote this concept, which is one giant scam.

According to Wikipedia alone has 3,243 partners (meaning affiliated dating sites) under its umbrella. All of them sharing members with each other. Each of those little dating sites will claim it has millions of members, even though as few as hundreds have actually joined any specific site making that claim.

Here’s what says in promoting itself:

“Learn more about how White Label Dating works and how you can be part of this industry worth £2 billion globally.”

In addition to white label dating, that there are countless other dating sites who “purchase” thousands of new member profiles at a time for next to nothing. Run a Google search of “purchase online dating profiles” (without the quotation marks) and see for yourself. The first two listings I got were:

1.       29 million real dating profiles for sale, buy now, Installation



2.       Buy dating profiles, Purchase dating profiles, Dating members database 

Pricing example: 1, 000, 000 USA dating profiles Price: 145.95 USD

There are many more companies listed who are selling dating site profiles. These sites all scream out “SCAM”!

It is hard to imagine that the FBI is neither investigating all the scams listed above, nor even warning Americans or the world about them.

Seriously, a good FBI investigator would know within 10 minutes of joining or the other scams sites mentioned above, that he/she was on a site that is a complete scam. Likewise, a simple review of what the white label dating programs are offering, or the sites selling online dating profiles, would tell a good investigator he/she was onto a major scam. The same holds true for any good investigative journalist.

Yet, somehow, the FBI and HuffPost have managed to get it right regarding the many third party scammers haunting the internet, but have failed miserably to even notice the much more damaging aspect of dating or romance scams, being the countless online dating sites that are scamming their own members.

The obvious question is: “How is that even possible?”

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2017-08-09 14:07:17 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


The obvious question is: “How is that even possible?”

It's possible because people are stupid! Too indoctrinated and brainwashed into a system of lies that they refuse to do their own research, blindly beLIEving everything they see on TV or in the news.

Men, in particular, have their brains between their legs, and when they see a pretty girl on an internet dating site, then it MUST be real.

Why would the FBI give a flying f*ck about old Tommy getting ripped off, by scumbag websites such as AsianDate or ChnLove, when old Tommy is happily paying money to get his rocks off in fantasy-land?

Is it 'wrong'? If you answered 'Yes', then WHY is it wrong?

Do you see the FBI investigating NASA for lying about going to the moon?

The whole WORLD is built on a system of lies and deceit, so why should dating sites be any different?

Just saying xx




#2017-08-09 23:40:11 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

The solution seems to me to lie not in the press or with the government but in the courts. I think what is ultimately going to be needed is for someone to sue these sites, or better yet, a class action lawsuit. I am not sure of the legal definition of fraud, but I am sure these sites have to fit under the general classifcation.

#2017-08-14 22:40:02 by anonymous16494 @anonymous16494

Yes, I've written to my local free paper here in South Carolina, in response to a listing of phone scams. A big one is the RansomeWare, where they freeze you computer and demand funds to unfreeze under the gieze of a virus. They give you Cleansweep which is actually free. 

#2018-05-23 05:38:55 by Sclife @Sclife

Hmm,i actually have an email i took a picture of before i deleted my account with stating how she is not allowed to contact a man off the site by phone or social network from being under contract with them and they charge her a $5000 fine for doing so with me

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