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Born and raised in Maryland, USA, and attended the University of Maryland, but now living in Pennsylvania, RTByrum is an author and publisher of 9 books but does not make a living at it. His places traveled include Britain and China. His past marriage was to a Chinese woman for 3 years. He since claims to have found the secret to happiness and hopes to share that happiness with someone special, and through his blogs, perhaps also with you.
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Dating Chinese Women: Vestis Virum Reddit, Part 2    

By RWByrum
2147 Views | 34 Comments | 5/30/2018 12:23:14 PM
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#2018-06-02 07:39:36 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Your CLM silhouette is something to be proud of. I didn't need to check out the mirror-image, since the reflection in my sunglasses was enough to convince me.

There are many women on CLM who should follow your lead, (most of them have sent me messages), because, believe me when I tell you, a silhouette image would do them far more justice than the pictures they are sending me do.

#2018-06-02 07:42:46 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You said I'm 'too honest'.

I remember being interviewed for a job in China when I was asked, 'What do you think is your greatest weakness?'

My reply was, 'I'm too honest'.

The interviewer said, 'I don't think that's a weakness', to which I replied, 'I don't give a f* ck what you think!'

See? Honesty is not always the best, lol.

#2018-06-02 14:32:33 by autumn2066 @autumn2066



Bad side is that you lost a job, good side is that you know it quictly that your honesty won't be truly appreciated there. Save both time.:)



#2018-06-05 13:32:58 by RWByrum @RWByrum


In this neck of the woods, the metrosexuals find themselves forced to defend their honor entirely too much ;)

#2018-06-05 13:56:24 by RWByrum @RWByrum


Thanks!  Yes, indeed.  I can dress nicely when the occasion calls for it and demonstrating that is not a bad idea at all.

#2018-06-05 14:05:38 by RWByrum @RWByrum


I'm actually a quality over quantity sort of guy.  So no, it would not please me to receive ten times the number of contacts.  If I receive just a few contacts then I have the time to carefully consider each one.  If I receive many, then I would not have the time to adequately review each profile.

I once joined a competing website, I won't make the mistake of naming it, where I received 35 contact requests within two hours of joining.   My response to this was to promptly remove my profile.  Mind you, I didn't even pay for my membership, I just joined and put up a profile.  I just couldn't believe that this many women would be sincerely interested in me.

Paradoxically, it has been the low level of response which my profile has received that has convinced me that the memebers of this site were genuine.

#2018-06-05 23:09:19 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Ok, get it. The logic makes sense.(y)

#2018-06-06 01:24:25 by anonymous17342 @anonymous17342

@RWByrum and fellow brothers here, ALL WOMEN are attracted to a mans looks and body first!!!!! Any woman who denies this is a liar straight up, any man who does not believe this give yourself a bonk on the head. It is after the physical interest is sparked people get to know each other and the depths of their personalities, their attractions, likes, dislikes etc.

One can see past a woman's beauty into her soul if it is there.

When I was actively looking on this site I had 4-5 pictures of me in everyday life, all in casual or sporty clothing but the one picture that I believe was the most relevant for attracting many, many women here was the one of me smiling ear to ear. Just me being me. I truly believe a genuine smile shows ones true self to others and will attract people to you, in your case women. Only wanting to have a few contacts at a time is contrary to your cause. Broaden your mind, broaden your horizons, open up to other kind of women and you may find you were "barking up the wrong tree" using your old methods.... Like everything else that evolves, adaptation is crucial.


I post anonymously at my woman's request..





#2018-06-07 06:22:13 by RWByrum @RWByrum


ALL WOMEN are attracted to a mans looks and body first!!!!!  

I very much doubt that.  In fact, by writing "all women" you've turned an opinion that had a reasonable chance of being largely correct into one that was certainly wrong.  Do you truly imagine that all women are the same?  And that is not even mentioning the fact that not all women share the same tastes and therefore do not agree on what exactly qualifies as physically attractive.

#2018-06-07 11:19:14 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


Hey Roger, Yin Ting Yu (Gongji) here. Wanted to chime in. I don't comment too much these days but, I'm still here. I have been reading your blogs and comments from the beginning and I really enjoy what you have to say. You write well. I sense we may have graduated from the same "University". I just matriculated a few human years before you. :D

When you first joined CLM, I looked at your profile and pictures to try and get a better understanding of who you are. Basically you're sort of a "Balmehr" (Baltimore) boy that's trying to find a good woman on this website. I already know you are much more than that !!

This whole business about the way you choose to present yourself, pictographically, is TOTALLY OK !!  Don't you ever even have any worry about that !! When I viewed your shots, I was really taken by your boldness in the manner you chose to present yourself. Totally cool and REAL. I particularly like the pic of you under the gazeebo at Hershey Park (?). Well,...this is an excellent shot. You know the one I mean. Your'e looking like a combination of  Billy Bob Thornton's  interpretation of Karl in the movie "Slingblade" with a touch of John Malkovich (hehe). The background is wide open with small inclusion of apartments but standing under that carved out open heart on the gazeebo platform. This says something to everyone (with brain,eye) and especially, Chinese women. They in general, tend to be a  visual breed.

As I recall, you were wearing two different shades of plaid in that photo. I'll wager that the pants came from Tarzhay (Target), top o' the line in the "Sleepwear" isle (ha). Aside from myself, my father, and now you, the only other person I have known personally who could effectively "pull off " plaid on plaid in most any public venue was Frank Zappa. I have a lot of respect for Frank both musically and politically. A VERY nice and intelligent man indeed. Please let me take you (and whoever else may be reading) briefly to "Montanna" via,... Stockholm.

Seeing as how Frank is sort of an acquired taste, you may wish to fast forward to 3:06. Full force visual happens around 6:18. Hope you can dig it.

Roger, I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I am a concert recitalist (classical guitar) and builder as well, no brag just fact. Thank you Walter Brennan "Guns of Will Sonnet" (hehe). It's just that I appreciate all true music. Doesn't matter if it's from the Spanish Renaissance or Chinese Opera, "and all points in between" ("Jesus Just Left Chicago" Billy Gibbons, ZZTop). Serious.

I sort of figured that you had a plan from the first. Show your most relaxed side on the profile and then, after some messaging, agree to first video chat. Set up a "Video Date", clean up a little bit meaning, fresh shave and clean shirt, meeting as though both were at some sort of "Internet, Casual Dress, Evening Engagement". First impressions are always important in the beginning. Am I close ? Thinks so. :)

Now, have mentioned somewhere in blog or comment that you do not consider yourself "Handsome". Flee from that perspective RIGHT NOW!! I have learned that "Handsom" and "Pretty" is mostly a state of mind. It's all about how a man or woman wishes to present. Please try to remember that you are valid.

Look man, write at a high level, you are a published author, you are a cancer survivor, and many other things I don't even know about at this stage. I recommend that you hold to your guns with all of these "suggestions" from other members. You are "Chummin' " right now. Throwing out little hunks of bait from the stern as you fish for the "Good One". You will find an appropriate match/catch if this is your focused intent. It's happened for me and others. It will happen for you as well.:)

I guess what I'm trying to say is,...Choose your course the best way you know how. If that dosen't work as intended, make a slight course correction. When sailing, sometimes the air (wind) is not as definite as previously assessed. You know your final destination. Just find a means to get there. In essence,..."Getchyeesome". :D

Hey man,...I gotta scoot for now. Summer is comming on with a vengence. It's getting HOT in central Texas. Stay cool and hang low. Let us hear from you sometime, no pressure. Oh, more selection for when you might feel low.

I may not be the official "Cody's Camp" but, "if you gonn'a find the world's a smoldrin", yall's welcome at my fire. Just remember to bring your own "Baddahwhaduh" :D !!

Peace out, Y.T.Y. (aka Gongji)







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