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Born and raised in Maryland, USA, and attended the University of Maryland, but now living in Pennsylvania, RTByrum is an author and publisher of 9 books but does not make a living at it. His places traveled include Britain and China. His past marriage was to a Chinese woman for 3 years. He since claims to have found the secret to happiness and hopes to share that happiness with someone special, and through his blogs, perhaps also with you.
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Dating Chinese Women? First Understand Happiness    

By RWByrum
3789 Views | 40 Comments | 11/16/2017 12:12:14 PM
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#2017-11-18 20:16:41 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


There could be a dozen reasons why the Chinese gov won't alow Google, Facebook and many of the other 'Alphabet' companies onto their Internet, but I guess that dragging China down to our level could be one of them.

Having spent the last 3 years living and working in China I can honestly say that their are 'faults' on both sides and in both systems. However, compared to China, we live in a very sick society

The 'West' deserves everything that's coming to it

#2017-11-18 20:27:10 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Clinical depression is a state-of-mind that is brought on by people allowing outside 'forces' to control them.

We all have 'choices' in life, but many of those choices are manipulated and people either don't see it, or refuse to see it.

If you knock on my door at 10am and I invite you in, I'll probably say 'Tea or Coffee?'

Maybe you want a glass of water or a hot chocolate or an orange juice? Maybe you're an alcoholic and would love a beer or a glass of vodka?

However, I have MANIPULATED your 'choices' by offering you tea or coffee.

If it were 6pm I may have offered you a glass of wine. 'Red or White?' - thereby giving you a manipulated 'choice' once again.

Sorry, but 'clinical depression' is brought on by the choices we make, just as 'stress' is brought on by our own state-of-mind.

The human mind is the most powerful thing known to man. It's therefore the most manipulated. We're brainwashed and indoctrinated to beLIEve everything we're told


#2017-11-19 05:29:59 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


Hey "Roger". Ying Ting Yu here. Welcome to  "Blog" status. I have followed your responses since you entererd in the "Forum". Most refreshing to read what you have to say.

The concept of "Happiness" you present, in my opinoin, is DNA (Dead Nuts Accurate, machinist talk) !!(y). I have been trying to express this to the current Chinese "Honey Cakes" for 3 years. She's getting it now. :D.

There's an old saying,..."Happiness is an inside job", and I feel it's true. Happiness is more of a decision one makes that is not be based on anything "external". One's true happiness resides within.  It's not based so much on what's going on "Out There". It's all about how one chooses to "Show Up"       in it.

I particularly liked your description of "meditation" by just sitting very still in a comfortable chair and focusing deep for long periods of time. Mind you, this is the first type of meditation,..."Intent",...but it works !! That calm, cool, serene, yet self confident spot is priceless.I'm willing to discuss in further detail and I hope you are as well but, this is really not the time.

Hey new Bud, I need to jet now back to the shop and also work on the second movement of the"Concierto de Arjuanez". Recital date is Jan. 4 and I must be ready.

You take care and let us hear from you as time allows. All peace and cool here, hopes is same for you. Oh, have done really well with toungue stuff. Calm and steady for healing. This is the way. Continue please. Until next time,...Amitopha (all is well) and,... Latcho Drom (Romani gypsy for "Safe Journey").

Out now,...peace and blessing and welcome, Gongji (The Rooster).




#2017-11-19 12:34:59 by RWByrum @RWByrum

@paulfox1  Interestingly enough, Paul, I believe that the government which most closely resembles the government which Plato had advocated in his Republic is the People's Republic of China

#2017-11-19 12:40:13 by RWByrum @RWByrum

@paulfox1  I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, Paul.  One of my aunts starved to death in her own home despite the fact that her refrigerator was full of food.  I just can't see that as the results of manipulation.

Now, interesting thoughts on the nature of manipulation.  But it can only happen if I choose to allow it.  I could prevent you from manipulating my choices through the simple expedient of bringing my own beverage with me when I visit you.

But I did get your point.  Most people are manipulated and don't even know it.

#2017-11-19 12:54:25 by RWByrum @RWByrum

@YinTingYu  Thank you for the warm welcome.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make my second post soon.  Unfortunately, most people don't seem to choose their state of mind but, rather, allow it to be chosen for them by their family, their friends, their co-workers and society in general.

I don't expect too many of my future posts to be this philosophical, but I do hope that they will be interesting.

#2017-11-20 16:14:11 by melcyan @melcyan

Great blog. I agree that happiness is a state of mind. It also requires you to be fully in the present moment. Furthermore, HAPPINESS IS HARD EVERYDAY WORK.


I don’t mean hard money making work but the difficult work of being true to ourselves and returning our monkey mind to the present moment so that we can change what we can for the better and accept what we cannot change.

#2017-11-20 22:37:20 by QinQL @QinQL

Hello Roger, welcome to Blog. From your first blog entry, it sounds you were being at home sharing your secrets with your family and care for us as well with your experiences, as Jellyfish said that many of us need that.  Being one of the family CLM, wish you find someone special someday. I admire you are an author and publisher of 9 books. You are ability to express yourself and so I am glad that we have one more western member to share with us by the platform that John and his group have built.   
Let me speak out what I get after I read this blog. Let me put this blog article into three parts. The first part is that you introduce yourself and what your intention to write blogs here (sounds friendly and sincere and helpful for us). Then you analyze about happiness wonderful.  It doesn’t sound any trite. I do agree with these points and they remind me what I have had made mistakes. With every point from it I want to read it from your experiences. That would be remind me better with your stories one by one. The last part, your experience from the beginning that you had a sore tongue, is the most interesting part. There are 4 doctors you had seen who had different reactions: “stricken”(you have never seen before), “interesting”(sounds pretending), “angry”(sounds blaming you why  not to see doctor earlier), calm(who specializes in removing cancer tumors from head and neck). since then, did you have the same reactions after the doctors’ ?  From the story, I realize that we should try to keep our heart calm to see the world, especially face to the hardest time. Thanks for sharing. 
您好,罗杰, 您把这里当做您的家和我们分享您的故事,如Jellyfish说的,正是我们需要的。故事有三个部分。第一部分向大家介绍自己和写博客的意图(这部分看到您对我们特别友好,真诚),第二部分分析幸福。最后您讲了一个自己看病的经历. 舌头痛了,看了四位医生,他们有不同的反应,第一位医生反应最大, 是您从来没见到过的惊恐,第二位医生是故作镇静,第三位医生是生气责怪你病这么长时间没来看医生,最后一位医生是没啥表情的熟练地拿起手术刀,手术成功。我想知道,您当时的心绪是不是也跟着医生的情绪而波动呢?从故事里,我学到了我们需要保持平和心情去面对世界,特别是遇到艰难时刻。 
现在是晚上10点半,我花了至少2个晚上写这个comment,还有白天抽空阅读这篇博客。虽然不能像John那样轻松阅读和写作,人家是律师呢, 但能做一点算一点,姐妹们是吧?我很享受这样的学习,Grace姐哪里去了? 我看她是最沉浸学习东西方文化和思想交流的。

#2017-11-22 21:36:38 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, Paul.  One of my aunts starved to death in her own home despite the fact that her refrigerator was full of food.


I currently share a house with someone who lives on cheese

The fridge is FULL of food but she's too f*ckin lazy to cook any of it

She just gets a knife, opens the fridge and cuts a bit of cheese

The ONLY time she eats a decent meal is when I cook one. If left alone she'd starve to death too..........

Pathetic !

#2017-11-22 21:39:40 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Cancer is man-made.

There was a cure for it in the 1930's but it was squashed so that the big pharma companies can make lots of money from treatment that never works.

Just do an Internet search for a doctor called 'Royal Rife'

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