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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Dark Shadow of My Life    

By Barry Pittman
4889 Views | 70 Comments | 5/23/2018 11:39:42 AM
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#2018-06-13 01:09:04 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


@John Abott

John, your invitation to @autumn2066 is perfectly viable and I hope she will accept "Blogger" status. Let us remind her that she is under no obligation and only writes when she has the time. :) I really feel that she has something of importance to express, especially with her last entry. Very cool, direct, polite, and sublime as well.

We could use some female perspective in this "Men's Drumming Circle". Gives us guys a chance to wear our Tuxedos (hehe hahaha) and pay attention. At this point, a "Skirt" (outside of manly dress kilt) would have a certain positive impact despite any particular fragrance.You have made the public invitation. Very Good. I sense she will accept and respond accordingly. Really, it's sort of an honor to be invited to sit at the "Captain's Table".

Oh,...I almost forgot,...congratulations (belated) on your 11th marriage anniversary !! You and T.L.G. celebrate as often as you can. Very special.

Need to jet to the shop now.

Hopes all is well. Say hello to "Hot Pot" and "Cat" as well when you spend those hours together making a Master Plan to " Rule the World" (moohahaha).

Peace and Blessings, Latcho Drom, Y.T.Y Gongji

#2018-06-15 04:12:34 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Wow, a bit shock and surprise! You are soooooooo generous and sweet saying like this. Your irresistible praise makes me blush!  (whew)(whew)(blush)

You don't need to apologize, I could understand why you dropped the ball. I should have answered your last invitation with a sencere serious attitude.:) My words do sounded more like a teasing joke which probably had made you confused and doubt about my attitude. So it should be me to apologize to you for my last response in a giggly manner.(happy) 

And I want to appologize to you for not responding in a timely manner. What have made me hestitating is that I worry if my time and my English are good enough to afford writing English blogs.

My English is very limited, so if you could ever allow me using more pictures in my blogs to help my English writing, it would be a great relief to my nervous and worried heart. Hopefully a picture could speak more than thousand words.

Lucky that I have found this conscientious website. Feel like visiting exhibitions of paintings or photographs while reading different bloggers' writings and many members' comments here.People from different countries with different culture together here sharing thought and wisdom for free, affording newcomers a chance of learning from other members' love stories and experience.John and many bloggers here have been devoting their time and energy encouraging and supporting many members like a true friend in real life. All of these have been providing a sincere responsible platform for all members here, which no doubt have widen the horizons of my mind and my heart, and it will evidently enrich and benefit more and more members here.

Interesting that different audiences in an exhibition of paintings or photographs likely be attracted to different work, and different audiences might sense totally different meanings from same painting or photograph.

Should a painting or a photograph have clear meaning or fit any standard pattern? Should a lake or a tree express itself in firm shape?  

The nature which we are living in is unfettered and wild and comprehensive and colorful.

To trigger readers to think deeper, to bring friendly discussion, to suggest different angles of viewing our lives, to share happiness and sympathy, to cure each other's broken hearts, to spirit-support each other in tough time, to encourage each other standing up from failure, to inspire and enrich each other both in mind and heart, to help each other approaching a higher level in spirit, to learn how to create and uphold a healthy cross-culture relationship,John and many members have been working hard for this community.

I am one of the members whom have been benefited from John and many members' wisdom and kindness. If I could ever be one of them and be a little bit helpful for other members here, that would be a pleasure for me. And if I could become a better person in this course of learning and sharing, it will be the best reward for me.

So thankful for your guys' invitation. Let us be ourselves, let us spark each other, let us create more happiness and meanings for this world. 

Regards to all.:)

#2018-06-15 04:27:47 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Go ahead! Write a book! (y)(y) I will buy one.:)

About using VPN service, I heard people said it is illegal for Chinese,we not allowed to do that, so if I insist trying to use it, it might get me trouble.

You know, while you watching into a well, the well is watching back at you from the other side.I don't feel safe doing that, so I prefer not to watch any well, but closing my eyes to survive.(shake):x

#2018-06-15 04:42:28 by autumn2066 @autumn2066



You said: "

You said that the first-world relies on 80% truth and 20% lies, this is the wrong way round. We are fed 80% lies and around 20% truth, but the truth is difficult to find. Thomas Jefferson spoke of the Bible being 80% 'dung', and 20% 'diamonds', then went on to say that one must sift through the dung, (crap/rubbish/lies), in order to find the 'good stuff'.

This is not just true when referring to the Bible, but true when referring to ANYTHING put out by the mainstream media."

80% lies +20% truth? Sorry to hear about this! Sounds similar here, or maybe similar all over the world??!! LOL. Sigh,liars and robbers always win. Winners make laws and rules. Laws and rules are made by wolves for sheeps.  


You said :"We, in the so-called 'free world', are slaves to a system of debt. People drive to work in the cars they haven't paid for, in order to do the job they need to do in order to pay for the car!

We are not regarded as 'people'; we are regarded as 'consumers' and 'taxpayers', nothing more."

China is following up already. Most of the citizens who living in cities and big towns have become a life time taxpayers due to the real estate. 

It seems not much different, here or there.


#2018-06-15 04:54:08 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


I like your (clap)(y)

It sounds like that you suggested me to torment CLM men a little bit,to force them putting their feet into our Chinese women's high-heel shoes, teetered along with a Chinese-English dictionary on their hands.:D:D

What a picture in my imagnation now! lol



#2018-06-15 05:15:00 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


You said:"Let us remind her that she is under no obligation and only writes when she has the time."

Thanks a lot for being so thoughtful for me.:)

I would love to take photos for you gentlemen wearing kilts.(y)(y) :D:D high-heel shoes with hairy legs ???!!!! Wow! 

What a great picture!(giggle)(giggle)

#2018-06-15 14:06:42 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Go ahead! Write a book!  I will buy one!"


Thank you, Autumn2066 but of course, if I write a book, I would give it to you for free.   I would even autograph it for you!   (handshake)


"About using VPN service, I heard people said it is illegal for Chinese,we not allowed to do that"


Yes, this is true. It's illegal to use a VPN service in China.  Yet my guess is there are tens of thousands of Chinese doing this already, allowing access to iconic global websites such as Facebook and YouTube.


But then again, if you try this and get caught, I will deny all knowledge of ever advising you to do this, dear Autumn2066!  I will however, happily bail you out of jail! (giggle)(giggle)

#2018-06-18 13:35:55 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@autumn2066 - Regarding the blogging, could you please simply write to me at and write in the subject line of your email "Attn John from Autumn2066". That will ensure it gets passed onto me quickly.

In your message tell me what name you wish to blog under. That can be any name you like. 

As soon as I receive that I will respond with details about blogging on CLM/ALM.

Thanks, John


#2018-10-09 19:02:00 by anonymous18234 @anonymous18234

Jefferson's "bible" is based upon a false presupposition in which he actually cut out all the miraculous events. I have a copy in my own personal library and have read through it. Jefferson was a rationalist, Deist and Unitarian at best. Hume's argument against miracles is also based on a false presupposition and he uses circular reasoning to make his case. CS Lewis in his book, "Miracles" handily refutes this argument. A good used copy can be obtained at

#2018-10-10 16:14:37 by Barry1 @Barry1



Interesrting comments. I think @paulfox1 is in the best position to intelligently respond to them.


Until then, please have a beer on me, mate!   (beer)



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