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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Dark Shadow of My Life    

By Barry Pittman
4890 Views | 70 Comments | 5/23/2018 11:39:42 AM
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#2018-06-08 14:03:11 by Barry1 @Barry1



""Do Your Own Research: a term used by lazy Conspiracy Theorists who don't want to try to explain why they believe the silly things they believe."

So true, Anon17356!  (clap)



#2018-06-09 06:06:50 by paulfox1 @paulfox1



The phrase 'conspiracy theorist' is a term created by the CIA in 1967. Anyone who doesn't beLIEve the official narrative, (AKA, BS!) is a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Personally, I would describe myself as a 'conspiracy ANALYST', and the only reason I tell people to 'Do their own research' is NOT because I'm 'lazy', (far from it), but because they are!

@Barry1, John's explanation, as to Michael's 'junk', needs no further elaboration from me. His reasoning behind the Obamas not challenging it also makes perfect sense.

I have done well in excess of 3000 of research whereby I ask questions, then question answers, so if you, or anyone else, think I'm 'lazy', then please go ahead and think it.

#2018-06-10 17:56:35 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Interesting. The topic jumped from inner anger to food-chain, queen Elizabeth, George Bush, Rothschild; Rockerfeller; Obama and his wife-used to be, lol

Ohh, seems I am walking into a Men's salon where seems no women dares to join to talk or maybe women just have few interest about these stuff? lol


#2018-06-11 02:19:29 by autumn2066 @autumn2066



Paul, what you are talking about here reminds me about something I have read in net years ago,these seem some conspiracy theory speculation. Not sure if it is truth but it sounds very interesting and inspiring.

In the third world , the ruling class generally doesn't need to whitewash their cold-blood nor their greed because they have guns and prisons and that works well enough. While survival is the primary desire, the public there are busy with struggling with the challenge of survival every day, most of them don't have chance to get education so their eyes and mind are kid of blind.With the help of guns and money,the ruling class could get what they want easily. 

In many second world countries,Darwin's jungle law works well straightly and bloodily,and the religions there usually help a lot the rulling class upholding their power and their tough controll over the public. Usually the public there have already been brain washed and have accepted nearly all the unfair stuff in their life as their desert fate, religins there have made the public believe that their mistake in their last life caused all the bad punishment in reincarnation so the public won't complain nor fight for their right. Religions have big power in the second world,and the rulling class in the second world countries know well how to use it,they usually don't need to do much polite lies to fool the publc, they just do whatever they want without hestitate.

IMO, the ruling class's ways of controlling have been changing from using guns and prisons threating and punishiing the public's bodies and freedom, to a "polite" way of using religions and culture brain-washing and mind-froze the public's nature wisdom, with the help of religions, they could control the public well.

It seems to me that only in the first world countries, political lies and hypocritical shows are necesarry and have become a must. The ruling class there seem have no other choice but being hypocritical and deceitful to whitewash their true ambition and greed, because they don't want to be pushed away from their power chair by the angry public, so they must keep telling lies or do some show to please the public. As we have seen, nowadays in Europe and many first world countries more and more people have no true faith in religions, that means to me that the ruling class there can't use the religions to control the public as they used to do 100years ago, so the ruling class must have found some new ways controling the public.

Taking away what you fear is a way to control, giving what you desire is another way to control too.Just like making a pet hungry is a way of punishment, encouraging a pet with good food is a way of training too. Since most of the people who were born in the first world have chance to get education, so the public nowadays seem more believe Science and technology than religions, so the new ways of controlling the public seem have changed to be using science and media to lead the public on and fool people in vote.

It seems to me that only in the first world countries, the hypocrisy performance, infinite lies and political shows and tricks are necessary and necessary. 

The democratic system was set up to limit goverment's power, if the ruling class want to get what they want, they have to use more concealed and cunning ways to mislead the public, to deceive the public, to fool the public to achieve their own purpose. Politicians' performance become a necessary rehearsal. Everything should have been in the design. When 80% of the truth is mixing with 20% lies, lies will be much more difficult to be detected by the public. The ruling class of the first world need to play more intelligent games setting the public in, since most of the people who were born and grow in the first world are educated, so they supposed not that easy to be deceived comparing with the public in the second world and the third world. The ruling class may use the similar ways of training wild animals to be pets, in a way of taking care of wild animals and feeding them with good food, spoiling them with what they want, and then leading the wild animals become fatter and fatter, dumber and dumber, year by year, the wild animals will feel quite satified with a life of being taking cared of by the masters, and then lost their nature wild desire, becomes pets in a small zoo.I guess the ruling class in the first world countries might use a similar way of training wild animals, supporting the public with a easy comfortable life, feeding the public's greed and desire, and then making the public become sleepy and lazy and stupid and not interested in a simple responsible life any more, while keeping using media and internet games to please the public, and using commercial fraud and big houses and expensive stuff to trap the public to become lifetime tax slaves.

The public of the first world seem have been protected from all kinds of welfare. After being exempted from the worries of survival,some even enjoy living a pet's easy life,tend to addicted to internet games and decadence, gradually numbing, and seems going to lost their nature activity, lack of the curiosity of doubting the outside world, and no much vigilance and crisis consciousness for the human being's future.

Running the big traps and tricks of pets-training systerm, and with the help of the brainwashing by media and internet, the ruling class in the first world countries seem have been successful in training the public into pets in big zoos. With the endless supporting by billions of tax slavers, the ruling class could always sleep well and living happily forever.

Just my simple thought, must be a lot of misunderstand and mistake. Due to China has blocked the outside websites, my infirmation about the outside world is limited, if anyone found my words about religions sounds stupid or offensive, please forgive me.



#2018-06-11 03:06:40 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


You wrote :"Barry did you ever think or suspect that men have anger issues because of what is in our foods? Since the 40's male testosterone levels have decreased significantly. Men are being told they can no longer be MEN."

I guess you are right about the food,I have similar doubt about why so many cities in China have an increase rate of infertility and fetal malformation among young couples. I wonder if it is because of serious environmental pollution or because of the consequences of widespread cultivation and consumption of genetically modified crops in China. Or are there any suspicious plans of reducing the fertility in Asia, Africa and Latin America? If there really are some ruling class of this planet,they must have noticed and anticipated that the series of serious problems will be caused by the rapid growth of human population, it seems that the earth can no longer be able to bear more population, so reducing the total population may have become a necessary solution to save this planet.

If this might be true, then something might have been putting into our daily food secrectly to approach the goal of controlling the population of human. I don't think that is a conspiracy, I guess that seems be a way to approach the elimination of inferior populations all over the world. 

#2018-06-11 13:13:49 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@autumn2066 -  this is in response to three comments you made above. None of them were addressed to me, but I am responding anyway. I feel compelled.

In the first comment, after mocking Barry and Paul for jumping from topic to topic, none of which were much relevant to online or cross cultural dating/relationships, you said:

"Ohh, seems I am walking into a Men's salon where seems no women dares to join to talk or maybe women just have few interest about these stuff? lol"

Which is pretty funny and clever in itself. 

But then in your second comment you went from suggesting women (and that might be viewed as Chinese women and/or Asian women, since those are the women on our sites) either are afraid or disinterested in discussing the complicated sociopolitical notions being discussed, to providing a brilliant explanation of how Third, Second and First World countries keep their citizens ignorant of those same sociopolitical issues. I am very impressed by your insights.

Finally, in your third comment, you enter into a well thought out opinion about whether the powers that be may or may not be trying to dramatically reduce the population of Earth, and then if they are, why they might be and why it might be justified. While I don't agree with your conclusions in comment 3, I am damned impressed with the manner in which you reached them and presented them.

I am even more impressed by how you introduced the thoughts that some men might have been having that these issues were beyond the intellect of women, only to immediately refute that notion and put it to shame via your own clear and intelligent discussion of your own thoughts on these same matters.

All of which leads me to make two observations:

1. I think I started this discussion before and maybe I dropped the ball when you responded, for which I apologize. So I will repeat it again here. You should become a blogger for us on the CLM/ALM blogs. You seem to have a lot of good things to say, and if you would write them in both English and Chinese I believe that would really help in getting the blogs back to being a discussion involving both the ladies and the man, which they used to be back when we had several Chinese ladies blogging.  

Your second of three comments could easily have been a blog article all by itself.

Also, I am sure that @Jellyfish would welcome another lady blogger share the load.

Please let me know if you're interested and this time I will be sure to follow up.

2. Every male between the ages of 40 and about 55 is an idiot not to be pursuing this beautiful intelligent lady. The only reason not to be keenly interested in her is if you are too old, too young, already in a relationship or afraid that you aren't smart enough to keep up with her.

I can tell you all this, if I wasn't already married to a great Chinese lady, and if I wasn't too old for Autumn2066 , I would be booking my flight right now to get over to China and try to catch her before someone else does.  

#2018-06-11 14:37:53 by Barry1 @Barry1



"something might have been putting into our daily food secrectly to approach the goal of controlling the population of human. I don't think that is a conspiracy, I guess that seems be a way to approach the elimination of inferior populations all over the world."


Very good comments, thank you, Autumn2066.


My feeling is the world is already way overpopulated, let alone the increases yet to come within the next one hundred years or more.


At a rough guess, rather than the current seven and a half billion people, Earth would be better served with a population around two billion.  This would be self-sustaining, without the harsh environmental impacts being witnessed now around the globe. Families limited to two children each.


This idea is so brilliant, I may write a book about it.  (giggle)

#2018-06-11 14:44:07 by Barry1 @Barry1



"When 80% of the truth is mixing with 20% lies, lies will be much more difficult to be detected by the public."

Another very insightful, valid comment, Austum2066.  So true!

By the way, when I was living and teaching in China, I susbscribed to a VPN service that allowed me access to the outside world. Such services are widely advertised and available there, for those thinking people who wish to see the whole global picture, not just a controlled part of it.


Best wishes to you, Autumn 2066.  (f)(f)

#2018-06-11 17:08:28 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I am totally impressed by your comments and your insight. There is a lot of truth in what you wrote, however, I must correct you on one tiny detail.....

You said that the first-world relies on 80% truth and 20% lies, this is the wrong way round. We are fed 80% lies and around 20% truth, but the truth is difficult to find. Thomas Jefferson spoke of the Bible being 80% 'dung', and 20% 'diamonds', then went on to say that one must sift through the dung, (crap/rubbish/lies), in order to find the 'good stuff'.

This is not just true when referring to the Bible, but true when referring to ANYTHING put out by the mainstream media.

We, in the so-called 'free world', are slaves to a system of debt. People drive to work in the cars they haven't paid for, in order to do the job they need to do in order to pay for the car!

We are not regarded as 'people'; we are regarded as 'consumers' and 'taxpayers', nothing more.

As for John not agreeing with your comment #3, I certainly DO agree with you.

There are fewer and fewer babies born every year, (look at Japan for example); testosterone levels in men have dropped by up to 65% in the USA - especially in younger males - we have GMO food as well as poisoned water, (sodium fluoride), that keep the 'sheeple' dumbed-down, whilst making sure they're too busy running on the 'hamster-wheel' to even notice. If they DO notice, they're too lazy to care or do any research.

You should check out the 'Georgia Guidestones' and read the inscriptions on them. The first one talks about maintaining the world's population at 500,000,000. This means a reduction of around 90%.

I am currently in the UK visiting my parents. In my home city there are 2 HUGE universities. The number of Chinese students here is amazing; there are thousands of them!

So far this year there have been 6 deaths due to Chinese students walking the streets while wearing earphones, and having their faces firmly fixed to their mobile phone screen. All 6 deaths happened while they were crossing the road.

FaceBook; Google; YouTube, etc, run the world's 'social media'. No-one has a grip on 'reality' anymore, and that's because no-one really knows what 'reality' is.


On a side-note, I share John's opinion about you becoming a blogger here on CLM. You would be most welcome!

#2018-06-12 10:06:04 by melcyan @melcyan



"Ohh, seems I am walking into a Men's salon"  


Very funny. Why is it funny? It shifts perspective (male to female) and from the different perspective, it achieves pinpoint accuracy.


There are probably quite a few CLM women with excellent English skills who are thinking right now "I wish I said that".


I too would love you to start blogging on CLM but I would like you to turn the tables for your first blog. If you do eventually make the choice to blog, then write it in Chinese only and choose a female-centred topic.


For a short time, one blog only (it could have more than one part), let the men feel uncomfortable, out of place and out of the loop. Other blogs will still exist for them but for a short time in your blog, you will allow CLM men to experience what CLM women have experienced for a long time.


Subsequent blogs could be written in both fluent English and fluent Chinese. That would be such a gift. If the men have to suffer a little before they receive the gift then they will fully appreciate the value of a truly bilingual blog.

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