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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Dark Shadow of My Life    

By Barry Pittman
4888 Views | 70 Comments | 5/23/2018 11:39:42 AM
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#2018-05-29 23:54:44 by anonymous17279 @anonymous17279

Barry, many women suffer from anger issues its just that we as males have been brainwashed and conditioned since birth that is a woman's perogotive, that time of the month etc. etc. and we are to comfort them etc etc

With Sorros and Jerusalem trying to unstabalize/destroy western culture/white man with global domination by him/Israel as their main goal they have funded many of these idiotic groups that are prevelant in todays western society including radical feminism which is slowly destroying women/men and western family values which is their goal. It is encouraging women to lash out violently because they will face little or no repercussions from the Police. Black youth and Black women(not all) are out of control in the USA because of the ability to cry racism at the drop of a hat therefore justifying their violence, thankyou Obama and your "Affirmative Action" law, thankyou Sorros for promoting female violence. It is only going to get worse in Western Europe, England, Canada, Aussieland, New Zealand.

Who(George Sorros) do you think has illegally shipped over 40,000(with more arriving everyday) terrorists from Somalia under the guise of being refugees to Italy? These are all men, all under the age of 30, their one purpose is to cause violence in Europe against Anglo men and women. He funds all the protests and protestors for the "left",  feminists, SJW's etc etc etc Like the old war strategy goes " know and infiltrate your enemy from the inside, destabalize then strike"

In China women get into fights all the time because they cant control their tempers. They have been allowed to fester this anger for 1000's of years to the point it is common to see women in screaming matches, fist fights with men or women more than less. Cops don't carry guns in China, people there actually argue, push, shove police officers with little to no respect for the cops. As I have said in previous reply, I have seen many instances in China of women "losing it" fighting, screaming being violent towards others. It is there like I said people just have to keep their eyes "open"

Women are more violent than men just that men are bigger, stronger and cause more destruction than women. An angry women who can't control herself is one who is capable of cutting your dick off while you sleep. 

65% of all domestic violence is perpetrated by women not men. Men because of all the oppression against them are committing suicide at a staggering rate in the West.

I am not worried if anyone here believes me or not. It is everywhere.

#2018-05-30 12:23:32 by melcyan @melcyan


You have touched on a very important topic that either directly or indirectly affects everyone. Thank you for having the courage to talk about it. Anger is one of many natural human emotions.  Sometimes it has a rational base but more often than not it has an irrational foundation.


When it comes to preparing my tax returns I  can become very irrational and in the past, bouts of explosive anger have erupted. I have used a tax agent for the last thirty years but sometimes not even a tax agent is enough to help me. I just completed my 2017 tax return yesterday so past failures are easy to remember.


I will not embarrass myself by going into detail on what has happened in the past. What could have stopped my angry outbursts? I think counseling could have helped me if I was prepared to be completely honest with the counselor. I also think seeing a video of my explosive bursts of anger would have pushed me towards change. In the end, words from my 6-year-old daughter made me change.


The worst of my anger subsided around 1995 when my daughter was 6 years old. It was someone's birthday party but I can't remember whose it was but I do remember the feeling of being "cut open" and fully exposed. The year before had some of the biggest highs and definitely the lowest low in my life (the death of my wife).


My sister-in-law pointed to a photo on the mantlepiece. She knew exactly what the photo was about (my 1994 Master's graduation photo ) but she asked my daughter what the photo was about? Her reply stunned me. "I think he got that for getting his tax done."


I thought I had hidden my panic, my fear and my rage from my children. To her, I was not normally like that. For me to change so drastically she thought it had to be something of huge importance. I have not repeated that manic anger ever again but the seeds of that anger lie dormant in me forever.


This is all fresh in my memory right now because I did my tax return earlier this week. I did not have all the paperwork ready until 1 hour before my appointment with the tax agent. In the days before when I could not find exactly what I needed, I could feel the seeds of anger move a little. My preventative cure for my rage is to be fully present. Now my anger serves as a cue for me to fully return to the present moment.

#2018-05-30 13:08:28 by Barry1 @Barry1



"When it comes to preparing my tax returns I  can become very irrational and in the past, bouts of explosive anger have erupted."


Thank you for this thoughtful, self-effacing and interesting comments, Melcyan.


All of us have varying cues or triggers that can suddenly set us off into an explosion of anger.  In war for example, I'm certain that many medals of honour and outstanding acts of heroism can be directly attributed to the fact that at that very moment where the courageous deed was done, the soldier was INFURIATED by what was happening around him and so he acted in what could legitimately be described as rage.  So anger and fury in some situations is a good thing. Context is the key here.


In normal civilian life, any one of a thousand things can set us off.  My blog was based primarily on my accursed inability to control myself, when a temper hissy fit would strike me, even though I had insight into exactly what was going down. moment to moment  I simply felt powerless to control myself for a few minutes in time. This made me even more perplexed and annoyed at what was happening.


Like you, counselling likely could have helped me but the bottom line was that I was too embarrassed to go.  I felt I had things reasonably under control, which I did  - until suddenly a month or so later, another hissy fit would spontaneously occur, often over nothing particularly important.


But enough for now. I shall continue this discussion in Part 2 of this blog. 


Once again, many thanks for your comments, Melcyan. (handshake)





#2018-05-30 13:29:45 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Sorros and Jerusalem trying to unstabalize/destroy western culture/white man with global domination by him/Israel as their main goal they have funded many of these idiotic groups that are prevelant in todays western society..."


Your comments are certainly thought-provoking and interesting, thank you, Anon17279.


Can I suggest that you write  a blog article (or articles) on your intriguing ideas here?  Hmm, on second thoughts, this website unfortunately may be the wrong forum to publish them....  maybe you could use Facebook or YouTube to stimulate discussion on these concepts?


Sunlight and exposure in the media are the best disinfectants for subterfuges and subversive plots such as you've alleged. I'm sure @paulfox1 would agree.


"Women are more violent than men"


Wow!  An interesting thought....  though in all honesty I must beg to differ.  I guess I've seen too many aggressive, drunken bum men in my role as a DJ to concur with you on this point.  Although having said that, the most grievous injury I've seen during my DJ work was initiated by a young, 20-something old woman, who sliced open the face of another lady by smashing an empty beer glass into her face, in an outrageous act of malicious rage.  Both police and ambulance had to be called. The woman then tried to spinelessly abscond from the scene but she was followed by the unflappable barman who notified the cops as to her whereabouts, despite being threatened by the girl's boyfriend to stop following!


Once again, thank you for the fascinating comments, Anon17279!  (beer)



#2018-05-30 21:51:45 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Tax is nothing but legalised theft!

If I come and knock on your door and demand 30% of everything you own, then what should I expect your reaction to be?

Yet the 'taxman' comes-a-knockin' and you gleefully hand over 30% of your hard-earned !

You should check the Australian Constitution, my friend. Income tax is 'illegal'. As for GST, we are expressly forbidden from 'collecting taxes' on behalf of the Govern Ment.

Aside from being a 'worker' in China, paying a very small amount of tax on my salary, I can't actually remember the last time I paid income tax.

Stress less, my friend. If they catch you, they can only lock you away in prison for a short time.


#2018-05-31 09:56:34 by Barry1 @Barry1



" If they catch you, they can only lock you away in prison for a short time."


Sound advice, Paul.  It reminds me of my older brother, who spent two or three days in gaol in lieu of paying many hundreds of dollars in accumulated traffic fines he'd been issued with. 


My brother reasoned a couple of days in the lockup would earn him by default, a much higher rate per hour, compared to if he had to go out and work for it.


The taxpayer also had to pay for all his processing costs, not to mention food, supervision, transport to the gaol, etc etc.


Surely there must be a better system than this? :^)


#2018-05-31 12:21:25 by melcyan @melcyan

When you are fully present negative emotions like anger are subdued or disappear.

#2018-05-31 19:09:35 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


@Barry1 writes words such as 'interesting' in a flippant manner, since he has told me on several occasions that he 'JUST DOESN'T CARE!'

As for Soros, I find it difficult to of someone lower than him in the food-chain. He is the lowest form of human life, (that's if he IS human, lol)..........

Actually, thinking about it, I CAN think of others just as low as he is......

Queen Elizabeth and her rotten family; George Bush, and his rotten family; Rothschild; Rockerfeller; Obama and his 'wife' Michael....oops, sorry, Michelle, lol....

In fact, the list goes on and on........


#2018-06-01 22:34:11 by Barry1 @Barry1



"When you are fully present negative emotions like anger are subdued or disappear."


You may change your opinion when you read Part 2 of this blog, Melcyan.:^)

#2018-06-01 22:39:17 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Obama and his 'wife' Michael....oops, sorry, Michelle"


Paul, are you seriously suggesting Michelle Obama is a transexual, who once was a man?   :S


Is there any corroboration or PROOF to support this seemingly outrageous claim? I'm not saying you're automatically wrong - I just want to see the EVIDENCE.  :^)


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