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By Ken Silver About Asia
2551 Views | 0 Comments | 5/19/2010 11:58:51 PM

Scandal! China Love Match blogger says "Forget about it! Women can be trouble! Forget about it and get a dog!" No, that isn't what I said! (Always be kind to animals, I do say that) All I said was that when doing international online dating you have to be aware of - not only differing cultural values, which is something China Love Match is very helpful with - you have to be aware of the different meanings and "values" males and females put on the same words.

Take "cute" for instance.

We males have a simple definition for "cute". Little Caroline, one of the many beautiful Chinese women on this online dating website, is "Cute". I'm sure all you fellows reading this have a similar definition of "cute", who ever it happens to be among the many pretty Chinese women of this site. Our male dictionary would elaborate with "'cute'; i.e. who I would want to be castaway with on a tropical island, also see 'weekend in ski lodge'". Very simple.

Not so simple when it comes to the female definition of "cute". For the ladies, "cute" is a universal word, describing a universal attribute of people, objects, things, situations, you name it. Moreover, for women, that on which they bestow the supreme compliment of "cute" - well, whatever it is, it needs no further praise. Yes, for women, some males - you for instance! - can certainly be labeled cute. But, so can dresses, shoes, cats, dogs, goldfish, table settings, lawn furniture, female buddies. Children, of course. And lets not forget that cute little jewelry accessory, or "bling", as we call it in the United States these days.

Cute, cute cute! Even "cute" is cute for women! If I'm lucky, even this particular blog, its' words and subject matter, will be found to be "cute" by some of my female readers.

Well, what does this all mean, or rather what is behind the myriad and universal meanings and usages of the word "cute" for women? Females like it when there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Different from us males, who don't mind a little chaos and sloppiness in our lives. (As long as the tramp steamer we are on bound for Skull Island has good beer, of course.) Women very much like safe situations, peaceful situations, ordered situations. They like to "know" the situation, to have some control over it. To know the situation isn't going to rear itself out of the mud and try to take a good sized bite out of them. They like things that have no potential to harm them. Thus, cute often means safe.

And safe, of course, is one reason the women of this dating website are looking for you. They want to meet someone who will make them feel safe. Of course, there is a Little Caroline definition to the female use of cute also. For women, cute objects look harmonious, they look understandable, and hey, they match the rest of her world! They fit in to the rest of her world.

So, I hope this gives you a better understanding of the female use of the word "cute". I've added a few pictures which I hope give a visual understanding. In the first one, notice, the nice dog, the calm Buddha, the playful action of the dog. Cute, cute, cute! In the second picture, note the mother and kitten pair, the play on words for the cat food name, etc. Again, a safe world where all are fed and the sacred bond of mother child is undisturbed.

Oh, by the way, I'd suggest you males never use the word "cute" by itself. "Pretty cute", will do; "its' kind of cute" is O.K. You understand. And I'm not trying to be cute.

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