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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Culture Shock 文化冲击    

By Imi
11895 Views | 49 Comments | 3/18/2014 2:47:48 PM
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#2014-04-02 22:17:09 by Marrisa @Marrisa

Congratulations. Well, then, I am not sure if I should say the following. But.. maybe maybe you should hold on. Don't be so rush to make your decision. Give yourself sometime to think about it. It maybe more fair for your German guy. Or maybe you could consider to make a plan to visit them in turn to check out which one is the most suitable for you and then make the decision. Anyway, if you are sure enough, then congratulations.:)

#2014-04-04 06:13:20 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@Imi5922 Dear Imi, how are you! Thanks a lot for you call to link me and Tibor, it is a big surprise for our both and thanks the God he has recovered well and still miss me and always think of me. He was also searching me for long time with many ways but I even changed more for the contact way than him, my Yahoo mail had been closed by Chinese government as I totally had no time to make copy of all my mails to another mail box, I forgot my password of ICQ, Yahoo tool for chatting and also MSN, these are all the possible way for him to find me out and also I changed my mobile number too, and I called him sometimes and could not reached so that I thought a lot and worried about his situation, but the lucky thing is that I kept his mobile number well and it let you finally can help me to find him out.

He had written down a lovely long mail to me again and it still let me run with tears as before and his mails always touch my heart a lot, during such long term's friendship, I could see his love and the hand for help in every key moment in my life till now, it is a very pure feeling as you and Lily and last too much time till now, I am not the one who fit for the love such as the fast food's type and I need the long time relationship with the romance and full knowledge of the man to make sure he is my Mr. Right, therefore, I need thanks a lot for God to arrange me and Tibor to be connected by your call and hope his next mail can let me feel more sure and make the clear and final decision, we both all went through some difficult and zigzag term in the life till now and it is the time to precious our relationship forever and never lost again.

Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy your life there, be happy and good luck!

#2014-04-04 06:43:42 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@Marrisa I must admit both of them are nice, sincere, shy, pure and romantic men, I knew Tobor more and longer than German friend, I knew him more than 10 years and we both shared almost all happiness and sadness in the life during such long time, he is very much trustful and reliable and we had met once in Barcelona in 2004 and we travelled together for 1 week and he had tried his best to let his best friend-me to be happy and enjoyable for the trip, and till now it is still my best memory in my life and for him too.

Till now I still had not met German except writing and chatting, I can not 100% make sure if the true love will work out or not once we meet and live together for a moment, we still keep in the online relationship and have no experience of the life offline, I am still waiting for the next mail from Tibor and it will be a very important one for me to let me make sure about the whole thing, if he give me the confidence for all and I will make the decision very soon, but I will not hurt German deeply and try my best to transfer him into my best friend. They both are all pure and precious men in the world and the pity is that I knew Tibor really better and earlier than German indeed and we had spent some days offline in real person real life, and it was the best memorable moment for our both, it was pure and too much romantic experience during our both's life until now.

Anyway, I thanks a lot for your rational suggestion and I will not rush again, and as some sisters here said:"The best thing always need the time to grow out!", you, Imi and many sisters here are all my good friends, it prove the friend in need is the friend indeed again. Thanks a lot for the help from Imi and you again, hope you both all have good luck and enjoyable life!

#2014-04-05 08:54:07 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes



#2014-04-05 11:55:14 by janethenderson @janethenderson


#2014-04-05 17:19:43 by chengcheng72 @chengcheng72


#2014-04-06 00:21:31 by grace2013china @grace2013china

Thank you Lim for your very sincere and helpful suggestion. I just moved to the US, although I'm quite confident about my English level, and I love to learn English very much but if I want to live and work here well, I know there are still a lot for me to learn, yes too much. Now I'm trying to let the TV on all the time, fortunately my husband loves that way too, so.....and I like to read English magazine too. PS. I like CNN too.

Lim, 谢谢你诚恳的建议。我刚移居到美国不久,虽然我对自己的英语水平很有信心,但我知道如果想在这里生活和工作得好,必须要有非常好的英语水平,我还有很大距离。现在我在家里就经常开着电视,好在我老公也喜欢这样,所以.....:)我也喜欢大声朗读英文杂志,我喜欢学习英语。我也很喜欢CNN频道。

#2014-04-06 08:35:17 by teresa779 @teresa779


#2014-04-06 10:07:51 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Hi Teresa, I'd like to answer to your questions. To become a realtor in Canada you need to take two courses.
1. Licensing course costs $ 875.00
2. Practice course costs $ 675.00

People usually are able to finish these courses in 6 months. After you finished these courses successfully you need to pay the licensing fees in order to start working as a realtor. It costs $ 1,250.00.

So a starting realtor has to pay $ 2800.00 at the beginning.

After this you have to renew your licence in every two years which means you have to pay the licensing fee of $ 1,250.00 every two years to work as a realtor.

I hope it was a helpful information!

#2014-04-06 11:50:21 by anonymous9592 @anonymous9592



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