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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Culture Shock 文化冲击    

By Imi
11893 Views | 49 Comments | 3/18/2014 2:47:48 PM
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#2014-03-21 21:52:11 by susanan @susanan

Thanks for your share,happiness isn't easy coming,you spend 1 year to learn english is fast than other people.

@dancingshoses, Excuse me
Haven't diploma of college in the local can found a deparment manager in a large oil?
That phase couldn't be 2-3year if yours neighbor have to lear english and get a diploma of university in local.

#2014-03-21 22:03:17 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@Imi5922 I found you are from Hungary and my first western web friend whose name is Tibor is also from Hungary, we kept more than 10 years pure friendship and we had met each other in Barcelona in Spain in the end of 2004 and enjoyed travelling together in that amazing city.

And he was a very nice and caring married man at that moment and he did a very romantic DVD for me to record my trip in Barcelona and it really touched me a lot. In 2008 or 2009, he told me he got the intestinal cancer and I felt very sad and unfair for such kind of nice man got so serious illness and cried out a lot for his fate. At that moment he could not keep writing to me frequently as before, and once I wrote to him and I always need a lot of time to get his response, more or less in 2011, once I wrote to him and he had never answered me and I also lost my password of my MSN and can not go there to check if he was still there or not to find him out to chat. Therefore, we lost the contact almost 3 years till now and I still miss him a lot and worried about his healthy situation. I hope he still insist and had not left the world till now. But there was no any news from him to me in the end of 2011 and I felt very sad and worried.

Please if you can help me to contact your family member in Hungary to ask them to help me to call him and his mobile number of Hungary is 0036-20-4063616 to see if he is ok or not? If he is still living in his house or hospital or where? Please tell him his Chinese best friend Chunyu miss him a lot and hope to keep in touch with him.

Before I had called to his this number sometimes, and it can not reach to him and I do not know why so that I really need your help for me to tell your mother or who to call him to see how about his situation there and if he still insist or what is happened with him? I really hope God bless him to still live in the world and finally I can still find him out to talk to him as before, please really tell him I miss him so so much and hope he has the chance to recover step by step, I knew once the people got such kind of illness and it is difficult and hard to recover again, but his all friends love him and need him. Please really you help me for it and write down something here to let me know his situation. I think CLM's editor can approve me this message to you and finally I can get some news from your side. Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes!!

#2014-03-22 11:12:12 by prana @prana

Some people like to talk, but always complaining about, hatred, attacking ............
Some people do not have anything to say, that they, their goodness already tells us that all ......
Thank you for sharing your experience.

#2014-03-22 20:25:09 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Shirley, good news, I've found your friend! I talked to him, he is fine! He also told me that he's tried to send you many mails, but apparently you haven't received them.
This is his correct phone number 011-36-20-406-3616.
He also gave me his email address :
He was very happy and expecting you to contact him.

#2014-03-23 13:00:53 by melcyan @melcyan

@Imi5922, congratulations on a great article. It is very helpful to many CLM members, including me.
My partner had similar experiences when when she first arrived in Australia to study early in 1989. When I talked to her about your article and how it matched her experiences she was very pleased that I remembered and understood her history.
My efforts to learn Mandarin in the past have been very poor by comparison but listening to you and my partner has motivated me to considerably increase my efforts to learn Mandarin.
Imi, thank you for writing this article.
@Marrisa, thank you for translating this article.

#2014-03-23 16:40:44 by jenny2013 @jenny2013


#2014-03-23 16:41:46 by sandy339 @sandy339

I am still thinking how awkward your English might be (just kidding), I find all the non-native English speakers talk and write in comparatively simple English. Thanks for sharing your way of learning English and some recommended jobs, it is really helpful.(sun)
I am still curious why do you have interest in Chinese woman?

#2014-03-23 19:28:29 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@Imi5922 Thanks a lot for your help and I will contact with him immediately, the lucky thing is that I heard he is in good situation and I can be relax, the unlucky thing is that my Yahoo mail had been closed and my MSN also lost so that it is for sure I had not got his many mails.

I will write him now and give him my newest mobile number and mail address again so that we both can keep in touch again, thanks to the God that he is ok. And also thank you very much for your big help and hope you have good luck!

#2014-03-23 19:48:55 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


I thank you for reading it! I understand where you are coming from when you talk about learning Mandarin. One tough language to put my mind around, but I think one day, if we "mastered" it, we would understand not just the language, but their culture and way of thinking as well.

#2014-03-24 01:09:23 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@jenny2013. 是啊,太好啦,知道他很好就此可以放下心来了。我得赶紧给他写邮件,让他也知道一下我的近况。谢谢你的关心,多多保持联系。


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