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Conspiracy Corner – What’s That About?    

By John Abbot
1544 Views | 33 Comments | 9/26/2018 4:59:31 AM
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#2018-10-21 13:02:45 by melcyan @melcyan


If you are able to resolve the problems that I raised in my previous comment on this blog then of course I will feel obligated to write a blog,


#2018-10-21 14:42:26 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Do we understand from this post that you are PRO-Clinton? If so, I have a question for you - HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?

Clinton is a witch - she is the most evil person ever to walk this Earth, second to Obama.

I am NOT 'political' in any way - I am a realist. Clinton and Obama will destroy this world in which we live. You will be on the 'menu' in a much shorter time than you can EVER imagine!

If you want to brush this away as being 'stupid', then fine - However, please don't come crying to me when your neighbours want to kill you for food - and they WILL !

Everyone has a choice in life. Those who want to accept the brainstream mockingbird media as being 'truth', deserve all they get.

#2018-10-21 17:54:25 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Are you a Hillary supporter? You come across as being a 'Trump-hater', which leads me to wonder if you are 'in bed' with the 'witch'?

Both Hilary and Obama could be viewed as being 'Satan' and 'Lucifer' in today's world, but I would never condemn you for your beliefs. Everyone has a choice.

That said, when you become food on the 'menu', you know who to blame, right?

#2018-10-22 07:39:54 by Barry1 @Barry1



"OMG, Barry, sometimes your brilliance astounds me"

The only thing that astounds me John Abbot, is how long it took for you to realise this!  (giggle)



#2018-10-30 21:17:34 by melcyan @melcyan


When you click "more" at the end of the RECENT COMMENTS section it should take you to a page that has a separate CONSPIRACY section.


I haven't yet altered the present numbering but this page would need to look a little like the following - 



4: @paulfox1 "When you are in the company of people who, quite literally, hav 

6: @paulfox1 "PLEASE don't ask him to give us another account of his 

8: @newbeginning PLEASE don't ask him to give us another account of his experi 



1: Pretty much what John said, basically by default means if your fiance wants to see his child
2018/10/28 - 05:23
2: 貌似感知校长的召唤,很久不来,今天突发奇想上来看看,Imi需要什么帮助?
2018/10/26 - 05:37
3: 嗨,好久没有上来,大家好!以前热热闹闹的景象好像不大有了,不过空下来时,挺怀念那段日子:每天上来看大家七嘴八舌的发言,有时也忍不住插嘴。记得有人宣称自己特么的爱性,引起一场轰动,男人起
2018/10/26 - 04:47
4: 这位姑娘,对一个父亲提出这样的要求?你咋想的?!血情关系永远是无法割舍的。试想啊,假如这男人真应了你,你还敢嫁吗?!这件事你未婚夫做的很男人…&helli
2018/10/24 - 10:50
5: @Anonymous1738  I am going to do some guessing here. I may be com
2018/10/23 - 01:13
6: @sunrise68 - 谢谢你的夸奖。我喜欢交流。我在广东佛山哈。你问我的感情经历,我就来说说哈。有过一次婚姻,初恋在大学时光。初恋男朋友控制欲太强,趁毕业分手了。那时心里特别难过,
2018/10/22 - 07:32
7: @LUCKYME1 - 也是哈,过去的就过去了。生活始终是自己的,往前看,寻找自己真正需要的生活样子。遇到任何问题和困惑,你一定要记得回到这里和我们聊聊哈。是呀,我没什么进展, 只是停
2018/10/22 - 06:35
8: @JohnAbbotThank you John.Per what he'd commented above, with his ex wife's f
2018/10/22 - 05:17
9: I think what your fiance means by that is that he is not willing to stop being the active fa
2018/10/22 - 02:49
10: @QinQL谢谢你对我的关注,从照片上看你真是位超凡脱俗的大美女,又那么热心参与这里的事情,我很高兴认识你,期望能与你成为知心朋友。不知你在哪个城市,从事什么职业?感情路上几多坎坷、几


Conspiracy Corner

1: Paul, let's start here. You wrote:Since the Sun takes 24 hours to do each rotation, 

2: @Barry1Escuse my skepticism here, but I find it somewhat alarming that the FIRST 'Ne 

3: 'If we evolved from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys?' Here&am 

5: What people fail to understand, especially in the USA, is the fact that back in 1933, the US 

7: @Barry1No matter what people think of Trump, he's still part of the 'elite&a 

9: @paulfox1 "Anyone who can't see this charade for what it is, must 




This would also require making matching changes to the first page that contains the RECENT COMMENTS section.


 I understand the changes made so far are a work in progress and are not finished. However, if the changes stopped where they are now then the present layout is even WORSE than what it replaced. (Conspiracy Corner and Scammer Prison could be abbreviated to CC and SP on the first page).


I hope my comments make sense.

Cheers, melcyan

#2018-11-01 07:12:27 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Mate, you could not have made your abhorrence for 'conspiracy corner' more obvious. May I respectfully suggest that if you don't like it, don't read it!

However, before you go you might be interested in the following e-mail exchange between my father and myself.

(For those reading this who don't know, my father was the head of the science department at Coventry University, and has been a lifelong Christian).



It's nice to know that you are beginning to take some of my ramblings seriously. If you want to do a quick experiment regarding 'flat-Earth', may I suggest the following exercise:

Take 3 'baskets', (sheets of paper will do), and label them as follows-

1. Only works on a flat Earth

2. Only works on a globe Earth

3. Works on both

Now see how many things you can 'fill' your 'baskets' with.


3 weeks later, I received this reply -



I did as you suggested and to my surprise I discovered two interesting things. The first thing was that my 'Only works on a globe earth' basket, was 'empty', and secondly, there were more things in the 'only works on a flat earth' than there were in the 'works on both' baskets.

For example, rivers cannot flow northwards on a globe, it's impossible!

I'm going to do more research into this phenomena and discuss it with a good friend of mine who is exceptionally good at critical thinking.

I'll be in touch soon.

Anyway, Melcy, my friend, I just thought I'd let you know. Oh, by the way, next time you fancy buying chocolates for your good lady, perhaps you should consider this first.....

But, hey, I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist, right?

#2018-11-01 15:13:59 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - in response, it is indeed, as it turns out, a work in progress. But I think we are 90% there now, and all that is left is to add the category of Conspiracy Corner comments to the "All Comments" page. I am led to believe that will be completed sometime tomorrow.

I appreciate the effort you went to explaining the page we had missed. But you could have just pointed out the link to see all comments. To be honest, I forgot about that page. Your first mention of it caused me to immediately slap my head in disgust. Nothing more was required. (headbang)

But thanks, again, for a valuable pointer. It makes a big difference.

@paulfox1 - "For example, rivers cannot flow northwards on a globe, it's impossible!"  This statement doesn't make much sense to me. With all due respect to your Dad, I am struggling to understand how someone with his scientific credentials could say this.

It makes the assumption that North is "up" and South is "down". But North and South are not about up and down, they are directions that have been artificially assigned to our Planet, or a globe of our planet or a flat map of our planet in order to make it all a little easier to conceptualize where we are, or other places are, on our planet.

Up or down are words that describe where we are relative to the source of gravity that is currently affecting us. Up is above our heads and down is below our feet. 

I know you like to discard gravity in order to prove all your otherwise unprovable facts, but I am surprised your Dad has fallen for it. Why would water be able to flow South and not North on our planet?  

#2018-11-01 15:29:21 by melcyan @melcyan



"you could not have made your abhorrence for 'conspiracy corner' more obvious. May I respectfully suggest that if you don't like it, don't read it!"


I made the suggestion to John Abbot to start Conspiracy Corner. My personal preference is for no conspiracy talk to take place on CLM at all. Then, why make the suggestion? It is clear that John is not just willing to allow conspiracy comments but he is also willing to foster them. My suggestion was basically an attempt to quarantine the conspiracy comments to one section of CLM. If that is done successfully then CLM members will be in a position to ignore conspiracy comments if they so choose. It also means that the rest of CLM can return to functioning as an online dating site.


rivers cannot flow northwards on a globe, it's impossible!


These are not the sort of words that I have ever heard from any of the large numbers of scientifically literate people that I have met in my life. Was your father being serious? Maybe your father just loves you and he is waiting patiently for this phase of your life to come to an end.

#2018-11-01 15:43:46 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


The assumption is as follows.

If we live on a 'ball' and there's a line around the middle, (let's call it the 'waist'), that is the 'equator'. At the top of the ball is the North pole, and the bottom is the South pole.

Therefore, one assumes that a river flowing from, say, the equator, towards the North pole, must be essentially running in an upwardly direction.

This, as you pointed out, is complete nonsense. It assumes that a person in Australia is literally 'upside-down' when compared to a person standing in the UK.

The North pole is the centre of the flat disc, and the 'South pole' doesn't actually exist. The 'South pole' is essentially Antarctica, which is a ring around the outside of the flat disc. A bit like a thick cheese crust on a pizza.

Therefore, anyone travelling in any direction would always have their compass pointing 'North', which is towards the centre of the flat disc.

No-one has EVER circumnavigated the Earth in a northerly, or southerly direction. It's impossible to do so. North is towards the centre, and South is towards the outer ring. Anything else is simply East ot West. And yes, it is possible to circumnavigate the Earth in an Easterly, or Westerly direction, since it would be akin to a car driving round a large circular racetrack - it would simply come back on itself.

If you look at the pictures above and check out the flights shown there, you'll find they do not exist. Also check out the flight from Johannesburg to Perth on Emirates airlines. Then ask yourself why the hell a plane would fly all the way north, (from Joburg to Dubai), then fly all the way south again, into Perth. On a globe it's non-sensical, but on a flat-Earth, Dubai is literally on the way from Joburg to Perth.

Given some serious thought for more than 5 minutes, the 'flat-Earth' makes perfect sense.

To think that we're 'flying through space' at millions upon millions of MPH, yet we don't feel a thing, is kind-of silly IMO.

#2018-11-02 07:35:37 by melcyan @melcyan



There are just a few remaining hurdles in order to complete the quarantining of conspiracy talk on CLM.


Starting with the CLM home page.


In the bottom right-hand corner, there is a section titled “Check Out The Recent Blogs”


Conspiracy talk blogs need to be removed from this section.


In the bottom left-hand corner, there is a section titled “Check Out The Recent Forum Threads”.


This section is not a problem at present but it could be in the future. To prevent a future problem here any future conspiracy forum threads just need to be located in Conspiracy Corner.


When you click on “blogs” on the present CLM homepage you get taken to a “Recent Comments” page.


At present you get -


*Prison Planet


Chinese Ladies


*Darkness Behind Hollywood


*The Devils Playground


Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow


How to Lose Weight


If You Want a Successful Relationship


*Conspiracy Corner – What’s That About?


Traditional Misery


Our Lives Through The Keyhole



Recent Forum Threads                        Magazine Article Index












Recent Comments
















The titles marked with an asterisk need to be in a separate Conspiracy Corner titled section and the section immediately above Recent Comments seems the logical new location for them.


Again, I hope my comments make sense.

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