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Conspiracy Corner – What’s That About?    

By John Abbot
1575 Views | 35 Comments | 9/26/2018 4:59:31 AM
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#2018-10-01 11:11:16 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Great! Thanks! (y)

Sign post directs travelers.Thanks for opening up such an amusement park for those people whom are interested.

Some people like sheezer, some people hate it. Some people like juice, some people prefer fruit. Some people like onion, some people can't stand it. What is wrong with that? Nothing wrong, everyone has a freedom to choose what he likes. 

Some people believe in Buddhism, some people believe in Christianity, some people believe in Hinduism, some people believe in atheism. What's wrong with this? Nothing wrong, just be reasonable and respectful to each other, live and let live.

I think Conspiracy Theorist are not much different from other people being a human being, they tend to have a open mind and a brave spirit,they enjoy exploring the dark side of the moon, they have realized something wrong in the country machine, they refuse to take being just a standard brick of the wall as their and their children's fate. Seeking for the truth is their nature desire,they advocate opening mind and analytic thinking, they are not a fan of quarrel nor fighting, they can calm down easily keeping reminding themselves to forgive and forget other people, to see a bigger map for the public's benefit.

Conspiracy Theorist have big weakness too, they just can't keep silence watching the Titanic is going to crash into the huge iceberg, so usually they might have been killed or been treated as a lunacy before the iceberg ever hit the ship ......

In serfs manors, a serf being smart is an unpermissible guilt.




#2018-10-04 00:05:53 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


Hi Captain Johnny. Thanks for responding and having some fun with me. MM speaks now. We knowum paleface we speak of. Is interesting case. Needs some "special" consideration for sure but still, may become good brave for tribe. Must still give chance to "Maddogwhobarksinnoondaysun" (hehe) for holiday gathering. Brave may be special "Jester" for entertainment !!

Now,...I accept you as "Chief" on CLM/ALM and I will follow your suggestion. I will search land of Almond Eyed Princesses and Queens and send back smoke siginals for other barves. However, I wish for you to honor me with title of "Respected Medicine Man". You are Chief but I wish to be considered as slightly subordinate "Boss", in my smoke signals. So much going on here. Is more like first or second mate on ship. I really want to help others and something I might say from comment or blog might be of help to others. Is my way (sideways).  OK ??   Hopes so.

I have certain questions to ask of you and trusted General's Daughter. I want permission to ask these questions in private. All private conversation will be held most confidential. If you agree then, I will contact  @service. Hopes you will agree because I could really use some help.

I wait for response and then I will explain in further detail. Remember please that all we speak of in private will be held in most strict confidence. Oh Yeah Brother !!

I need to go now. One more thing,...does playing music for people on "Death Bed" or in "Hospice" for donation only constitute "Usefullness" ?? Haha!

Take care good John. Let me hear from you in a few days.

No pressure, Gongji

#2018-10-10 06:05:00 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Kudos, my friend. The first part of my book, (highlighted in the next Conspiracy Corner blogs, hopefully), is getting rave reviews, (seriously!). So much so that I've now written a second one. I'll get it posted as another blog asap.

Thanks again, my friend.

#2018-10-17 17:01:10 by melcyan @melcyan


What happened to "brown" titles for Conspiracy Corner blogs? 


I think Conspiracy Corner blogs need a separate section under the recent comments heading. I think that would work better than your first attempt of brown color-coded blog titles in the normal blog section. You could change it to the following.


Recent Comments (orange)

Blog (green)

Forum (green)

Conspiracy Corner (brown)

Magazine (red)

ScamPris (red)

Success Story (red)


The latest three Conspiracy Corner blogs could be listed in the space between Recent Forum Threads and Recent Comments


The way you have it now does not work. The two latest blogs are Conspiracy Corner blogs. They have been included with the relationship blogs. It is not a good look. For someone new to the site this week it gives the wrong impression for an online dating site. Leading with those two threads makes CLM look like just another conspiracy theory site. The instant reaction of any first time user of CLM is that conspiracy theory blogs belong somewhere else and definitely not on a dating site. Maybe your original idea of a separate site for conspiracy theories needs to be revisited if the present arrangement is too difficult to present with 100% clarity.

#2018-10-19 19:28:42 by Barry1 @Barry1



"I think Conspiracy Corner blogs need a separate section under the recent comments heading."


I wrote a private email to Mr Abbot expressing essentially identical thoughts to what you've presented here, Melcyan.   (think)



#2018-10-20 14:35:39 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot



I agree with you both, but it does add another line for a 5th comment to be shown, and that affcts the spacing required, which in turn means adjusting everything on the page to some degree. However, we'll have a look at it with the developer early next week.

#2018-10-20 16:51:16 by Barry1 @Barry1



Having thought more about this issue, I need to clarify my thoughts here, John.


My advice is don't allow the conspiracy blogs to become basically buried, so that hardly anyone reads them. Very few people, for example, read the magazine articles, because no one ever knows when a new article there is published. So that if a new conspiracy blog is published, if it's not highlighted on the front page as per current practice, no one will know it's there. Only a small handful of people would bother opening up a "conspiracy" menu line on the main blog home page, it would become invisible.


The conspiracy messages are important. I'd hate to see them sequestered away so they become effectively isolated into a dark corner.


BUT yet you need to run your business.  I'm acutely cognisant of this.


Perhaps a compromise could be reached where say, a Chinese  or romance-based blog be published following every truth-based one?  That is, never run two or more Truth blogs consecutively....  alternate them with China-related ones. In this way, BOTH categories of readers will be catered for.  :^)


Furthermore, if ever you're short of China or romance-based blogs, give me one or two days notice and I'll be happy to quickly write one out for you, John. So in this way, I'm putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. That is, rather than simply submitting many words of gratuitous advice, I'll be prepared to roll up my sleeves and do some constructive work, if needed!   (think)


I also hope @paulfox1 will also write some China-related blogs. Remember Paul, John has a business to run here!   In anticipation of an affirmative response from you, please have a couple of beers on me, mate!   (beer)(beer)





#2018-10-21 07:36:12 by Barry1 @Barry1



"The two latest blogs are Conspiracy Corner blogs."


You're a good and sincere man, Melcyan. There's no doubt about this.


Have you considered however, that the reason there are two conspiracy blogs in a row might be that John Abbot doesn't have plenty of non-conspiracy related blogs to publish?


Can I recommend that if you want CLM to concentrate more on romantic or Chinese related articles, that you and others of your ilk, flood him with these type of blogs?  It's of limited use complaining to the long-suffering Editor of this website about the quality or content of the blogs, if you don't put your words into action by submitting regular articles to him in the genre that you've requested.


I intend to wrtite at least one Chinese related blog for every Truth type blog that I write. I'm hopeful Paul Fox may do the same. So come on, Melcyan -  stop sitting on the sidelines, keep the momentum going and submit a few articles about China or romance. I for one know I'd enjoy reading what you have to say. Help our Editor out.


So please lighten up, smell the roses and have a beer on me, Melcyan!   (beer)



#2018-10-21 12:00:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot



When I actually looked at the two locations where the "Recent Comments" are displayed I realized that my comment about spacing was in error. I was remembering a time when the Recent Comments were located in a different spot and there were other items below and to the side of them.

The developer is already planning to make the change so it should be done within 48 hours if no problems arise. 

#2018-10-21 12:36:13 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Barry1 - OMG, Barry, sometimes your brilliance astounds me. What a great idea for melcyan to start writing blogs about relationships, online dating, Chinese lifemates, cross cultural realtionships, etc. Of course everyone on CLM and ALM would love to read melcyan's thoughts on all these things, and that includes me.

@melcyan - what say you to the inescapable truth and fairness of what Barry is suggesting? 

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