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Conspiracy Corner – What’s That About?    

By John Abbot
3434 Views | 35 Comments | 9/26/2018 4:59:31 AM

Welcome to CLM and ALM's new Conspiracy Corner!

I am writing this through the eyes of a newcomer to ChinaLoveMatch and AsiaLoveMatch because I am trying to imagine how they must feel when they first encounter Conspiracy Corner. This is how I am guessing they might feel, but it is also meant as a primer on how to participate in Conspiracy Corner if you wish to, and how to ignore it if you don’t. Some people love it, others think it is a colossal waste of time. I’d love to hear in the comments below how you felt about it when you found Conspiracy Corner on a Chinese or an Asian Dating Site. Here goes – Conspiracy Corner as I imagine you might see it as a newcomer to CLM and ALM:

A strange thing happened during the quest to meet my perfect Asian or Chinese Love Match. I had just joined ChinaLoveMatch and/or AsiaLoveMatch, and I thought I’d check out the blogs and forum, so I clicked on “Blog” in the top menu. That took me to the blogs, and they seemed very cool. As I read a few articles I quickly realized these were real articles by real people about their real experiences at Chinese or Asian online dating. Some of them were even by Chinese or Asian women. Other dating sites I had been on just posted blogs written by the site to promote itself and to lure me into spending more money, but these blogs were genuinely helpful in understanding how to better communicate with each other and make a good match.

I was impressed, so I thought I’d go check out the Forum. Just as I was going to click on the Forum link in the top menu on the Blogs page I noticed that next to the Forum link was a Magazine link. Then, before clicking either of them, I noticed a really strange link called “Conspiracy Corner”. “What the heck is that about?” I wondered. Curiosity got the better of me, so I tried clicking on it.

Bang! A whole different looking part of the website opened up and it was all about Conspiracy Theories, or political discussions or even scientific arguments. It kind of weirded me out to find that on a dating site. It seemed so out of place.

The first article was about “Blue Apples” and the second one was about “Flattards”. I was so curious I read them, and I even found them interesting, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they were doing on a dating site.

I was really wondering what was going on, so I clicked on the top link that took me back to CLM, and then I went to the “Contact” page by clicking on the “Contact Us” link on the bottom menu. Once there I submitted a question under the category “I have a General Question about”. My question was “Why on earth do you have Conspiracy Corner on a Chinese dating site?”

A day later I got an answer from the Manager of CLM and ALM. Here’s what he said:

“During the US elections of 2016 we started getting a lot of discussions about what was going on in the US. A couple of bloggers even posted articles on the subject. The comments were flying. They were also heated and mostly were supportive of Trump and anti-Hillary (and Obama). In the background we owners debated whether to let these articles run, but when we saw Chinese women joining into the discussion we realized that this was part of the culture of the West. These heated political discussions that generally are a product of Democracy, they are a natural part of the right to vote. So, we felt that we should leave them running because they really did introduce each side to differences in their cultures.

Then shortly after that one of the bloggers had a bit of an epiphany, and suddenly had become a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. He started introducing conspiracy theories into every conversation on every blog, even if the blog had nothing to do with conspiracy theories. These discussions became quite heated, and the commentary went on much longer than usual under the average blog. Two things became clear; some people loved these discussions and some people hated them. Again, we owners were faced with a dilemma. Do we cut them off because they are not specifically relevant to online Chinese or Asian dating, or do we allow it to continue because it is of interest to many our members?

We decided to look for a fair balance. That led us to create Conspiracy Corner. The purpose of Conspiracy Corner is to give people interested a place where they can embrace and discuss Conspiracy Theories, Political debates and Scientific discourse, but also to make it easy for those who aren’t interested to avoid these same discussions.

Here is how it works.

Obviously, to find the blogs dealing with Conspiracy Theories etc., you simply click on “Conspiracy Corner” in the Blogs and Forum Header Menu.

When these same articles are posted they will also show up on the Blogs Index page, but their title will show up in a brown colour instead of the normal Green. So, if you don’t wish to read a Conspiracy Theory related article, don’t click on anything that has a brown title. See the first image below.

When these same articles are posted they will also show up in the specific Blogger’s Index Page, but again their title will be the brown colour instead of the normal green. See the second image below.

NOTE #1: If a blog article is a Normal Blog Article and not a Conspiracy Corner Article then no Conspiracy Theory comments will be approved. Got it? No Conspiracy Theory Comments on Normal Blogs!

NOTE #2: When a Blogger posts an article, they can choose whether it is a Normal Blog or a Conspiracy Corner Blog. However, when the Moderator is approving the blog article for publication, he may overrule the Blogger and publish it as the opposite of what the Blogger chose.

We hope you enjoy Conspiracy Corner, but if not, please feel free to ignore it.”

After receiving the Manager’s explanation, I am quite excited, because I believe that Conspiracy Theorists are the only people in the world who are still trying to discover and disclose the truth. Personally, I’d love to meet a great Chinese or Asian lady who is also a Conspiracy Theorist. We’d never run out of things to talk about.

But you straight arrows can relax and just ignore us, and that’s a good thing too. 

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-09-26 10:09:24 by Barry1 @Barry1


The CLM "Conspiracy Corner" is a great new addition to  It allows those interested in such things to learn more about the arcane, disturbing realities and large-scale deceptions occurring ever more frequently within the world. 


Who would have thought, for example, that the supposed moon landings were a complete charade and that 9/11 was in fact, a malicious inside job, carefully planned months in advance and professionally executed by an Israeli demolition team? With the tacit knowledge of and approval from very powerful forces within the US banking and financial system, including also dark political figures within the highest echelon of the US government?


Only by shining a spotlight upon such nefarious activities can they be forced ever deeper underground, making conspiracies and furtive plans more difficult for them. They shun attention and publicity, after all.


Well done, John.  I commend both your foresight and courage in presenting this fascinating and important new facet of CLM!   (clap)



#2018-09-26 23:03:10 by Dayton @Dayton


John, when I first started reading this article; my thoughts were "here we go again" and after reading the article; my thoughts were "great idea"!  I enjoy reading people's opinions & thoughts.....especially if they are well thought out. I don't normally respond with questions. People normally feel threaten if you question their opinions and instead of having a good conversation.....they lash back hatefully. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. 






#2018-09-27 06:38:42 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


Captain Johny, you have done it again !!  Hat's off to you !! As the old Guinness beer commercial would say,..."Brilliant" (Ha!). And, have "Color Coded" as well. If the light's green, step on the gasoline, if it's brown,...flush it down. Just kidding (hehe). At least the readers might know what they may be getting in to (Ha!).

I have noticed in my time here on CLM/ALM that there are some female members who want to discuss certain topics that are beyond the "normal" (?) boundries of inter-cultural dating. I mean, two people that really seek a long term relationship and, they get past all the basic stuff like income, estates, elder family members, children, pets, etc., and want to have more basic ideas about each other's outlook on world events/conditions. Important no doubt. These last topics may well be discussed in private but, offer the opportunity now for going public with said "Conspiracy" topics in it's own little septic tank.  Cool :)) 

Now,...I have been waiting untill you had things set up before discussing and, I ask you to enjoin with me for a little bit of fun. Let us imagine ourselves as "Indian Chief" (you, I.C.) and "Medicine Man" (me M.M.). Still with me ?? OK. Imagine we have just had some good Turkish style lamb stew  with saffron rice, fry bread and are smoking the peace pipe. We are having some discussion about a particular member that has had a "New Vision". You know who I'm talking about.

The conversation goes as follows:

I.C. There is some small disturbance in the tribe.

M.M. Yes.

I.C. Pale face eatum too much peyote/red pill on trail .No supervision. Barks like mad dog in noonday sun. Forgets to wear hat.

M.M. Uhmmm, yes. Is typical for Englishman. Looses connection with Father Sky and Mother Earth. Lives in concrete cave forest too long. Feels lost. Reaches out for help.

I.C. Yes,...what can be done to help this Brave ??

M.M. Uhmmm,...Consider alowing him to pitch tepee outside of main camp circle,... downwind (hehe). Show him where is good water for drinking and fishing. Show him where to dig for good vegetables. Invite him to holiday festivals. Still,...keeps eagle eye on him.

Also,...there are some women in our camp that may be of help. All are without man. Each have some young children but,...just might be good for helping each other. One is "Shitzoneveryone" another is "Doowhatyouwannadoo". Oh, more, "Thehellwithallothers" (hehe). These potential squaws all have names like this and they come from high country with good family backgrounds. They are smart. Brave will have to be careful. Him will learn.

I.C. Uhmmm,...Medicien Man thinkum good. Will do. Where is trusted Squaw ?? Tell her to bring Iowaska or Pulque now. Needum desert. Does not have? Bringum "Bushmill" fire water instead.

End of fun time for now. I really need to go.

You have done well in setting up the "Conspiracy Corner". I now feel comfortable when I want to say something without too much offense to other members on these "extra" topics. Thanks Bud, Y.T.Y.


P.S. I do want to state again, so there is no misunderstanding, I will Not engage in any  "DEBATE or ARGUMENT" !! I am ONLY open for  DISCUSSION with some good old fashioned sideways humor. No time left for me to be a "Hater". Peace out Brother, Gongji.  (d);)


#2018-09-27 14:21:11 by oldghost @oldghost

What a pleasant surprise to wake up the other morning with the radio playing the news - to hear the UN General Assembly chortling in expression of worldwide contempt for the American braggard!

Made my day!  Both sides of the camp - the flatworld Trumpeters and the global generalists (me amongst them) conspire in dual universes - are equally intolerant and can beat each other senseless with soggy suburban newspapers for all I care.

#2018-09-27 18:47:43 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu


Hello Dayton. Yin Ting Yu (a.k.a. Gongji, the rooster) here. Hehe. I feel it's great that you give CLM/ALM a chance. You made it this far. This group is hard to describe without being too esoteric. Words and typing, oh bother as Eeyore might say.. I'm sensing that you are a fairly "Hep Cat". Correct ?? I mean, you have decided to search outside the local environment for possible female life partner. Cool Bro,...welcome to the Party.

I took a brief scan of your posted profile. I like the dog. Beautiful creature. I know you get some good comfort from that one. Wish I had as well but, I'm going through some changes now and I could not provide as good steward should.

You have entered the CLM/ALM time continuum. It is a VERY special place. Men and women seeking good and solid long term partnerships, Captain Johnny at the helm. Dig ??

No need to be formal with me. Just a good brother that wants to help. I will tell you that Chiese women are a hard nut to crack from a western man's persepective. You know this already. Still,...can be done. I have found and,... it is good.

Looks forward to further comunications. And, once again,,,,welcome to the party!!

Signs out now. Stay in touch when you can, No pressure. Gongji..

#2018-09-28 19:49:36 by Barry1 @Barry1



On behalf of everyone here, I feel confident in remarking that you have a rather charming, charismatic way of expressing yourself, Gongji.  Well done indeed, mate. I'd feel honoured if I could give you a couple of beers as a tiny gesture in both appreciation and recognition of your interesting, unique style.  (beer)(beer)



#2018-09-29 07:36:28 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Dayton - Thanks for your encouraging words. They are much appreciated. I can only hope that at least half of our members are positive like you, and that the other half are forgiving and at least appreciate that they do not have to constantly be confronted by the Conspiracy Theorist type of folks.

Maybe I'm just being forgetful, because I do know you've been a good member for a long while, but I don't remember seeing you comment very often. I do hope that you will comment a lot more on here, both the Conspiracy Corner but also on the regular blogs, because you have a very good, low key but considered approach. We could use a little more of that around here.

@melcyan, @woaizhongguo and a few others will be excited to have you in their corner.

#2018-09-29 08:14:33 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@YinTingYu - Ugh MM, your arrow hit the bullseye. You readum my intentions much good. You see thru forest and into the trees. Even color code you suss my meaning.

Maybe one small bump on log of your thoughts. That bump - "Invite him to holiday festivals.". Why we want to screwup holiday festivals???

Last thing - you go to explore land of beautiful almond eyed Princesses. Maybe you learn more good medicine.  You don't forget, I am your Chief. I command you send back smoke signals weekly, report your discoveries, bring us new Princesses, make yourself useful. Haha!! 

#2018-09-29 08:27:34 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Barry1 - I'm a little concerned here. You seem to be under the impression that all these beers you're tossing about in order to make yourself popular are free. On the contrary, my friend, beer is not cheap and we provide only the finest brands.

Those beers are not such a tiny gesture as you suggest, and are running at about $7.50 per mug. We've been keeping a tab on your prolific gifting and it is reaching into the thousands of dollars. And that's real USD, not those plastic pretend dollars you have in Oz.

We'll be submitting that invoice to you shortly and would appreciate your prompt payment before you disappear from sight in that travelhouse you're contemplating purchasing.

We're only glad for you that you weren't passing around Cognac or Champagne or you'd probably no longer be able to afford such a travelhouse. 

We are sorry that you somehow assumed that our beer is free, but we can't imagine what would have led you to think that. Where in the world is beer served free? What were you thinking?

#2018-09-29 13:04:41 by Barry1 @Barry1



"I'm a little concerned here. You seem to be under the impression that all these beers you're tossing about in order to make yourself popular are free. On the contrary, my friend, beer is not cheap and we provide only the finest brands."


I've long maintained that you have an excellent sense of humour, John. Beneath that sometimes gruff exterior.   (wasntme)


Your jocular words above once again demonstrate this.  A great sense of humour goes a long way indeed in this world of increasing intrigue and subversive plotting.


So I'm mighty impressed.  Impressed enough in fact to say -  please have a couple of free beers on me, Sir!  Put them on my ever lengthening tab, one that you must inherently know will be honoured in due course!  (beer)(beer)



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