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Originally from Seattle, USA, I've lived in China for 27 years now, 22 of them in Taiwan. For those 27 years I have been teaching English to Chinese people of all age levels; kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, College, University and many business managers. I have traveled to many countries, enjoy cycling very much, enjoy reading and studying and love Chinese Art Museums and walking through Nature. My favorite musical instruments are 古筝。。 古琴 。。 琵琶。。 二胡 。。 笛子 。。 (guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, dizi).
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E Chinese poem JieJu    

By WarmLife
1170 Views | 3 Comments | 5/13/2016 1:01:31 PM

Your dazzling eyes 
 Your warm smile
refreshing as snowflakes fluttering
  down to me 
softly caressing my face 
 like your luscious red lips 
melting both 
   snowflake and heart 
  our life together is like a river 
never ending 
   without age 
always youthful
  filled with passion 


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#2016-05-13 18:41:48 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Roses are Red
Violets Are Blue
Your poems don't rhyme
And this one doesn't either........(rofl)

#2016-06-12 21:59:43 by sharonshi @sharonshi

Your Chinese excels English grounded on this poem.

I love the Chinese verses, preferring the latter one. Brilliant!(clap)(clap)(f)

Thank you for sharing!

#2016-06-13 22:25:04 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7

@paulfox1 Nice try Paul ... however, unless you wish to read Tang dynasty poems which if I remember correctly have 5 characters per line and the last character will have a similar sound . This is modern style of Chinese poetry .. 读译截句 and another person already guessed who the Poet is .. I am going to share more later . also Paul your Chinese thinking for xiangxin is interesting too ... but as you probably know the characters are different ... another take on it could be -- xiang = mutual, reciprocal - xin = trust, believe and another similar pattern is jian - strong, firm, resolute - xin = trust, believe
Lastly -- I will use this comment to ask John IF further writing on "heart" or chinese cultural aspects - along with similar topics would be better in the forum or here ... it seems that posts in the forum are easier to make and appear more quickly than blogs ...
p.s. I agree that using anonymous would avoid people checking a person's profile but then again I am not worried about this ... Tally Ho!

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