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Originally from Seattle, USA, I've lived in China for 27 years now, 22 of them in Taiwan. For those 27 years I have been teaching English to Chinese people of all age levels; kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, College, University and many business managers. I have traveled to many countries, enjoy cycling very much, enjoy reading and studying and love Chinese Art Museums and walking through Nature. My favorite musical instruments are 古筝。。 古琴 。。 琵琶。。 二胡 。。 笛子 。。 (guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, dizi).
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A Chinese poem    

By WarmLife
1062 Views | 2 Comments | 4/14/2016 1:42:30 PM


With a creative artistic version by me ..  (smile smile)

On the wall are four paintings

You are on the mountain 

You are like the gentle wind blowing through the trees

You are on the water

You are the summer breeze rippling over the sea

I am me 

 being touched by your sweet breath

    encircling me 

---  This poem is inspired by a really talented Artist I know -- 

Can anyone guess Who wrote the original Chinese poem above?



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#2016-04-14 13:51:05 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hmmmm. I am going to assume that when you asked "Can anyone guess who wrote the original Chinese poem above?" you were addressing that to the Chinese ladies, since the rest of us can't even read the poem above.

You clever dog you, demonstrating your understanding and appreciation of Chinese poetry is likely to get you endless attention from the Chinese women, but maybe you knew that already?

I cannot come close to guessing but will ask my wife to look at it in the morning, and if she can answer I will not be surprised.

#2016-04-15 15:05:23 by melcyan @melcyan

The poet is Jiang Yitan (蒋一谈).

I like your take on the poem.

Here is my take.

Four paintings hanging on a wall for all to see.
Me, water, you and mountain.
The mountain is you and the water is me.
The water endlessly flows over the mountain,
until we become one with the sea.

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