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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Chinese Dating Via Thailand Part 2: So Far So Good 与中国女人在泰国约会 第二部分 一切顺利    

By Paul Fox
3396 Views | 14 Comments | 1/11/2015 10:59:50 AM

Could Thailand work it's magic for this a Western man and his Chinese girlfriend?

Taking the early morning 3 and a half hour flight from Guangzhou to Krabi meant that the whole plane was sleeping and no food was served. We eventually arrived at our hotel at 6 am but couldn't check in till 8 so a couple more hours nap was grabbed in the hotel foyer. This was it..... we had arrived!!!!!

Going to China to meet your new Chinese woman means you are going to potentially fall into her everyday life. She's going to make sure that your hotel is comfortable, she's going to take you to the better restaurants in town and you are likely to meet some of her close friends but throwing yourselves together in a mutually neutral place means something completely different - especially if it's somewhere where neither of you have been before - such was Krabi.

We finally got to the room just after 8am and both of us were desperate for a good sleep.

The flight from China was surprisingly cheap for this time of year. At around USD450 (AUD550) return for 2 of us it wasn't a bank breaker but often you pay the price with the inconvenience of the flight times.

Amy slept longer than I and I sat on the small hotel balcony contemplating the view.

I love thailand...... it's many stunningly beautiful islands have gorgeous beaches, the food is simple and fresh, delicious seafood is caught and cooked within a few hours, inexpensive beer and wine along with sensibly priced hotel rooms make it a destination worth heading for.

Amy awoke feeling hungry - it was around lunch time anyway so we walked the kilometer or so into Ao Nang town.

Bars and restaurants a-plenty and as we struggled to decide which one to hit for lunch i heard a voice shout "Paul!". I turned to see a good friend of mine sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee with his Thai girlfriend  (of 3 years )

Strange coincidence but it was great to see them and the next few evenings saw us all meeting for dinner and a beer or two.

Amy and I eventually settled for lunch in a restaurant recommended by my friend.

The walk back to the hotel was a little arduous  (not called "Mountain View" for nothing lol )

By far the best way to get around in Thailand is by scooter and you can hire one for around  $5 per day inclusive, so the decision to hire one was quickly made.

A week may seem like plenty of time when you first arrive but the days pass by quickly. Amy had said she fancied the day trip to Phi Phi island and also wouldn't mind going to Phuket for a couple of days so we needed to plan our week.

Phi Phi island was easy to arrange and Christmas Eve was the day to go. The weather was fine but as the temperature here averages 31 degrees C 365 days of the year, even the rain is warm!

The speed boat to the island carried 50 people and there wasn't an empty seat.

The weather was perfect and the trip was great. Lunch was provided and 2 x 30 minute stops were scheduled for snorkeling in the warm Andaman Sea

Amy loved it! 

Every thing was going well.....I was glad i made the decision to come here.

The next day was Christmas Day but we still managed to hire a car to drive to Phuket. 200 kilometers or so but still around 4 hours driving on Thai roads gave us a chance to chat without the help of any translation tool  (no wifi) and our chats were long and stimulating as we tried our best to understand each others meanings.

I had been to Phuket many times before but this was Amys first time.  I know Patong well so I enjoyed showing her around.

Shopping at Patong markets gave Amy chance to display her persistence. Once the shopkeeper had stated his or her price and Amy had stated hers (usually about half) she never budged. If the shopkeeper said 450 and Amy said 200 then even 220 was out of the question.

Believe it or not, she won more than she lost and often had shopkeepers chasing her to come back to the shop because they finally accepted her price - she was having a ball.

Patong night life is famous. Bangla Road is the most famous of all. Loads of bars  (some don't even OPEN till midnight!) but probably the most famous attraction is the lady-boys!

This was all quite new for Amy and the ping -pong show had her cringing - it was funny to watch, both the show itself as well as Amy's face.

2 nights in Phuket was great but we needed to get back to Krabi to drop off the hire car and the hotel needed our room. 

I got us hopelessly lost on the way back and the 4 hour drive became 5 and a half - but who cares when you're on holiday?

Amy was obviously enjoying herself and becoming increasingly relaxed which made me feel good too.

We were beginning to get to know each other really well, our personal likes and dislikes as well as each other's individuality.

In my opinion Amy is a naturally attractive girl. She wears virtually no make up - and doesn't need to either!

Her baby - face features and her incredibly cute smile are just 2 of the things that make her appealing.

She's also a bit "rough round the edges" which is a character trait that first attracted me to my ex wife many years ago. I prefer girls like this as opposed to the "little princess " type of woman.

After the long drive back to Krabi we showered and changed before meeting up with my mate and his girlfriend for dinner followed by a few games of pool and an ice cold beer.

My mates thai girlfriend and Amy got on really well together despite the virtually impossible verbal communication, they enjoyed each other's company. Once again Amy was happy.

Sunday was our last full day in Krabi and in perfect weather we spent most of the day on the beach. Amy had a Thai massage while i sat eating Thai fresh pineapple (best in the world in my opinion) and ice cream.

We had arranged to meet our friends for dinner but sadly my mate went down with a bad tummy  (often known as "Bali Belly") so they couldn't join us for dinner as it would have meant my mate being more than two feet away from the toilet.

We chose a different restaurant in which to eat and Amy was relaxed and in good spirits.

She's fallen in love with Thai food completely and her favourite dish  (apart from seafood) is Tom Yum Gong - a hot and spicy Thai soup. 

This particular restaurant served it in a different way and required a fairly large amount of room on the table.

Amy got stuck in but once again I was unable to eat it due to the incredible amount of hot spice that Amy seems to take in her stride.

Just then a group of 8 chinese -looking people came into the restaurant and were offered a large table. One guy spoke a little English but the rest of the group spoke none at all. 

The waiter was Indian and although I had no trouble with his thick Indian accent, it seemed that the Chinese looking guy was struggling to understand.

Amy picked up that they were ordering Tom Yum and the waiters body language showed that he was trying to explain that he needed plenty of room on the table in order for 8 people to share.

The diners looked at the waiter blankly.

Amy to the rescue! 

She leaned over and quickly explained in Chinese what the waiter was trying to tell them. Their blank gaze switched from the waiter to Amy just as the waiter turned and said "they are from Japan!"

Amys face dropped as she burst into embarrassed laughter quickly joined by me, the waiter, and the Japanese diners.

Tomorrow is our last day in Krabi as we fly back to China tomorrow evening. 

There's still much more to tell but the decision to take a holiday together in a neutral place is a decision that i am not only happy i made, but also one I would highly recommend.

To be continued.

从广州到Krabi是三个半小时的早班飞机,飞机上的乘客都在睡觉,没有早餐。 后来我们六点到达酒店,可是八点才有房间,于是我们在酒店大厅又睡了一两个小时。就这样….我们到了!



我爱泰国….众多岛屿景色优美,海滩美轮美奂,泰国菜新鲜、 简单。现捞的海鲜几个小时就做好了,真是美味。啤酒和红酒很便宜,酒店价格合理,这一切都使泰国值得一游。

Amy起来了,她饿了。正好是午饭时候,我们走了大约一公里进了Ao Nang镇。酒吧和餐馆好多,我们在想去哪家吃午饭,正为难之间,听到有人叫“Paul!”我转身看到一个好朋友正在星巴克和他的泰国女朋友(他们交往三年了)喝咖啡。这是奇怪的巧合,可是遇到熟人真不错,接下来几个晚上我们常常一起吃吃饭,喝喝啤酒。后来我和Amy经常去我朋友推荐的一家餐馆吃午饭。只是走回酒店有点累(看来“山景”这个名字不是妄得虚名)。到目前为止在泰国最便捷的交通工具是电动车,一辆电动车一天五美金包租,我们马上决定租了一辆。

刚刚到达泰国的时候,一周好像很漫长,可是时间很快就溜走了。Amy说她想去Phi Phi岛玩一天,也不介意去Phuket岛玩几天,所以我们得好好计划一下。Phi Phi岛旅游很好安排,我们平安夜那天去。那边天气很好,只是这里气温一年都是31度左右,连下的雨都是热的!快艇能载50人,船上连一个空座都没有。





在Puket的两个晚上棒极了 ,可我们得回Krabi还汽车,退掉酒店房间。回去的路上,我无可救药地迷路了,本来四个小时的路开了五个半小时,不过我们在度假,管它呢!





我们挑了另一个餐馆,Amy精神放松,兴致很高。她完全爱上了泰国菜,(除了海鲜外)最爱吃的是Tom Yum Gong,一种又辣又烫的泰国汤。这家餐馆这个汤的上菜方式不同,占桌子上很多地方。Amy又开始大快朵颐,这个汤太辣了,我吃不了,可是Amy好像完全不在话下。

就在此时,八个人进了餐馆,他们看起来像中国人。他们坐了一张大桌子,其中有一个男的说一点英文,其他人一点也不会。服务员是印度人,他讲英文时印度口音很重,我能听懂,可是那个看起来像中国人的男人听不太懂。Amy听到他们要点Tom Yum,服务员用身体语言向他们解释他们桌子上需要很大一片地方放这个汤,好够八个人喝。







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#2015-01-11 11:05:43 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

This seems like it could well be a good way to go in meeting someone new, and it has an added advantage that Chinese can now get visas to Thailand very easily, and it will be somewhat helpful later on if you're now trying to get her a visa to move to your home country. First, it supports your claim that you are a real couple, not just someone helping a Chinese woman get into your country. Second, it shows that when she gets a visa out of China, she will go home when the visa expires.

Paul, I have to say that if I bumped into an old friend and his girlfriend in these circumstances I'd be a little disappointed in the time lost being alone with my new companion and exploring our potential as possible life partners. You sound as if you were genuinely happy to meet up with them, but deep down did you harbour any misgivings?

#2015-01-11 11:26:29 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for this entertaining description of your trip, Paul. I agree that traveling to a neutral location is indeed the fastest way to really get to know the other person. Well planned!

"I love thailand......"

Most people who have visited both Thailand and China tell me that as far as general relaxed lifestyle goes, Thailand is the better place. This is assuming you don't need to work or have other pressing responsibilities such as school age children, etc.

Would you agree with this? For a semi-retired person, Thailand would be the winner here? Are prices there cheaper than China, which already has quite cheap food and clothing prices.

By the way, in the bottom picture in your article, is that a tattoo on Amy's belly that I see? Or is it a part of a swim suit? Or were you drawing a picture on her belly with a big marker pen the night before? (rofl)

Good luck with everything, Paul. (y)

#2015-01-12 03:21:59 by anonymous12755 @anonymous12755

What's up with the tattoos? In one pic, you have a tattoo on your right arm, in another it is missing. Also, couldn't help but notice the tattoo on Amy's belly in the last pic. Explanation please!

#2015-01-12 05:29:58 by Anniehow @Anniehow


You forgot to copy the last few paragraphs in Chinese after “They looked at the waiter blankly.”

Saving the suspense for the ladies? ;)

#2015-01-12 09:57:07 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hi Paul,
I really have to commend you on the choice of a small vacation and meeting in a different country.
I have been considering the same type of meeting. Each meets on neutral ground and faces the challenges of life to see how it will work.
Of course getting to know the other person by web cam first, (months at least for me) paying close attention to each other, and then the planning of such an event.
Just that in itself shows some sincerity. The only problem I could see for myself would be that my sentimental, romantic heart would probably be “Done For” at first meeting.
I have to watch that.

Your rendition of the return trip from Phuket to Krabi I can just imagine,...”Paul, where are we”? “I really don't know hun but,...we're going THIS way”. (rofl)
You say that Amy is a little “rough round the edges” as opposed to the “Little Princess” type?
Ah,...”birds of a feather”, cool.

This bartering at the market thing,...I have witnessed two types. One is an almost belligerent, adversarial affair and the other is like a calm guns showdown.
Both effective but I prefer the latter.

I was at a small county fair last year eying some bath salts and out of nowhere this Oriental lady (striking) approached the vendor picking up a bar of “natural” soap and reading the label.
The vendor asked if she would like to make a purchase. She took a deep breath and seemed to project a sort of “time standing still mind control”.
With sweet voice and penetrating eyes she said “yes” but the price was too high and because she knew the wholesale cost of the ingredients she would not pay more than an extra 12% for his profit, also reminding him that he made the soap in bulk.
Whipping out a pocket calculator,...she got her price.
I have often thought how nice it would be to have a falcon like THAT on my arm.
Some fellows prefer a Goshawk. Both get the job done.

Thanks for taking the time to post your travel experiences. It's so nice to know that some folks do find each other despite cultural and language challenges. Gives us some hope.
I need to git but just a reminder (as if you don't already), “Keep yo eyz open bud,...birds like Amy don't come 'round too offin”.

#2015-01-12 16:00:57 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Anniehow - Ooops! My bad. I'm sorry about that and have fixed it now.(blush)

#2015-01-12 21:23:54 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

the tattoo on my right arm was done on this trip
hence it's there one minute and not the next lol
Amy has one on her belly that's been there for years

#2015-01-13 16:08:30 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

@YTY Watch this space! !!!!!
@JohnAbbot - no regrets about meeting my mate for dinner on several occasions
@barry1 Thailand without a doubt mate
the air is clean and everything is cheap
food is fresh and sensational

#2015-01-14 02:51:04 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@paulfox 1
Hi Paul,
"Watch this space"?....You betcha !!
Be safe buddy,

#2015-01-14 22:50:13 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Please - all of you - hold off on the well-wishing congratulations until you have read the whole series

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