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Chinese Dating Sites - What About the Women?    

By John Abbot
3951 Views | 15 Comments | 9/1/2016 10:28:57 PM
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#2016-09-11 12:55:46 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


That's it......go selfish....!! You are requesting a private peek at John's beloved 'Mrs A' without so much as a though for the rest of us!

My father brought me up with the harsh, but regularly spoken, saying of 'Son, you should be afraid of NO man.............. and very few women!'

My father is correct of course, (Dads always are, lol), but nevertheless, a man who is frightened of his wife is nothing but a 'pussy' in my opinion, and needs to grow-a-pair! ]:)

John writes the occasional blog here, (I wonder if he has to ask for Mrs A's permission?), and I see nothing wrong with the idea of him posting several photos on such a blog, whilst allowing one.....just the of Mrs A to slip through the net. That way he could possibly defend himself from her wrath by suggesting it was an error of some kind, or that he simply clicked on the 'wrong' picture whilst uploading. (fubar)

Anyhow, Anniehow, this man cannot be allowed to escape. We should all band together (including the other 'pussy' up there, YTY), and demand.....I say DEMAND to see a photo of this wonderful woman that has been part of Mr A's life for so many years.

In fact, so much so that we should all go on strike! There ya go, what about that?

You refuse to do any more translations, I'll have a quick word with Bazza, Melcy and the other bloggers, and get them all to refuse to write any more blogs until our beloved leader, (the man with a HUGE thumb-print on the back of his head), comes forward and bows to our demands. (rofl)

Who's with me.........????????????????:D

#2016-09-11 13:24:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot




AnnieHow, I really got a good laugh out of your comment. You are a very clever negotiator. Unfortunately my wife has rejected the possibility of sending her photo to your mailbox.

Paul, my wife is a very private person. Truly. So how could I betray her trust and still hope to maintain my marriage with her. I am quite sure that the Chinese women must understand that many of them are not prepared to have their photos posted on the internet for all to see. My wife is among them, much to my regret because I would love to post her picture here.

However, just to satisfy everyone's curiosity, I can tell you that she is almost exactly a cross between lovely Anniehow and the beautiful QinQL, so you can surely imagine for yourselves just how truly youthful and attractive she must be. 

I hope that will suffice to satisfy your curiosity about the appearance of "She who must be obeyed!"

#2016-09-11 16:11:55 by melcyan @melcyan


Congratulations for modeling the correct way to respect a partner's wish for privacy. It is a good lesson for all of us!

#2016-09-12 21:37:58 by Anniehow @Anniehow


My suggestion to John on his wife's photo is a tongue-in-cheek comment, otherwise I would have asked John in a private message, which would have worked to my advantage without others knowing it. ;)

I respect John's decision, even though I don't buy his flattery. There is a type of healthy fear for women. It is called respect. 


#2016-10-04 03:13:55 by randyhowie @randyhowie

John you are correct on your response I am 60 years old and I think long before answering any mail if they are younger than the age range I set for me and I do get a lot of mail from ladies 50 and older

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