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Chinese Dating Prospects in Hong Kong for Foreign Men    

By Achelle Vinzon
5715 Views | 5 Comments | 9/3/2013 4:26:21 PM

In a city like Hong Kong, once you've found your Chinese love you'll never run out of things to do with her.

Foreign men looking for a certain type of Chinese woman – one who is more westernized than traditionally Chinese, to be more specific – may feel that he will have better Chinese dating prospects in Hong Kong than in the mainland. Definitely, women in Hong Kong have more westernized attitudes, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. It is this fact, however, that may also make it harder for a foreign man to find his ideal Chinese girlfriend among Hong Kong women.

Unlike in most regions in mainland China, Chinese women actually outnumber the men in Hong Kong. The government predicts that by 2039, there will be about 936 men for every 1,000 women in Hong Kong if the current trend of delayed marriages and declining birth rates continues (Source: ). Indeed, more and more Hong Kong women have been choosing to marry later in life, if at all; and personal choice and late marriage contribute to the decrease in birth rate in the city.

The trend has been attributed to the increased empowerment of women in Hong Kong. With quality education made more accessible to them and better career opportunities made possible by the former, they have also been given financial stability which, in turn, has allowed them to become independent. This financial independence, of course, means they no longer need men to provide for them.
As a natural consequence, marriage has become more of a personal choice than an economic necessity; it has become more of a byproduct of a woman’s emotional desire, than the direct outcome of traditional expectations and societal pressure.

The online article also mentions that compared to two decades ago, there are now more women in Hong Kong who do not wish to wear a wedding ring at all; divorce rates during the same period also increased dramatically. Additionally, among those who are married, some are not very enthusiastic about having children; and there are those who simply could not have babies anymore because they married late.

According to the article, “Most of the cause goes to the shifting status of women. Females have shown consistent advantage over males in admission to higher education institutions in the past decade, which means females have taken the lead in a knowledge-based society. The new generation of working women of Hong Kong not only well-informed, but also financially independent.”

Career ambitions are not the only reason that Hong Kong women are choosing to delay marriage or to not get married at all. Their high qualifications often mean that their potential partner must have equal or, preferably, higher qualifications. With the cost of living in the city going nowhere but up, women’s expectations and demands from an ideal partner also go up. All these factors combined drastically narrow down these women’s choices in mates.

Their higher education and acquired experiences have also made them more aware of the realities of raising a family. Their decision to get married and have children is now often weighed against their other priorities in life, as well as their ability and willingness to balance family life and work life.

Does the “empowerment” of women in Hong Kong (and, indeed, many other working/career women in other first-tier cities in China) translate to “selfishness?” In some cases, perhaps, it does; but for many, marriage is simply something that does not need to be and should not be rushed into just because traditions and society dictate it.

Being aware of modern realities and demands, they know that financial stability is important to secure the future of the family they want to have someday and that the burden of securing this future does not only rest on the man; modern realities actually now necessitate both marriage partners to contribute to the family’s income. Investing time on their careers is also an investment for their future family.

So how do the Chinese dating prospects look for a foreign man who wants to seek a Chinese wife among the women in Hong Kong? Given that most foreign men who are looking for a lifetime commitment actually prefer partners who are both emotionally and mentally mature and ready for the challenges of a cross-cultural relationship, they may still find their options in Hong Kong very good.

On the down side, there is a much higher percentage of foreigners (Expats) in Hong Kong as weighted against the Chinese population than in the mainland, so the competition with other foreigners is considerably stiffer. On the upside, life in Hong King is incredibly cosmopolitan and there is never a time when you can't find anything fun to do, so it's a great place to spend your time while learning the ropes of Chinese dating and carrying on your quest for a Chinese love.

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#2013-09-04 08:14:05 by anonymous7292 @anonymous7292

Another thing you should consider is the more westernized the woman, the more likely she will be able to easily spot the games western men play.

#2013-09-04 21:18:38 by Scaramouche @Scaramouche


Are you implying that Western men aren't serious? I've lived many years in China, and can tell you many stories about Chinese men too.

#2013-09-12 08:23:40 by Dayton @Dayton

Great article.....

#2013-10-15 19:10:13 by Barry1 @Barry1

One reason for me to be searching in China for a potential partner is that I prefer the wholesome values exhibited by traditional Chinese ladies. It'll be a poor day indeed if and when Western norms impinge significantly on Chinese society, particularly as it relates to women.

Okay, let's call a spade a spade here. Western ladies are often loud mouthed, arrogant and overly aggressive. Swear words often rain like confetti. Compare this to the demure sincerity and gentlesness of the traditional Chinese lady. Chalk and cheese.

If ladies in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly Westernised, flags there should be flown at half mast. Heads should be hung low. Tears of sadness should flow freely from all the emotionally brutalised men there. Yes indeed, Chairman Mao would be angrily rolling around in his grave, if he knew that his beloved China was slowly and insidiously being conquered in stealth like fashion, starting from its formerly greatest and most benign asset - its virtuous, traditional ladies.

Now I know why there are not so many sweetly singing birds in Hong Kong. No, it's not because they're being eaten! It's because they moved northward to escape the shrill sounds of the ladies there, who used to talk so quietly, but who now sadly no longer do. Ah

Take me back to Beijing, please.
Take me back to Shanghai.
Just take me anywhere away from Hong Kong,
thank you so much in advance.

#2013-11-19 12:30:53 by trix @trix

What's the difference between HK women and western women? maybe just the looks, the language and cultural background, other than that...nothing. So why a western man would look for a HK woman if he can have a western woman in his country of origin? We are looking for Chinese women as potential life partners because they are not westernized or extremist feminists. They don't want to compete with men for power, they want a man for love and...yes, security (nothing wrong with this as long as she is not too materialistic). I would never bother looking for a HK woman as a life partner.

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