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ChinaLoveMatch Receives 3 Great Reviews Plus 1 Great Article    

By John Abbot
1620 Views | 2 Comments | 2/5/2019 3:59:09 AM

Three Great Review Sites - Three Great Reviews!

We think that is the best online Chinese dating site there is dedicated to Western men dating Chinese women for the purpose of long-term relationships or marriage. But you don't need to take our word for it, because CLM has recently received 3 very positive reviews on 3 highly responsible and popular review sites in the International Dating arena. All of these reviews came about by these sites all approaching us and asking for interviews. We did not approach them.

Here are links to the 3 reviews: - China Love Match Review: Interview With the Site’s Founder - Brings Together Western & Chinese Singles for Long-Term Relationships - ChinaLoveMatch™ Helps Daters Find Sincere Cross-Cultural Love Without Having to Worry About Scammers

In addition to the above reviews, also posted an article that was made up largely of the interview they conducted. That interview and article is posted here: Chinese Women For Love and Marriage (Truth vs Stereotypes)

 I strongly suggest that members click on that link and read the Article because it will give you a lot of food for thought as you pursue your quest for a great Chinese Lifemate.

For those of you who are more interested in, we are doing some work on ALM right now, and once completed these same Dating Review Sites will be following up with reviews of ALM. Look for that in the next couple of months.

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#2019-02-05 07:34:55 by melcyan @melcyan



 I read “Chinese Women For Love and Marriage (Truth vs Stereotypes)“ with a critical eye. I could not fault it. There is always a problem with generalising but you have done very well with a difficult task.

#2019-02-05 16:42:36 by Barry1 @Barry1

This is very well deserved recognition by three independent international dating review sites. Congratulations John!  (clap)(clap)



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