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ChinaLoveMatch & AsiaLoveMatch New Year’s Wishes    

By John Abbot
2827 Views | 6 Comments | 1/1/2015 5:33:22 AM

Click on the photo to open our Facebook page and enter our New Year's Photo Contest.

There is a double meaning in the title, and it hasn’t escaped us. But let’s start with our New Year’s wishes for all of you members of, and visitors to, our Chinese and Asian dating sites, and  So here is what we wish for you in 2015 and beyond, and if you know anything about our sites, you know these wishes are heartfelt and come from everyone, owners and staff, from across both sites. We sincerely wish for you:

1. If you are without a life mate, may you find him/her in this coming year.

    If you are with a hoped for life mate now, may you cement the deal for all time.

    If your life mate is locked in, may the lock never be broken.

2. May you be forever happy.

3. May you be forever healthy.

4. May you be forever young.

5. May you be forever with family.

6. May you never lack for friends.

7. May you never want for life’s necessities.

8. May you never lack life’s simple pleasures.

9. May you always give unto others.

10. May others always give unto you.

That sums up our heartfelt New Year’s wishes for all of you.

Now, onto the items ChinaLoveMatch and AsiaLoveMatch are wishing to (read intending to) deliver to you all during 2015.

1. Introduce a new Magazine style newsletter to be shared by both sites.

2. Introduce a CLM and ALM Video page where both staff and members can upload or embed videos of general interest.  

3. Introduce Information pages for each site which will allow for better communication between members and management for improvements to the sites, new services to be offered by the sites or services requested by the members.

4. Expand ALM to full equality with CLM as to size, focus, functions and features.

5. Make advertisement visibility optional for Gold members.

6. Introduce surveys for members to provide feedback on what is working and what isn’t, and what is wanted and what is not.

7. Start utilizing Google hangouts for direct large scale communication between management, 3rd party guests and Western (male) members.

8. Start utilizing a QQ group for direct large scale communication between management, 3rd party guests and Chinese (female) members.

9. Improve our service so that it is more consistent and responsive in a faster time.

10. Continue our goal of creating an amazing Chinese and Asian dating community that serves members before, during and after they meet the one they love, and which fosters members helping each other to ensure their relationships succeed.

We welcome your positive and constructive feedback on this list in the comment section, including suggestions for other changes or new features. If you have complaints or extremely negative feedback please address that to in an email.

At a Corporate level we should add that CyberCupid Co., Ltd intends to complete two major goals during 2015.

First, we intend to launch a major attack on the Scam Dating Sites in a public manner. We've been working on this for over a year and are getting close to launch.

Second, we intend to open LatinasLoveMatch and RULoveMatch (Russian/Ukrainian dating) sometime during this year.

That said, please go here to learn about and enter our New Years Photo Contest being conducted on our CLM Facebook Page. Even if you are in China and without access to Facebook, please check it out. There is a way for you to enter too.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-01-02 00:17:38 by QinQL @QinQL

Hi John

How peace and happy New Year here !

Best wishes to you and staffs too.

I like and enjoy the services that CLM provides, especially the blogs and forum. From there we members could learn and communicate more as we can. Wow, you have done so much, and also are going to delivers 1, 2, 3,.... great work! Undoubtedly, CLM will be better and better year after year.. We members are willing to take more efforts to maintain our CLM better with CLM staffs together.

I have tried several times to click on the photo here, but can not open CLM facebook page and enter our New Year's Photo Contest. I will use the screenshot function and send you the suggestion to CLM email box.

Happy New Year we all.

#2015-01-02 10:27:42 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


You are always the very best of the learning class at doing your homework, and I am so glad you are. Thanks so much for noticing what I forgot to add in the blog. I have tried to fix it above.

Of course anyone in China cannot access Facebook unless they use a VPN. We have a plan for that but I forgot to mention it.

Anyone in China who does not have access to Facebook please write to us at and in the subject line type "PHOTO CONTEST". Attach your photo. We will enter it for you and send you back a link so you can send it to all your friends outside China or with access to Facebook in China and get them to go LIKE your photo.

QinQL, thanks also for your wonderful compliments to CLM and for being one of our best members. Your support is very much appreciated.

My best to you this New Year, John

#2015-01-02 21:02:03 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Hi John
apologies for my absence but as you know I am away in China using Chinese wifi so access to the Internet is not so good sometimes
In short i think the ideas and changes that you propose will make CLM better than ever.
However, once a member / members have been successful on CLM how can they be encouraged to continue to be part of the CLM community in order to give hope to other members?

#2015-02-04 14:25:54 by Nekko @Nekko

@JohnAbbot , @paulfox1

John, you have some wonderful ideas to improve the site. Paul asks the question on how the members can be encouraged to continue to part of the CLM community.

I thought that maybe I can help with this. As you know our testimonial is on CLM see

I am very happy to report that the visa to Australia has been granted today for my wife and her son.

I thought that I could write a short story about the visa process to Australia together with photos of me and my wife in Sydney, Australia. The Harbour Bridge in the background to show the CLM member that perseverance is required to succeed. Her son will come later in the year, after the university is finished. :)

This maybe will be of assistance to some people. What do you think John and Paul?

In about 2 weeks I would expect my wife to arrive in Sydney. My life will return to the normal routine of dancing and going out instead of QQ every night. Halleluiah.

I am happy to help if this is useful to CLM. Thanks to this wonderful site I found the treasure from Inner Mongolia. My wife.


#2015-02-04 16:10:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hi @Nekko

Congratulations on the visa and the return to Dancing and enjoying the company of your lovely Chinese wife. We're very happy for you.

Of course we would welcome an update of your Success Story which we might actually post in the Magazine which will be upgrading shortly to coincide with the coming Magazine style Newsletter. That would be a great addition to the first edition.

I would suggest that you are living proof of how members who have succeeded can continue on enjoying the site and adding a lot of content that greatly benefits the new and ever changing membership.

Cheers, John

#2015-02-04 20:27:23 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I am very happy to report that the visa to Australia has been granted today for my wife and her son."

This is wonderful news indeed, Nekko - great stuff!

I've been thinking about you lately, wondering how you were and now I know. I had been missing your regular updates.

Your continuing story will provide plenty of inspiration and hope for the Western men who read it. For that matter, the Chinese ladies who are able to understand it would find it most beneficial also.

So if you could write a story about the whole process, this would prove to be much appreciated by all, including myself Especially the ins and outs of the long winded visa process, that is still a mystery to many.

A bit of information on how your new wife adapts to Australia would make for interesting reading also. Her highs and lows; her expectations that in time were met and those that for some reason were not.

In any case, nice to hear again from you, Nekko. Well done, mate! (y)

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