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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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China, Reminiscences (Part 3)    

By Barry Pittman
2809 Views | 48 Comments | 8/21/2018 12:55:15 PM

This article is a continuation from Part 2 of this series. It presents a random assortment of ideas flowing within a bubbling stream of consciousness concerning China and in fact, significant global issues generally. Once again, I ask that you please contain your excitement and despite your natural inclination, hold your approbation and applause. Thank you in advance. For those who were polite enough to stand, you may now please be seated.


We mentioned last time the fact that in many ways, the Communist Chinese government was more effective than supposedly superior Western democracies. The older I become though, the increasingly alarmed I am as grave realisations manifest about how inward looking and regressive, perhaps even perfidious, some clandestine aspects of these democracies are proving to be. It seems likely a small but highly effective, covert cadre of powerful people within the arcane Deep State of the democracies are very carefully manipulating facets of life that the common person in the street has no idea about. Or even worse, denies.


The incredible thing being that some events orchestrated by the Deep State are so outrageous that average citizens if confronted by the nefarious activities, would shake their heads and scoff in disbelief. The bigger the lie - the greater the deception - the more easily a gullible public paradoxically seems to be in its unquestioning acceptance. Think 9/11. Think moon landings. I've been shocked to the core to discover that significant turning points in history like these are not at all what they're cracked up to be. Worse still, they're but thin edges of an almighty wedge. One term used to describe this state of grave perplexity is cognitive dissonance. We'll be hearing this term increasingly in the future as baffling events inexorably unfold.


Don't believe me? I ask that sceptics take the time to check out the following that refer specifically to 9/11, which is but one frightening example of government deep cover conspiratorial forces at work. Let me say it again, the bigger the lie, the more outrageous the act, the more a gullible public is likely to accept it. Unbelievable but true. Society as a whole is indeed akin to a mob of sheep.


Mainstream media are necessarily heavily involved. Like him or loathe him, Trump is playing a critical role in highlighting the enormous amounts of fake and biased news presented to us all. But enough for now. Change of pace. Given this is a Chinese introduction website, all this down the rabbit hole, non-dating stuff is a crucial discussion for another time, another place.


Suffice to say that uncertain times are unfortunately ahead. Of this, I dread. A storm is on its way. Many innocents are going to pay. Donald Trump needs to watch his back. There will be an attack. Quite probably, a sadly predictable affray. Trump to follow JFK? Sinister machinations are almost certainly in the pipeline. Draining the swamp is proving to be much more difficult and potentially dangerous, than initially thought. But this is his aim, a destiny deliberately sought. Yet one fraught with peril. Opponents feral. Who will hold sway? On this day of final judgement.


Returning to matters concerning China, entrenched corruption is still a persistent problem in some areas, arguably being almost an accepted if not expected part of their culture, yet President Xi is waging an open war against it. Many prominent arrests of high ranking officials caught with their avaricious snouts in the trough of greed and gluttony have so far been made. The process there continues. No doubt some very nervous functionaries and other bent bureaucrats are losing sleep at night, wondering when they'll hear the dreaded knock on the door from the crime busters. Great to see.


Anyone visiting China can see that a small albeit colourful percentage of citizens in China are extraordinarily rich. One speculates if their excessive wealth was gained honestly. It is indeed a land of the flagrant haves and the have nots. Whilst living there, my heart frequently dissolved when witnessing extremely hard working farmers and homeless paupers eking out a meagre living by the seat of their pants. All whilst their old boots, push carts or bicycles were overtaken at speed by fat, cigar smoking types cruising down the highway in their late model Audis, Porsches or Mercedes. The unfairness and incongruity of this continually played on my mind and still does to this day.


Whilst working in Sichuan, I would from time to time also see poor malnourished cats and dogs roaming the streets, ribs sticking out, searching for a few scraps of food to eat. Then there was the small dog that was imprisoned within a bird cage for all its life, hung outside its owners's window, all seasons of the year. This distressed me, the fact that I still recall it now attests to this. I used to throw scraps of meat and bits of bone to it, given its gaunt appearance with matted hair, though often they'd bounce off the wire cage. The food scraps had to not be too large, so they'd be able to slip through the cage wire. Sometimes I'd miss and bits of meat would land inside the owner's apartment through the open window. I always hoped this cruel person, this heartless sadist, wouldn't become annoyed at this and take it out on the captive dog.


Whoever said life was fair was a damn liar! For many impoverished people and abandoned animals, existance in China was a bucket of shit and that was it. Continual strain and endless pain, again, again and again. Don't believe what I perceived? Then go there yourself, I don't exaggerate nor deceive! Sure, the middle classes are expanding at speed, but more needs to be done for the poorest of the poor, those souls in desperate need. Tourists often failed to see the real China, one had to be there for a good while to see what was so wrong, why it was not helping so many, taking so damn long.


A nation can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, animals included. China rates a fail in this regard in my view, though admittedly, it's far better than it used to be and is improving rapidly in some areas. Though crucially, many are slipping through the economic safety nets, still dwelling in conditions repugnant to any civilised person. This alarmingly highlights how horrific conditions for the poor there must have been in times past.


At least the corruption cleaning process is gradually eradicating some of the worst of the wanton excesses seen around the place. Though some cynical critics have postulated that through selective weeding out of alleged criminals, President Xi has been cleverly ridding himself of potential political opponents. Smart move, if increased power is your aim, if backroom plotting is your game.


We've often heard about President Xi, but who is this guy?  What’s his background? Wikipedia gives some interesting facts concerning him as follows. Born in 1953, his father was Xi Zhongxun, who served as China's deputy prime minister at the end of the Cultural Revolution in the late 1970s. His father had been an early foe of infamous Mao Zedong, who actually had jailed him, along with tens of thousands of other political dissidents, many on the tiniest of pretexts. Little wonder Mao's name remains increasingly tainted and rightfully criticised under the objective scrutiny of dispassionate historical analysis.


But enough. More information on the history and culture of this extraordinary country, including some grievous societal injustices still disturbingly evident there, in Part 4 of this no holds barred series. One that hopefully will make you think and perhaps even act, to help create more happiness and wholesomeness to others around you, through random deeds of altruism. Is this so difficult?


The main mission in life for us all is not just to gain wisdom and learn lessons, but to overall leave this place better than how we initially found it. Those who don't do this have disappointingly failed not just society as a whole, but more importantly, themselves.


"The trouble with living is dying

The trouble with dying is having lived

In a manner not worthy of yourself"



(To be continued)



Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-08-21 14:25:22 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

:o Barry, you tricked me. I had not read this yet when I advised everyone the next article would be more on point to the topics relevant to CLM and ALM, and maybe it is, but ever so slightly. (sweat) 

Nonetheless, I am impressed with it and hopeful it will draw the commenters along with you over to here. Maybe that will trick Google into at least believing we are about China, if not about dating. 

I am going to focus, for now, on one specific statement you've made, being teh very last one, after showing us a range of photos that show a part of China that is sometimes ignore by the Media. You said:

"Appalling Reality of Life for Many in China that Mainstream Media Often Ignores"

While I agree that there are a great number of people still seriously suffering in China, and they are often ignored by our MSM these days, it wasn't always so. And by that I mean the starving in China being ignored. From the 1950's well into the 1990's there was much ballyhoo about how poor the Chinese were, and it was generally said as a means of telling us how lucky we all are.

But how lucky are we, really?

We have spent our wealth irresponsibly, both as individuals and as nations.

And what exactly do we have to show for it? More than anything a mountain of debt.

What do we cherish? Material stuff.

How are our young adults faring? Living in their parent's basements and afraid of words being spoken hurting their feelings.

Living in poverty is pretty clearly not a deirable thing, but I wonder how China would fare versus our first world countries if we could chart living in unhappiness.

I remember in 1992, while traveling in the Caribbean, that Haiti was ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world, but it's population ranked as the happiest. I didn't travel to Haiti, but I did meet a few Hatians who were working for peanuts in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and they were indeed extremely jovial people. Much happier by far than all the western tourists I met.

I am not saying that we shouldn't try to irradicate poverty as much as possible wherever is exists; we most certainly should pursue that lofty goal. But compared to many countries, China has been doing a pretty good job of that over the last few decades.

I am saying that there are other ways to look at life, and happiness is one of them. I seriously doubt that we first world economies are doing as well as many other countries in the happiness measurement of success. And I expect that to change dramatically for the worse as our economies collapse in the coming near future. Then we'll be both poorer and even less happy.

I'm interested in your thoughts on that.

This is a great blog and I hope that I can get back to it and address some of the other issues you have raised.

#2018-08-21 15:39:42 by anonymous17840 @anonymous17840

Did you check this information in any way at all?

Don't believe me? I ask that sceptics take the time to check out the following that refer specifically to 9/11, which is but one frightening example of government deep cover conspiratorial forces at work. Let me say it again, the bigger the lie, the more outrageous the act, the more a gullible public is likely to accept it. Unbelievable but true. Society as a whole is indeed akin to a mob of sheep.

The amount of contradictory truther information on 9/11 is mindblowing. There are so many different "truths". I would go crazy reading them all. However, this one is clearly chasing dollars.

#2018-08-21 17:02:21 by anonymous17843 @anonymous17843


At least Imi had the decency to start his blog with an apology. No wonder you are sweating John.

#2018-08-21 17:56:50 by Barry1 @Barry1



"I seriously doubt that we first world economies are doing as well as many other countries in the happiness measurement of success. And I expect that to change dramatically for the worse as our economies collapse in the coming near future. Then we'll be both poorer and even less happy."


You're dead right, John. I was continually amazed how content many poor Chinese appeared to be, even as they sat there on their hard little stools in the streets, wearing their well-worn clothing and wrinkled faces equally well, whilst chattering amicably to each other.


Whilst the need for food and shelter isn't anywhere near the problem in the West as it is for many in China, one major problem here that occurs less so in China, is the epidemic of loneliness and social isolation.


This happily helps folks such as you, John. Those who are operating dating and/or introduction sites. Good for you!


But time after time, I witnessed impoverished looking Chinese who by Western standards, had almost nothing...  yet so often they had smiles on their faces. This was as impressive as it was puzzling, to a Westerner like me, though over time, I grew used to it.


So your anecdote about the happy Haitians didn't surprise me in the least. So true.


Money helps in feeling happy.  But it's not a vital component. There are other important forces at play here...  this indeed would make a great subject for a Ph.D., if anyone's interested?   :^)



#2018-08-22 15:14:32 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Did you check this information in any way at all?"

I have been studying 9/11 intensively lately and it's like a vast rabbit warren, the deeper you go, the more complex yet interrelated many of the tunnels are. There's no doubt in my mind that the perfectly symmetrical collapse of the twin trade towers upon themselves was a very highly organised, premediated action, performed by skilled experts over a period of months.


"There are so many different "truths"."


There is only ONE truth in this specific matter.


That is, 9/11 was NOT caused by a man sitting in a cave.  Military grade thermite was used in multiple explosions that are clearly evident. 


Then there was the perfect collapse of Tower 7.... supposedly from "furniture fires".  This explanation is so absurd that it's almost a farce. No wonder it was completely oveerlooked by the 9/11 final report. No surprises here.  :^)

#2018-08-22 15:18:20 by Barry1 @Barry1



"No wonder you are sweating John."


Don't shoot the messenger because the message is beyond understanding on a rational level.  I agree, what government would murder 3000 of its own citizens in a very carefully planned, well executed conspiracy?


It's criminally outrageous enough to make us ALL sweat!  :^)





#2018-08-22 16:05:27 by anonymous17850 @anonymous17850

"Military grade thermite was used in multiple explosions that are clearly evident."

Rubbish. There is no evidence to confirm the use of military grade thermite. When you read a conspiracy claim like this you really should make the effort find out if a reputable debunking of this claim exists. Clearly, you have not.

#2018-08-23 15:38:50 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous17843 - "No wonder you are sweating John."

Sorry, I don't mean to be thick, but I have to ask you to comeback and explain what you were getting at with that comment. Please come back and explain.

#2018-08-23 16:50:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous17840 - It is extremely difficult to follow the 'truthers" without often feeling like pulling your hair out. They all know that they don't believe the "official" narrative, by which I mean the story that the government has decided to present as the truth, which the mainstream media then quickly adopts and pushes, as a unified force, to be the irrefutable truth. But they often all have a different reason for disbelieving that narrative. 

But, when you think about it, instead of just reacting according to your predetermined bias that has been formed from listening to a cacophany of countless MSM commentators, all of whom are parroting the exact same narrative, which in turn is simply parroting the narrative that the government has handed down, it's important to explore at least a healthy number of the claims by those who don't accept it to see if even one of them may be on to something.

As a lawyer who spent most of my career in the courtroom, often fighting against incredible mountains of government bullshit, I was certain, before I even thought about what the forensic, engineering, and physical evidence might show, that the government/MSM story was going to be very hard to accept.

First because for going on close to an hour, from the time the first plane hit the first tower, George W Bush sat in a kindergarten class reading a children's book to himself, waiting for instructions on what to do next. This is not just the President of the United States; he is, more importantly in this instance, the Commander in Chief of the American Armed Forces.  

Both the Secret Service people responsible for his safety and the countless people who needed to receive his orders would have known before that plane even hit the tower, or certainly within a few seconds after, that the plane must have been hijacked and that this was almost certainly a terrorist attack. And yet his protectors had no thought of getting him out of that kindergarten, where surely the terrorists must have known he was located, in order to protect him from being killed or taken hostage.

And George didn't seem to give a second's thought to the fact that he was supposed to be back in Centra Command assessing the situation and giving people their orders as everyone tried to deal with the terror attack.

Second, within a couple of hours after the towers were down, the government had already given the order to start clearing up the incredible debris caused by the tower falling. This was a crime scene in which thousands of American had been murdered. Everyone who has watched a cop show on TV knows that you must preserve the crime scene in order to find all the available evidence and determine what had happened.

So, knowing that the government clearly did not want the evidence to be available that would let the investigating agencies do their job and determine what happened, it was not hard to conclude tha whatever the government narrative was going to be, it was going to be a complete pile of BS. 

Which means that some of those conspiracy theorist truthers will be right about what the science proves that undermines the Government narrative, while others will not be right. But they all will be right that the government/MSM narrative is false, like so many times before.

I have spent a lot of time looking at the various theories and have settled on what I think really happened

#2018-08-23 17:13:49 by Barry1 @Barry1



"There is no evidence to confirm the use of military grade thermite"


Actually plenty of evidence exists that there is no way burning jet fuel could melt steel beams.  Plenty of thermite particles were found on the site. Perhaps as a start, you could peruse in full, the two YouTube references I referred to in my blog? As opposed to viewing just the first few minutes of each one, before closing them and making a somewhat aggressive comment that had already been answered in the videos?


In case you can't be bothered viewing the videos however, perhaps I can elaborate with a summary of facts.


1. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) state the maximum temperature reached by burning jet fuel is around 1830 degrees F.  This is about 1000 degrees COLDER than what is needed for comprehensively melt steel. References to their report attesting to these facts can be produced if required.


2. Independent scientists have stated that in order to melt the steel, either thermite (iron oxide plus aluminium) or thermate (thermite plus barium nitrate plus sulfur) must have been used.


3. An independent peer reviewed report stated that copious evidence of nano-thermite particles existed in the WTC dust. This is a military grade, high explosive product, easily capable of slicing through steel like a knife through butter.


4. Photographic evidence as well as oral testimony from firefighters at the scene attested to the fact that molten stell was pouring out of sections of the towers, seconds before they collapsed. At this exact time, the burning jet fuel was in a cooling down phase, as evidenced by black smoke. The fire was burning itself out. Yet if the jet fuelled fires were cooling, what suddenly caused rivers of molten steel to come pouring out at strategic places within the towers (photographic evidence verifies this)?  When science clearly shows burning jet fuel CANNOT melt steel. Thermite must have caused this, in a controlled process of demolition. As stated, laboratory tests performed later on the dust CONFIRMED evidence of this.


Now I have answered your questions, perhaps you can answer two of mine?


1. Why are there multiple eyewitness reports and well as photographic evidence of substantial blasts occurring in the basements of the towers, BEFORE the planes hit?

2. Can you kindly explain how "furniture fires" could have brought down Tower 7? Further, why did it collapse in such a beautifully symmetrical way, with classical bowing in the middle as it collapsed perfectly in on itself, extremely typical of a professionally controlled demolition?


If anyone's interested, here's a 15 minute YouTube video that I found quite illuminating:


BOTTOM LINE: A man sitting in a cave in Afghanistan had neither the technical knowledge, nor building access nor the resources required in order to execute the controlled demolition of the twin trade towers. In any case, the towers had each been designed from the outset to be strong enough to withstand the stresses of a large aircraft smashing into it. This is easily provable.


The crashing planes on 9/11 thus were designed to be a distraction, is all. To fool an unthinking, gullible public.


So why did a deep cover, covert cell of the US government kill its own citizens? We'll never be certain, but many suggest it was used as a pretext for the subsequent invasion of both Afghanistan in October 2001 and Iraq in March 2003. I'm sure there's more to it than this, maybe others could in an informed manner, suggest other reasons? 


Whatever the reason, it doesn't diminish in any way, the premeditated murder of 3000 citizens:  :^)




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