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Childhood Awakenings    

By Achelle Vinzon
1859 Views | 6 Comments | 5/10/2014 1:07:06 PM

Her parents’ marriage was more bad than good, and Dawn would often wish that they would just decide to separate; it would be the best thing for everybody.  But they insisted on staying together and fighting in front of the kids about anything and everything, for the sake of the kids.  And then her mama just up and left in the middle of the night; if her mama was always truly the helpless victim, then Dawn would have been perfectly okay with how things turned out.  But her mama always gave as good as she got.  When she left, Dawn understood that she did it for selfish reasons. 

She only came back because Dawn’s papa decided to work abroad.  And they were getting their own apartment and finally moving out of her grandmother’s house.  Her family got reunited on Dawn’s grade school graduation.      

Dawn’s mama had always struggled at being a mother.  She wasn’t always a good role model, especially for her two daughters, but she wasn’t the worst, either.  She had her shortcomings, just like any other parent; but what made Dawn grow to dislike her mama as time passed and as she got older was her mama’s hypocrisy and lack of compassion for others. 

And then she saw another side to her mama that widened further the distance between them. 

Her mama had always been materialistic.  Perhaps it was because Dawn was starting to see with more mature eyes that she finally understood the extent of her mama’s avarice. 

Whenever her papa came home from abroad for a vacation, there was always a short period during his first week or two home when everything went well, when everything was pleasant between her parents; when Dawn’s mama would act the part of the caring wife.  These periods of pleasantness were fleeting because the money her papa brought home couldn’t last long enough – not with how her mama chose to spend it.  And as soon as his pockets became empty, her mama quickly changed back into her callous and disdainful self.  Of course, life at home also turned sour along with her mama’s changing behavior.    

Dawn and her siblings always felt overjoyed at having their papa back home; every time he had to go away again was a sad occasion, which was only made worse by the quick change in the atmosphere at home – from fine and dandy to harsh and gloomy. 

Dawn’s growing dislike for her mama was not only brought about by the fact that she was close to her papa; it was also motivated by the simple fact that her mama could be so unkind.  As an adult, Dawn would often tell those closest to her that she didn’t hate her mama; she just didn’t like her as a person.  She promised herself that she would never be like her. 

She looks at the clock and sees that it’s time to wake Aurora so she can get ready for school.  She knows exactly what the next part of the story will say.  But she still isn’t sure if she’s ready to open that door again.  She sets aside that unpleasant thought for the time being; that part of Dawn’s past can stay behind closed doors for a while longer.  She stands up and heads out of her bedroom and back into the present.  

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#2014-05-10 19:42:23 by anonymous9994 @anonymous9994

People should not be so materialistic

#2014-05-11 10:30:25 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks once again for this interesting tale, Achelle. Although I think I know where it's heading, something like this. I hope you don't mind if I finish the story for you?

"As time passed, Dawn felt more and more unease at the disturbing memories buried deeply into her unsettled psyche. They comprised primarily of multiple violent arguments between her parents as she was growing up, culminating in frequent nightmares where she as a child was standing beside a glass door that suddenly became shattered during one of the fights, showering her with glass and badly gashing her head.

The blood loss from Dawn's wound was such that she passed away on the operating table. Doctors had valiantly attempted to stitch the wound, but the posterior segment of the carotid artery had been neatly sliced open and massive bleeding consequent upon this had meant there was only ever to be one conclusion. Death.

At this point in every one of her nightmares, Dawn awoke screaming loudly. Her frightened daughter Aurora invariably would come running in,

"Mom! Mom! Please wake up! It's only another one of your terrible dreams!"

At this, Dawn would shake herself awake, exceedingly guilty about the terror she was inflicting upon poor Aurora all too frequently. Yet try as she might, the poignant memories she'd haplessly experienced over many years as a young child it seemed had formed profound pools of putrid and disturbing imagery within her subconscious that were impossible to escape from.

Over time, to her chagrin, these distressing memories began bubbling up into her brain even during normal day to day activities.

"Am I going mad!" Dawn would wonder to herself. For allied with these images was the terrible thought that the only way she could finally free herself from the living nightmare that had more and more unwelcomely encompassed her was the thought that she had to check out.

"Check out" was the euphemism Dawn would use to mean go away. Permanently.

These sinister thoughts increasingly began to overhwelm her life. Psychiatric consultations had proven useless - all the mental health specialists seemed to do was to prescribe valium and various other anti-depressant drugs to her. But Dawn hated taking such medications, she referred to them as "dope pills", because all they did was to make her sleepy, dopey.

Finally she could take it no more however. Her life had deteriorated to such an extent she could barely cope any longer. The doctors were now threatening to have Aurora removed from her, to go into some sort of care facility. The guilt and the shame associated with this made her torment even worse. Silently she covertly resolved in her head what should be done - what MUST be done. Her mind was slowly slipping away into a suicidal psychosis that now was painfully with her almost twenty four hours per day.

Dawn purchased a gun and ammunition from an online auction house and familiarised herself with its operation. She was rather clever as far as hardware and mechanical devices were concerned. Always had been. She then sent Aurora outside to visit the local shop to buy some milk. The steps toward a final release from her profound anguish were in motion - the anguished outcome was now certain.

Dawn slowly yet resolutely loaded her weapon, placed its barrel into her mouth then almost mechanically, the trigger was pressed. An explosive sound of thunder ensued, followed by an eery, unsettling silence.

At last Dawn was free.

#2014-05-13 00:31:14 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons


Oh, Barry. That was a good plot twist, although the ending seemed rushed! Was that you expressing your impatience at the leisurely pace I've been taking in the telling of this story? ;)

But, as always, I appreciate your input! Your thoughts on my writing are always appreciated and never without value.

#2014-05-13 01:53:36 by DiscoveryGuru @DiscoveryGuru

Dude .... What twisted thoughts run through your head !! I'm beginning to think you need to seek some professional help.........

#2014-05-13 13:20:13 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Was that you expressing your impatience at the leisurely pace I've been taking in the telling of this story?"

I personally very much enjoy your style of writing, Achelle. It's thoughtful, graceful and artistic in its own gentle way.

Yet I'm cognisant that not everyone has the patience to slowly breathe in, understand and consume elegant prose when they see it. Most men are like this, for example. (giggle)

So being a male myself, I thought perhaps a little action and shock might perhaps draw back some of the male readership that you've sadly lost. Let's face it, most males are oafish neanderthals, as described elsewhere on this website

#2014-05-13 13:23:16 by Barry1 @Barry1


"What twisted thoughts run through your head !!"

Thank you so much for the belly laugh you gave me when I read your words, DiscoveryGuru.

You are indeed a man of high entertainment value. You kill me with your comedy! (rofl)

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