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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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Cherish the Memory of Confidant    

By Xin73
8845 Views | 23 Comments | 2/22/2013 3:53:46 PM

The tomb of Yu Boya

The word " confidant " reminds me of the famous Yu Boya in ancient Chinese to break peptachord thank bosom friend immortals allusions.Compared with the people, in today's society, suffering from numbness and drowsy soul tortured by their life,who CARES about enjoying the true, simple and deep friendship. Look at the interpersonal gradually indifferent world, make me for dearly cherish the memory of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi. For this world there are so great friendship overjoyed and touched the heart and admiration. When the world heartless I was acracholia, when the world was full of affection I rejoice. The joy of heart has always been exist; without any confusion not to the past.

In here I palimnesis two the ancestors, let western friends to know more about "bosom friend" this word was derived from the famous Chinese allusions and to hear this period of a touching friendship.

The story happened in China two thousand years ago in the spring and Autumn period,there was a famous musician, his name is Yu Boya. Yu Boya from childhood very intelligent, highly talented and very fond of music. He was with a call Liancheng the teacher to learn peptachord,Liancheng teachers in order to Yu Boya acquire even higher attainments, to help him find a better teacher for of excuse and to take him to a lonely island then leave.

Yu Boya in the lonely island, he with the sea and the forest bird for the partners, the feelings naturally to changed and edify the soul, he in nature in to grasps the spirit of music, let his own thoughts and feelings to dissolve in music among. Truly comprehend the nature of art and create a masterpiece handed down for generations. Finally him become a generation of outstanding musician, but really can understand his the tune the person are not actually many, he has been struggling to find own soul mate.

One day, Yu BoYa take boat to travel along the river. The boat to mountain side, suddenly began to rain, his had to let the ship berth is in mountain side take shelter from rain.Yu BoYa listen to the patter of rain, see the rain hit the surface of the river's the vivid scene and aroused the interest of his played. Yu BoYa are playing very involved, suddenly felt a strange trembling on the strings, which is the musician the telepathy,this shows that have someone in nearby to listening music.Yu BoYa go out of the ship to see, sure enough it is the edge of the woods sat a woodcutter.

The woodcutter was a Zhong ziqi. Yu Boya put Zhong Ziqi to please into the ship and each other self-introduction the name.Yu Boya said: "I am for you to playing a tune okay?" Zhong Ziqi immediately indicate are all ears.Yu Boya immediately playing a tune " high mountain". Zhong Ziqi highly praise way: "how lofty mountain ah!" Yu Boya continue to playing a tune "running water", Zhong Ziqi praise: "how vast and mighty the riverwater ah!" Yu Boya after heard very admire and excited .Oneself used tweedle express thoughts, the past not ones hear to understand, but at present this woodcutter unexpectedly can hear clearly. Unexpectedly in this desolate mountain can meet oneself the soulmates. therefore, Yu Boya the hands put the harp push aside and to stand up, walking to in his front hold his hands say: "know acquaintances all over the world, but very few confidant, you are really my soulmates ah!" So both of them have sworn for "A friend until death" and an appointment met next year in the Mid-Autumn festival of reunion in here.The same day, both of them tearful farewell.

Winter to spring, a year passed quickly. In Mid-Autumn festival Yu Boya to arrived an appointment of with Zhong Ziqi farewell place. He waiting for long time not see Zhong Ziqi to keep the appointment, Yu Boya decided to go to Zhong Ziqi house looking for him.On the way to met an old woodcutter, at ask the way time the BoYa yu know who is the father of ZhongZiqi.He told the old man his purpose come here.

The old man Old Man Wept Bitterly tell to Yu Boya that the Zhong Ziqi at deathbed to request to father put himself tomb built in the river bank,waiting for in Mid-Autumn festival and Yu Boya meet and can hear his the tweedle,and request his father help replace of him keep one's promise with Yu Boya.

The old man finally said: "when you just now to come the wayside,there is a new grave, that is ... He in ... Waiting for you!" Yu Boya to hearing this, frightened, faint in the ground.

Yu Boya regain consciousness , with old man to came the grave of the Zhong Ziqi, He recollect their first met of the scene can't help extremely grieved and crying aloud. He took out heptachord(Yao Qin) sitting in grave front, and mournful to play they first met the tune "high Mountain and running Water".

When music finished,He put the strings to pick broken and sad to say: I only bosom friend has passed away,this peptachord(Yao Qin) play who to listen to it?” Then will himself precious peptachord smashed in grave front of Zhong Ziqi . Since then, Yu Boya and heptachord(Yao Qin) insulation,never played it.

This is China's famous allusions.Dear friends, when you read this story have why reflections? I was thinking, that the two gender orientation normal men, a musician ,one is the woodcutter.The identity and status of them in that era there should be a gap.But Yu Boya lower the identity give a woodcutter the equality and respect,and to produce the feelings of freemasonry. Admittedly Yu Boya have insight and self-restraint the person; Like Zhong Ziqi at deathbed,haven't forget himself promise, request his father instead of him to go to "keep an appointment" can have several people do it?Their genuine, sincerity, will never change until death of the friendship can you not be touched?! "High Mountain Running Water" the dulcet music is still lingering in people's heart,like the Boya and Ziqi to waken some paralysis of the soul.

Faced with the vastness of the universe, I feel own so small as a drop in the ocean. Looking at the present society has been interest and desire of rendering ,people's just for survival and their respective interests and busy and gradually forget most pure feelings of human nature. Ask how few people will have such a pure feelings?Who will for Whom still abide by an appointment?Who will for Whom will never change until death?Who will have the time to rinse themselves suffer social stress become distorted soul?Today's society to suffer "impetuous" atmosphere shrouded, human relationship the cultured was almost only become dream of the wishful, or just a distant legend in people's mind. When someones dally with the feelings of others, whether can be conscious of themselves superficial of human nature?Hope the profound friendship of Boya and Ziqi can give people some enlightenment and hope that a tune "High Mountain Running Water" can appeased all impetuous soul.

Thousands of people and tens between millions years,met that want to met person,Their inclination and interest and oneself consistent,can how not produce like get treasure feeling?The same attitudes and values, The same attitudes and values, final them become like-minded and even with the total death of best friends. Their bosom friend of friendship really let the common people moved and envy of the pole. I hope all the person of in their lifetime can met oneself to admire wholeheartedly of the confidant !

















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#2013-02-22 17:39:45 by anonymous5565 @anonymous5565

不喜欢溜须拍马,不喜欢随波逐流 提出不同的看法的人,就叫没涵养?就是肤浅?我看肤浅的恰恰是你自己。

#2013-02-23 14:18:22 by xin73 @xin73

我真的不明白你不是说过不喜欢阅读我的博客吗?你曾经说我写的东西又长又难理解,但是你每一次都忍不住要拜读我写的东西。你是不是对我真的很不服气啊?你很奇怪我怎么知道你是谁吧? “jwksdy444”中国首都的大姐!千万不要以为你匿名到处去污蔑别人,别人就不知道你是谁?看你遇到被你攻击的人是谁!若要人不知除非己莫为!




I really don't understand what you said not to don't like reading my blog? You once said something I wrote a long and difficult to understand, but every time you couldn't help to read what I wrote. Are you for me really defy spirit? You are very astonish how do I know who you are?"Jwksdy444" the capital of China "big sister!"Don't think you anonymous everywhere to slander others, others will not know who are you? That is about to see when you met your attack is who is the person!If you would not be known to do anything, never do it.
Yes, I'll give you said to me is very superficial, because I know my superficial therefore constantly learning and perception of life. Do you know more than superficial bad word is what? Is ignorance! What is even worse than ignorance? Is mentally retarded and idiot ! I was very lucky to own superficial! The total ratio of ignorance and mentally retarded and idiot people are much more lucky!
I this blog said a word "Today" s society to suffer "impetuous" atmosphere shrouded, human relationship the cultured was almost only become dream of the wishful, " you help me to justify this sentence!You confess without torture once again!
I advise you to read my blog if you want to comment, please comment the content of the article,please don't involve me! If your level is limited not understand what I wrote, after reading leave you don't need to comment.

#2013-02-23 20:07:14 by Grace172 @Grace172

Xin, you are so lucky. Seems a 'Chinese ghost' has sticked on you. I think she loves you so much that once your new article has posted on, she will refute you at once without reading the content at all. So that let you become famouse.I wonder if she will refute you if you write a complimentary article to her. haha...
你很很幸运,似乎一个“中国匿名鬼”盯上你啦。我想她很喜欢你,每次你的文章一出,不管内容是什么,她连文章的内容都没看清楚就对你进行攻击。正因为她一直跟着你,所以让你出名拉。你无需生气啊。有一个无知、低劣、愤恨的“鬼”跟着你反而有强烈的对比,更衬托你的智慧和优雅。让你和你的文章更受欢迎。我盼望你写一篇赞美这只见不得光的“鬼”的文章,说她多么善良,多么可爱,多么聪慧,我想看看她是不是会攻击你说你说的一切都是假话。哈哈。 其实这只“鬼”是谁我们姐妹都知道。从Recent comments就可以看到她对其他姐妹的人身攻击。只是我们不挑明,在看她出丑而已。

#2013-02-23 23:04:42 by anonymous5574 @anonymous5574


#2013-02-24 01:17:42 by HuangPo @HuangPo

Beautiful. Inspiring story!

#2013-02-24 13:41:10 by Grace172 @Grace172


"你知道比肤浅更糟糕的词是什么吗?是无知!比无知更惨的是什么?是弱智!我很幸运自己的肤浅!总比无知与弱智者更幸运幸运!" 哈哈哈哈。。。。 你真的太有才啦。真的很佩服你。

#2013-02-24 14:59:57 by xin73 @xin73


#2013-02-24 18:26:28 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple



#2013-02-24 18:39:20 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

The comedy has reached a fevered pitch. I am going to find the time to write a blog about it very soon.

@Grace172 - you are so brilliant. You use the phrase a "Chinese ghost" where I think in the west we might have said a "Chinese vampire" or perhaps a "Chinese witch", but your comments are so clever. You, more than any other Chinese person I have known, clearly get sarcasm, and you use it so effectively.

You should be blogging for us girl, you are a talent that has so much to offer to the conversation we're trying to foster here.

@xin73 - bravo, bravo, bravo. I am going to blog about this soon, but please understand we reject of 50% of the evil Chinese witch's comments. However, I salute you. You have really handled every stupid, vindictive comment that was let through by misjudgment with dignity and aplomb. We all admire you greatly for the way you have handled yourself.

But this sudden visible "outing" of the Chinese monster is brilliant. Of course I cannot say if you are right or wrong, but your strategy is brilliant. Again, we applaud you, for both your intelligence and for your continued kindness and noble thoughts in the face of the type of thinking that should have died out with the red guard.

Thank you for your nobility.

#2013-02-24 21:26:47 by sara1202 @sara1202





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