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Cheat predictors    

By Jasmine Huang
6200 Views | 4 Comments | 9/12/2010 1:43:57 AM

Not easy to resist the temptation, huh?

Due to the blog, I read various kinds of articles about relationships and quite often learned something new. Today when I was browsing my QQ space and I found this one. Now I would like to share it with you. Guess in most cases, girls would very much like to learn from it. Well, no harm for guys.

'When you're dating a guy, you can forgive him for some indiscretions , but it's nearly impossible to turn the other cheek. Well, Cosmo did some investigating to ascertain the traits that may make men more likely to cheat, and some of our findings were surprising eye-openers.

Cheat Predictor 1

Was he spoiled as a kid?

Do his parents tend to baby him and help him out of financial jams?

Has he ever bragged about cheating on an exam or paying someone to write a paper for him in college?

If your man seems to have sailed through life without ever hitting the rough waters that rock the rest of us, beware. Privileged chaps tend to suffer from a sense of entitlement (read: bratty-boy syndrome), so he may believe that the rules don't apply to him. He's so used to getting what he wants, why should he stop now?

Pay attention to how he copes when he's confronted with any bad behavior on his part. Does he regret getting caught forwarding your racy emails to his friends but feel no guilt for doing it in the first place? Does he blame others when he screws up rather than take responsibility himself? If he can't see how his actions affect others, he's not likely to say, "Whoa, what about my girlfriend?" when temptation strikes.

Cheat Predictor 2

Does he work mostly with women?

Is he always logging in late hours, whether it be at the office, at dinner with clients or on business trips?

Does he make a lot of money?

Studies show that when men cheat, it's most often with a work colleague. Not only are people with similar interests side by side on a daily basis, but the time they spend together is usually when they're most energetic and look their best.

Unfortunately, the bigger his wallet, the more likely your busy bee is to cozy up with an office buddy. Evolution has wired men to understand that the better they are at providing, the more appealing they are to women. Since testosterone is what drives men's quest for power, if a guy has achieved status, he's more likely to act on his desires.

If he sounds happy that you call during the day, invites you to his office and takes you to company parties, you're most likely his one and only partner. It's when he acts more secretive about his work than a CIA agent that he's probably taking on after-hours clients.

Cheat Predictor 3

Can he talk his way out of anything (parking tickets, rolling into work late)?

Does he make an effort to charm everyone--your coworkers, your older sister, a saleswoman?

When you go to parties, does he insist on making the rounds?

Charmers meet a lot of women and win them over easily. So even if his intentions aren't more than friendship, they might be willing to move beyond friendship, and that's hard to resist.

To determine if your charmer might become a two-timer, watch how he interacts with you in social settings. A guy who wants to play with other partners may brush you off when chatting with a new female friend or get noticeably more uncomfortable with PDAs when other women are around.

Cheat Predictor 4

Does he usually hang out with a crew of mostly single guys?

Do his friends encourage him to join them in just-for-men activities?

Do his pals have problems staying in relationships?

A recent study of 37,000 men and women showed that when guys see those around them splitting from their significant others, it tends to encourage them to do the same.

You want to believe that his buddies would have enough sense to stop your guy from canoodling with some cute club-hopper, but they won't always be on your side. If a coupled-up guy's friends are all looking to get lucky, they may not only tease him about being tied down but also actually dare him to cheat. At the very least, they'll cover for him.

Still, there's no need to ban him from hanging out with the bachelors if he's able to strike the right balance between his buddies and you. He should include you sometimes when he meets up with friends. Although your fella's frat pack might seem like the enemy, chumming it up with the guys (fake fondness if you have to) can do wonders for your relationship. Once you've earned their respect, they're much less likely to push your partner into prowling. '


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#2011-03-16 14:26:57 by victoriafeng @victoriafeng

Nice article! Why there is no comment?

#2011-12-12 11:57:33 by flateacher @flateacher

Just read it.. comment

(smile) you have to ask?

#2012-05-16 21:36:49 by gaspasser @gaspasser

Very good article and right are not normally monogamous...most of us are very visual and can easily get turned on more by what we don't see than by what we see...our imaginations run wild and the biggest sex organ we have is our brain. We are easily swayed by flirting and doesn't take much for a cute gal to get our minds working overtime. But now, at 71 years of age, I have discovered it is a choice to cheat or not to cheat. No one can make me cheat if I don't want to cheat, and that is true of any man if he is honest with himself. No one can force a man to have sex if he does not want to, and in reality, physically it would be very difficult to perform. I remember one experience with a hooker and I just could not get it up since there was no feeling was just a cold emotionless business deal. It never did happen and I never tried it again. Very very few men are ever held down or tied down and just raped...that is just a fantasy that some men might have, but rarely ever happens in real life. So...cheating is a choice. As I see it...if I have a woman that satisfies me in all areas including sexually, then I have no desire to cheat even if I am surrounded by available ego and my libido has already been taken care of by my woman, and all of my other emotional, physical, mental, spiritual needs have been met by her as well, so there is no need to cheat. The bottom line is it is a man's choice to cheat or not cheat...any man that says otherwise is either a liar or has a serious sex addiction problem that he needs help for...

#2012-11-03 01:38:48 by TimG @TimG

It's true that some men cheat. But I find it interesting that no one comments on the person with whom he is cheating. Unless the woman is a complete idiot, she is an accomplice to the deceit. Therefore, wouldn't it be fairer to say that some PEOPLE cheat? Of remote interest my father only had sex with one person in his entire life. This is not true of my mother ...

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