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Cash, Crocodiles, Electronics-Keeping everything safe while traveling tropical Asia.    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2803 Views | 1 Comments | 1/31/2011 9:32:54 AM

Third World Entrepreneurs - Ya gotta mistrust them.

One such type started snorkel tours in the crystalline waters off India's Andaman islands. His hand made placard advertisements failed to boast of the fact that a Salt Water Crocodile Sanctuary was situated an island or so over from his boat dock. The last thing one poor innocent snorkeler saw was a monstrous croc surfacing beside her.

That's the third world, be it Asia, Africa, the Americas'. Probably the less developed continents of Mars are the same way. All that's needed to open a business is an empty lot and a few coins for the police and proper officials. Nobody seriously comes around to check safety. What's another incarnation more or less, after all?

Buyers of services and tours most definitely beware!

How do you keep body, mind, finances, and travel gear safe while drifting like the tropical wind across the lush lands of southeast Asia?

Well, your gear might be the easiest.

Thieves know a lot of it is clothes and overpriced souvenirs anyhow. If traveling with that beautiful Asia woman you met through an internet dating service, have her keep an eye on your luggage while you dash into that railway station rest room. If you are a lonesome traveler, take that gear with you, or get in and out in about 15 seconds. (You can do it! Fireman roll and unroll fire hoses in less than a minute, and I'm assuming your particular family treasure is a bit shorter than that). Get those small luggage locks and use them when your gear is in the train luggage compartment or on that bus roof top. The goats alongside them on the Nepal bus probably won't steal, but any one else is suspect. Keep an eye on what luggage goes off the bus at each stop.

I always wear my vital gear. "If you wear it, it is harder to lose it". That is my motto. Don't steal it:)!

That means passport, ATM and credit cards, and a supply of emergency cash are carried in one of those "secret" wearable holders. Not so secret, of course. Everyone knows your treasury is underneath your shorts, but a casual pickpocket isn't likely to gain access. I prefer a "shoulder holster" rig worn under my shirt. More visible, but in respectable places the chance of someone taking it by force is remote. Much more comfortable. In rough areas I go back to the first type, which has the virtue of not being actually visible.

I always wear a slim, strong silver chain around my neck. Stylish and Functional! Hang your hotel key off of it, even a hotel safety deposit key at times. A pouch strung through it will hold travel tickets. You don't want to be exposing and digging into your vital documents holder just to show the third conductor in ten minutes your train ticket.

Speaking of hotel safety boxes, I do leave my passport there if I'm going to be a guest for a few days or more. Carrying a photocopy of your passport info and visa should satisfy the "authorities", if questioned. But I wouldn't leave more than a few hundred dollars or so cash wise in a hotel box, and then always in a sealed envelope.

I will dare to say one un-paranoid thing... being pick pocketed or purse snatched doesn't happen as frequently as the media leads one to believe. My friend has carried a large purse through every country red flagged by Lonely Planet Books as being "Purse Snatch Ground Zero" Nary an attempt!
Well, actually, there was one half-assed attempt in Thailand, last year...

So much for being unwary! O.K., don't keep anything valuable in your purses, ladies! Too easy for motorcycle thieves to grasp the strap and speed off.

Well, running out of time.. Later on, I'll talk about keeping your cash flow safe, and your body and mind safe and sane and sound while boogieing around tropical Asia.

Hey... I just returned from the bathroom and my laptop is gone!

Happened so quick!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2011-02-03 09:47:10 by almservice @almservice

Hey Ken, there are nasty rumors of places where the crooks are actually chopping womens' arms off with one stroke of a sharp axe or machete in order to quickly grab a purse from a motorbike and then ride off. This rumor passed through China, specifically about parts of Guangzhou, but it seemed ultimately to be BS. But I also heard it of parts of SE Asia. Have you heard this, and if so, do you give it any credence?

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