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Can you describe the provinces/cities in China like this?    

By Jasmine Huang
3743 Views | 0 Comments | 7/4/2010 2:15:19 AM

See how fun it will be when we try to describe the cities and provinces below just like when we are talking about some people. Guess these small gossips will entertain us and in the meantime make us to see more characteristics of the cultures and people in each of the different provinces and cities in China.

1. Beijing: Once had world's great prestige of the imperial style but because of narcissism and not working hard, he became weak and went back to his infant stage... Now he grew to be a very arrogant child, working hard planning on "how to go back to being an adult". Likes barbeque duck, recently troubled by a pile of old stuff at home.

2. Heilongjiang: A youth who is icy old, does not like to reveal his feelings, although sometimes has a headache because of Jilin. He displays tenderness towards two of his brothers, had a tragic past, likes cloves and has high alcohol tolerance.

3. Jilin: Optimistic youth, bold personality but especially effective when dealing with women; likes to lend his helping hand when he sees injustice, but often gets into trouble; very loyal to his brothers, but slow to feel Heilongjiang’s tenderness.

4. Tianjin: Cute and confused little girl, originally already grew to be a maiden but because her brother Beijing was not happy about her height, she voluntarily shrank herself. Likes older brother very much; likes gentiana, and likes to give strange names to her home made buns. Sometimes her thoughts will automatically switch to high dimensional spaces.

5. Liaoning: General offensive of the Dongbie 3P party. Has firm and persistent personality like the steels. Loves erguotou (strong liquor), and has high alcohol tolerance. Sometimes thinks about the sad past. Takes care of two younger brothers; he is a tender and strong big uncle.

6. Shanxi: Loves money as much as she loves her life, often with a smiley face, but that is the weapon she lures the customers to buy her stuff. Carrying an abacus at all times, very business minded.

7. Shanghai: A very bright and capable young man, fast paced, typical impatient hothead and absolute perfectionist. Does not allow himself or others to make mistakes (often troubled because of this) Seems to be surprisingly weak when taking off his glasses. Annoyed when called a “sissy”, loves to be elite and modern.

8. Jiangsu: Looks like a gentle and quiet youth, with a weak health and often coughs, but in fact deep down inside he loves to make others suffer! He loves to use tough problems to create difficulties for others.

9. Hunan: A warm blooded young girl, likes to try new things, acts all on her own, impulsive and hot tempered. Sensitive about her reputation, has leadership skills. Often are laughed at because of her flat chest by her sisters.

10. Jiangxi: A girl who does not talk much, and not good at communicating with others. Therefore often does things she does not want to do, and in a state of self-blame. Loves to keep fishes, has many china at home.

11. Fujian: A very strong queen, because she was often in war, she has an aggressive personality, but she is very loyal to her boss. Used to love to fish, now very modernized; still holds grudges about Taiwan's leaving.

12. Hubei: She is Hunan’s older sister, short tempered and easily gets angry. Although she is older, she can easily get into fights with others. The word she likes is "revolution".

13. Hainan: An enthusiastic and honest young man, because of his special dark skin, he is often recognized therefore he feels a sense of pride. Loves his ocean and the coconut trees, very proud of his fishing skill and loves to invite others to his home.

14. Sichuan: An arrogant young man from a rich family, has very bitter tongue and very competitive, somewhat narcissistic. Surprisingly tender to small animals. Recently he is healing wounds at home. His interest is cooking. Often plays MJ with little brother Chongqing, Hunan and Hubei.

15. Zhejiang: A very weak girl, looks like an honor student, good at poetry and math (business), timid and cries a lot, loves to wear silk (chi-pao) mandarin gown and hold a small fan.

16. Chongqing: Sichuan's younger brother, naturally keeps his words, very hospitable, loves to do house chores, loves to dress up and loves to eat hotpot. Often goes his brother’s house to eat and talk.

17. Guangdong: A girl eats everything... often has strangers at home but she never cares. Likes make things herself and then paste on the brand name logo. Loves comics (2d stuff) and often shows off her collections.

18. Guangxi: A gentle and beautiful girl, but is surprisingly strong and brave. Likes to stay at home, and every year there are many people swarming into her home to travel.

19. Gansu: A warm young man, looks very normal therefore often is scared by Ningxia. Likes to nag, other than that has no other bad habits (but also has nothing else special) Likes to make noodles, because he stayed with Ningxia for long time started to like pigs for no reason.

20. Ningxia: A quiet man, don't know what he is thinking about most of the time, his action is also unpredictable. Has specially feeling for pigs. Often carries different kinds of kitchen knives. Used to hang white fabrics at home and scared off Gansu.

21. Yunnan: A natural young girl, very friendly to people, optimistic personality and has wide range of interests. Good at singing, dancing and art needlework, likes small animals. Her blood line is complicated and her pet phrase is "may become good friends".

22. Guizhou: A good gentle young man, his actions are courteous, and slow. He is kind of lazy, likes to play jokes on people. He has multiple national origins.

23. Qinghai: A lazy young man looks lethargic and does not talk much all day long, therefore feels almost non- existence. Likes to stay home and likes to eat salty food, even the lake at home are salted. And another lake at home disappeared for no reason, everyone was puzzled.

24. Xinjiang: Young man with mood swings, very enthusiastic, but don’t know why recently likes to fight and separate the family...loves to dance and make wine and goes to everyone’s home to sell noodles and roasted lamb skewers.

25. Xizang (Tibet): A naturally gentle and lively girl, very tall and has an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness (mysophobia) therefore her home is always clean. Has a long dark history, so sometimes turns evil. Likes to sing and drink barley wine.

26. Macao: Girl with high vitality, very good at gambling. When loses she swears not to gamble again, but very easily set off fighting spirit, and forgets everything she said before.

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