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CLM Rescheduled Christmas - Gift #1 - Zoe    

By John Abbot
3465 Views | 5 Comments | 12/30/2012 1:53:43 PM

If you happened to read my recent forum thread, "CLM/ALM Has Rescheduled Christmas", then you're already aware that as a result of truly horrendous Internet connections, CLM has been forced to move back the universal celebration of Christmas several days. As such, Christmas will be celebrated December 30th this year instead of December 25th. We apologize if that screws up your Christmas plans but it couldn't be helped.

Our Christmas newsletter will be out shortly and contains several Christmas gifts for you, but the first of those gifts I'm going to introduce now.

Over the years we have been truly blessed with a group of Chinese women bloggers who are exceptionally talented. All of our Chinese bloggers have been popular and well received by our membership.

However, as Christmas gift #1, we wish to present Zoe, who we think will really stand out in your thoughts as you read her first series of blogs which is based upon Zoe's recent breakup with her German boyfriend.

All of our women bloggers have provided incredible insight into the workings of the Chinese woman's mind, but Zoe is about to take you on a tour of the very core of a Chinese woman's heart.

Zoe's writing is so vivid and so colorful that she can't help but paint a painfully clear picture of her actual breakup, but she has also found a way to allow you to feel what she was feeling. If you can't learn something from Zoe about the heart of a Chinese woman then you probably should not be searching for one to be your lifemate.

As Zoe will show us over the length of this series, online Chinese dating doesn't always turn into a raging success, and you will see and feel what a Chinese woman might feel, when things fall apart. One thing to take away from this, if nothing else, is when you're dealing with cross cultural issues and relationships, you must hope for the best but plan for the worst.

We gift you then Zoe, and Part 1 of her extraordinary description of a relationship gone bad, in "The End of Our Relationship Part 1 - The Letter".

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2012-12-31 22:17:47 by happygirl @happygirl

Great. Christmas twice.

#2012-12-31 22:20:28 by happygirl @happygirl

@John Abbot - Thanks. Now we have 2 times Christmas.

#2013-01-01 15:04:58 by anonymous5129 @anonymous5129

洋老板说的有一定道理’抱好的希望做最坏的准备‘ 其实不论做什么事都应该持这种态度,都要给自己留有充分的余地,这样才能游刃有余的面对来自各方面压力与不适,也不至使自己陷入困境。

#2013-03-07 12:35:14 by irishblue @irishblue

Hi Zoe,

i hope i do not offend you - are you married to John? If so, please excuse me.
I you are single, can I contact you?

Warmest regards,

#2013-03-07 14:19:28 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@irishblue - Say what???

Since you posted your question on my blog and not Zoe's, she will not get any notice you've asked her this question so I'm going to take the liberty of partially answering it for her.

Zoe and I are not married and have not met in person. However, if I was not already happily married and was 20 years younger, Zoe would certainly be of great interest to me. I'm very curious as to what made you think that Zoe and I might be a couple and frankly flattered that you thought an old fart like me would be attractive to someone as lovely as Zoe. Thanks for that.

I don't know for certain whether Zoe is in a relationship or not but you are free to ask her in the usual fashion, which is to contact her on her profile on CLM. The trick to finding that link is to find where she has made a comment on her blogs and click on the link to her profile you will find there.

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