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Bus Travels in China (1)    

By LaoGui 老鬼的博客
602 Views | 4 Comments | 3/31/2019 10:45:30 AM

Travel in China - the Leshan Budda

My very first bus-trip in China was the ghastly trip from Ningbo to Huangshan that I mentioned in my previous blog - tedious, boring, exceedingly uncomfortable and otherwise to be forgotten, although Huangshan itself was indeed memorable.  We must have been married by then because no-one objected to us staying together in a twin room!  The marriage, the hospital inspection, the civil ceremony and celebration is another story for another time.

My third visit to mainland China early this century followed after a few months contracting through the Seoul winter, LG twin towers.  From Shanghai to Chengdu by plane and there at the airport and to my horror my wife agreed to a ride with one of the airport touts who mysteriously drove us to some remote open field where he chatted at length with some other guys, then transferred us and luggage to a truck.  We did arrive intact despite my inner panic.  No way I would ever let her do that again! 

From Chengdu she-who-must-be-obeyed booked a tour to Leshan and Emeishan - by bus.  Oh my god how I hate bus tours!  The pointless hour-long stops in weird deserted places to wander around desolate shopping centres selling unwanted things with the tour guides lingering like ghosts behind you silently (sometimes not so silently) urging you to buy. On the trip to Leshan the first such pointless stop was a perfume outlet with acres and acres of perfumes.  The return trip was a knife factory complex.  When I travel neither perfume nor knives are high on my list of essentials.  What should have been a two hour trip turned into three hours.

The Leshan Buddha 乐山大佛 (leshan da fo) is a 70m high cliff-face head to foot carving, constructed about 1200 years ago in the Tang dynasty.  The Mount Rushmore carvings by way of comparison are 18m high, and the statue portion of the Statue of Liberty is about 66m .  Pretty impressive achievement, and the feet are enormous!

From Leshan to Emeishan is a relatively short trip, less than an hour, and no unwanted stops.  As always (it seems) in Sichuan, everything was shrouded in mist, and never even a glimpse of sun,  After a night in a dodgy minus one star hotel where I didn't dare check the sheets, we set out next morning, up the mountain cloaked in mist, past temples and burning incense.  A truly lovely walk and somewhat challenging.  Returning,we walked up an area reserved for monkeys, where I had the luck to be bitten by two females scavenging my pockets for bread or biscuits.  The guards cleaned the small bite wounds and urged me to go to hospital about which I was extremely reluctant.

So by bus back to Chengdu via the knife factory.

The photos are of Leshan dafo, emeishan one of the monkeys that had bitten me, and finally mist at one of the temple sites


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#2019-03-31 10:45:07 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I quite enjoyed this post, short but sweet. You have also given substantially more info on the lady and it surprised me when you revealed she was your wife. I am not sure why it surprised me but I just didn't see it coming.

The bus tours and other commercial tourist adventures seem to be bult into the Chinese psyche. Both the Chinese women I have had long term relationships with, including my wife of 12 years now, love these organized voluntary inflictions of self torture and preplanned every trip we ever took with two or three such exercises of mind numbing boredom booked for everyday. I might add that everyday's restaurant meals were also preplanned.

My idea of travel is to book your hotel for the first night in advance and then play it by ear from the next morning on. So I empathize with you entirely in your statement "Oh my god how I hate bus tours!".

On the other hand, every once in a while the goal awaiting you at the nexus of the tour does make it worth the torture getting there, and that would seem to be the case with the Leshan Buddha. 

I am curious as to whether your "night in a dodgy minus one star hotel" was as a resut of there being no other option, or was it because your Chinese woman was very careful with your money, as most of them are?

#2019-03-31 17:21:40 by oldghost @oldghost

The dodgy hotel was included in the tour - in the cool of late November night at 3000m lukewarm shower and the skinniest soap I have ever seen together with shabby blankets and a 3/4 size bed were amongst the best features of the room.

But Emeishan itself was really lovely; walking the paths in the refreshing mist, the scenery to the eye was just lovely, something that the camera could scarcely capture.

#2019-04-02 11:28:17 by oldghost @oldghost


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#2019-04-03 11:33:19 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hi LaoGui

In response to your question, my answer is I don't know. I will look into it with our web developer because I can't see that it has any meaning. I'll be back to advise on that point.

For everyone reading this please note that this does not appear above the specific article. Just scroll up on this articel and you'll see that there is no mention of "Articles" below the title. 

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