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Peter lived for nearly a half-decade in China, including two as a Peace Corps volunteer, and is the author of Socrates in Sichuan: Chinese Students Search for Truth, Justice and the (Chinese) Way. It is the intention of his blog to foster the sort of intercultural understanding necessary for long term relationships.
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Building Bridges and Mending Fences: A Chinese Dream for America    

By Peter V
1278 Views | 30 Comments | 11/27/2018 1:57:06 PM
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#2018-11-29 21:36:52 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


It's clearly breaching INTERNATIONAL LAW. Why? So it can say its military might is bigger than everyone elses in the region?   (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)

I am not Pro-any country -- but as often happens -- Expats peg me as Pro-Mainland -- LOL 

I view this situation you are talking about from a different vantage point and I do not see any flexing of Military muscles either ...   If anything they are merely emulating my Orange head ( along with a long line of others who get very enthused about breaching  Int'l Law)  under many guises which are obvious but are supposedly accepted and tolerated due to the Might of the World's #1 macho bravado image .  It is complex and complicated to express my view of the Mainland so that those from the West or Alternative can appreciate a different perspective.  So silence is better (giggle)  

You see, Trump-land (including many previous White House squatters)  is wasting BILLIONS of unnecessary dollars  --- I assume your "unnecessary " means channeled towards the ineffective, inefficient projects or goals ...

Or maybe it's just a flagrant land grab aiming to extend its reach in potentially oil and/or mineral rich waters at the expense of its less powerful neighbours?   (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)

Welcome to my neck of the woods ----   Uncle Sugar has been doing this for how long ??   Besides, if you want something terrifying -- just peer into the Crystal Ball of Alternative ...  Which apparently would claim that all of these wasteful expenditure of zillions of financial resources surely are caused by ......   (Mickey Mouse? The list of active Alien Lizoids lurking everywhere there in Merica -- gosh Hillary should be more careful with photo ops .... Lizzy eyes ... Arnold -- I'll be back with my Lizoid features soon )  Tongue in cheek  dripping sarcasm (giggle)(giggle)

Infrastructure ... hmmmmmm   I am extremely happy where I am living and filled with lots of Stress that I might not be able to remain here ... it is a Nightmare for me to return there --  Culturally, socially , economically, Medical Care, insurance for everything , Dental is insanity , besides imagine all the new False Flags I might encounter ????  Ahhhhhhhh!

In the meantime, MILLIONS of its citizens, particularly in the rural areas, are leading tough lives, some with not enough food to eat, let alone the paucity of  moderately priced medical facilities available to them.   --- Whoa! Wow! are you commenting on the lower 48???  (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

Not to mention the homeless .... which SF seems to have an overabundance of .... 

Dude the Medical Care costs ...   My Aussie friend often tells me of the Horror stories of living in the land of Oz ... LOL

Sheeeeeesh ...  comparison of population ?    Until the late 80s I would guess that most likely 90%+ of the Mainland was inundated with what ?  Non-movable population due to Household reg.  Strangulation from previous decades ...  And yet folks wish to whine about those still living in about the same socio-economic environment they had been for generations ?  Puh-lease ... What something Amazing and Incredible to notice ?   Two Marxists were sorta of chummy with each other ... One of those helped a dude with the great march while the other wannabe Patton got his butt kicked to a roc(k) and decimated the locals .... February 28th ring any bells ? Martial Law until one year before I got there ...  hmmmmm While there was a great leap forward which uh.. er.. never mind ... then there was the hundred flowers agenda ( excuse my obscure writing -- nsa is watching (giggle)(giggle)(giggle))  along with a decade or so of red books being placed in hotels everywhere -- the forerunners of the gideons  -- (giggle)...  while the dude with Song connections decided to have a Halloween party "White Terror" lasting for approximately the same duration ....    Paying attention to the chronology ?  Review time --- compare that with theTea Party 1773 onwards --- population size?   then there were a few speed bumps along the way ... 30s crash .. lots of Wars they thoroughly enjoyed as "Policeman gone beserk"  not to mention financing both sides of the big one circa 1945 --  huge investment towards Military Toy Story ... with Nukes (that apparently do not exist in that tiny Matrix anime Flatt World ) huge investment for the Apollo missions to the 'real' Moon -- not that insigificant spherical object approximately the same size as that tiny spotlight that meanders around the sky under the sacrosanct Dome that Aliens use Magic? Mystic powers? to transverse ) dripping sarcasm  (giggle) then the speed bump of 2008 which -- Whoa ... did not greatly affect my life during my time on the roc(k).  zillions of False Flags ( cue various stickers of Wechat displaying Mock shock ) lots of shootings ( imaginary to those living under the proverbial rock in Flatt World )  Do you want me to give more ?  (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

Now back at the Ranch ... if your Historical memory is suitable and has not been gutted out by Chemtrails ---   (especially the bizarre case of severe temporary / permanent? unconsciousness /incapacity caused by a blow to the head relating to the Holocaust horror )  then you will notice and observe that the time frame is already into the late 80s ....  Taiwan was granted "Island of Greed " by Time Mag -- which I know is anathema to Alternative dudes --  still didn't change any --  up until say 2K where lots of folks freaked out about the potential meltdown --  then the Mainland finally after huffing and puffing to blow the pig's houses down ---  got up the steam with the economic powerhouses of korea, vietnam etc... and with their sights on Japan and Orange head (long before he got there ) There was little effect from the crisis of 2008 but was heavily inflicted by the Thomas the steam engine.   I left in 2011 -- still lots of corruption and so on ...  Then under the current leader who in my estimation is burning much brighter as a Midday Sun (not the tiny spotlight by the way) than the murky shadows of Orange head and others ( I often hear from my Canadian, Aussie, Spanish, French, UK , German friends who seem to have a similar view of their leaders -- LOL )  Since 2012 or give or take a few years -- it has ONLY (Fox style for uppercase (giggle)  been a extremely brief time compared with 1773 (or others)  to do what they have done on the Mainland ....  8)8)  Even though Orange head with his totally brain dead Trade War ...  hasn't done too much damage yet ...   Whine ...go ahead and Whine ...  While the infrastructure is getting severely dismal , the racial conflict, the political conflict, the Alternative subplots of the huge mess , society is now at a worse vantage point than even during the McCarthy era or the Wild Wild West or the Confederates duking it out with the Union, the extensive SpyNet cast over the States by NSA et al... the monopolistic empires of Google (is your fiend ), Farcebook, Oracle, the Evil Empire of Microsoft (as a Linux user (giggle)  --- EPA being dismantled -- I am neither a Dim nor Repub -- but the anathemtizing from both sides is endemic -- crazy schemes on both sides -- Boogeyman "Deep State" -- Haha I just remembered Amazon (drippy sarcasm of Fox style )  Amazon the poster child of Apple sweatshops (counterpart not far from me which (rofl)(rofl) is called FOXcon  (which by the way is a Taiwanese company ) Oh Yeah Merica is #1 --  yep ...   Hey let's Whine about Occupy Central while we have dark stains of oil based hands from Operation Desert Storm (plus a zillion others -- I do not need Alt news -- to understand ) Hey let's Whine about Xinjiang ... Woooooooo!   extreme dripping sarcasm .... While the Good Ole Boys do lots of nasty stuff to lots of folks not only near the border but everywhere!  Because We are Global ! (and Whining about those dinky pieces of real estate in the sea???  Sheeeeeesh )  Whine about the great firewall -- especially making foreigners ballistic -- funny though to watch them as they go from Luoho to the other side of HK ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Oops forgot about the electronic wall -- Damn no reception ...  other side -- international roaming is now available ... :D:D  --- no thanks, do not need vpn for what i wish to do ... besides how many shitloads of crap do I need invading my computer from the States ... 

This is but one example of poor governance with misplaced priorities, in my view.  

I gave more examples than necessary ...  Under the current leadership it is incredible, almost unbelievable what has transpired here in such a brief time ....  compared to the extremely obese , opiod, melt down of socio-political environment back in my neck of the woods ...  Yeah, misplaced priorities .... LOL       WTF does the Navy need to do in the south china sea anyway ... big WTF ....  Why does Merica wish to stick its deranged face in this area anyway ?   We are the World's Police -- Besides, According to Alternative Geoengineered Chemtrail'ed Gematria behind the curtain view of the Wizard of Oz .... a lot of these events are being manipulated, controlled and managed ...   So why Whine about the  Mainland??(giggle)(giggle)      I am not worried nor concerned how the Mainland will deal with this issue ... I am guessing that there will be enough latitude between the countries over here ... calling out the  Mainland as some kind of bully is truly ironic in view of Merica's song and dance .    But I do not expect anyone to agree with me (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

However, Barry I love your passion for what Govt should really be doing for people !!   shake hands ... shake hands ... shake hands... Two dinners on me ...   (beer)(beer)

Apology for the length !!!  




#2018-11-29 23:24:58 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

@JohnAbbot: I didn't plan on writing a political column either. As I said, I had another column in mind when I sat down. But this kind of wrote itself. I have to respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the reason for the current lack of an infrastructure bill.  While the Democrats are hardly blameless, it is laughable or pathetic, I can't decide which, for Republicans to say Democrats undermined an infrastructure bill when the Republicans controlled all the branches of government. If an infrastructure bill had been introduced in the House and voted down by the Democrats, then you would be correct in blaming the Dems for the death of an infrastructure plan. Sadly,  no infrastructure bill was ever introduced. The reason, as I said, was a simple matter of can't-get-blood-out-of-turnips economics. You can't have money to spend on infrastructure when you've blown a hole in the deficit by giving the largest tax cut in history to the wealthy. I am not soley blaming the Republicans. Obama never got a major infrastructure bill passed, and like Trump had two years with control of all branches of government. A pox on both houses! But to believe one party has God on its side and the other is the Devil's spawn is just the sort of attitude I was talking about in the essay that is responsible for America's current state, and it's what has to change if anything is going to get done. 

 As you say, China has proven much about what relatively benevolent dictatorships can accomplish. America seems intent on proving the harm that an inept dictatorship can impose. China has the good sense to put people with knoweldge in positions of power and influence, while the current American president surrounds himself with inept lackeyes: an education secretary who does not believe in public education; an energy chief who denies global warming; head of a justice department who is himself under investigation.

At least it seems we both agree that the current political system in America is a f**k job. As you say, largely nothing but a means of generating unearned wealth for politicians and power for global elites (one of whom happens to be running the current circus). But  if democracies inevitably fail in this way and even benevolent dictatorships require certain constraints on liberties that I find morally unacceptable, nothing remains but nihilism. I am reminded of the start of Woody Allen's "Address to Graduates": 

"More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly."

#2018-11-29 23:37:13 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


Chinese scientists have told the world that the height reached by China's artificial sun is infinitely close to all the physical conditions required for the steady-state operation of a fusion reactor.

THis is an amazing statement and is about something tht I am completely in the dark. Can you please link us to some recent posts in which this announcement was made. From there maybe I can follow through to reports that are written in English on the same topic.

What you are describing is both promising but also threatening.

Yes, getting us out of the Oil dependency for our energy would be a great thing for the environment and for our well being.

But Fukishima is all we need to be aware of to know that Nuclear Energy, if not properly and safely harnessed can easily become the downfall of humanity and perhaps the end of Planet Earth as a hospitable climate for life.

Fukishima seems to be slowly destroying the entire Pacific Ocean with no end in sight, and Fukishima seems like small change compared to an "artificial sun", so I'd sure like to find some comforting information that China is going about this project in a way that guarantees our safety.

The rather careless genetic modification of human babies genes in China that has been recently announced does not make me overly confident. Please give us all some sources where we can explore this. 

Thanks, John 

#2018-11-29 23:42:27 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

@Barry1: You are certainly right to point out China's flaws. I agree with much of what you say on the non-economic front, while agreeing with John in being baffled about China's effectiveness in fighting poverty. Their efforts ought to be compared to an equally populus country, India, which has done almost nothing to reduce poverty in the same time period China has made amazing strides. I have travelled extensively in both countries, and to put it simply, there is no comparision. India is a tragic shit storm, polluted and poor and doing nothing about either situation. China has unarbuably made enormous steps forward on both issues. Which is not to deny its shortcomings (to say the least) in the other areas you have pointed out. THere was an amazing series of articles in the New York Times last week specifically on China's progress. You might want to start with the November 19th piece titled "The Land that Failed to Fail."

@autumn2066: I agree with much of what you say, especially on the issue of corruption. I ended my book on China with a chapter right after the Sichuan earthquake had taken place, where thousands of school children died because classrooms were shoddily constructed while nearby government buildings remained standing. One of the participants in the discussion was a former police officer, who said that that corruption was China's unforgivable and, he thought, inevitable, stain. I know the current government has made it a priority to crack down on corruption. However, in my estimation the most powerful weapon in the fight against corruption is something China is currently lacking and does not allow, so I am skeptical of ultimate success in this matter. At the same time, I am skeptical of predictions of any ultimate collapse in China. As the article I referenced above from the New York Times, "The Land that Failed to Fail," the West has been predicting China's demise from its inception.

@QinQL: A very eloquent list of recent Chinese accomplishments!

#2018-11-30 14:18:09 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Sun-simulators have been around for ages. Boeing has one. The purpose of them is supposed to be for laboratory experiments. They essentially simulate the effects of sunlight on the objects being tested.

However, there are, (dare I say it), 'conspiracists' out there who think they may have other uses.

#2018-11-30 14:18:59 by Barry1 @Barry1



Thanks for the intelligent comments, guys.


This is the great thing about these blogs - we can go off on a tangent, riding our pet hobby horse for all it's worth, champing at the bit, as it were. Venting our frustrations and letting loose the cannon!  Woe betide if anyone gets in the way, fragments of cannonball they'll be involuntarily ingesting!  Could get rather messy! Tally ho, let the dogs of war be loosed!  Please excuse the mixed metaphors, tis the sign of an overactive, ever so slightly warped mind! 


Having said this, in all seriousness, may I offer sincere appreciation for your responses.


May freedom of expression rule forever on


Distinguished gentlemen, please each of you have a beer on me!   (beer)(beer)



#2018-11-30 14:45:38 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@PaulFox1 - sorry Paul, maybe I am wrong, but I don't think that QinQL would have used this phrasing to discuss a simple sun-simulator:

Chinese scientists have told the world that the height reached by China's artificial sun is infinitely close to all the physical conditions required for the steady-state operation of a fusion reactor.

This seems to be a discussion of something that will produce sufficient electrical power that Earth would no longer require other forms of energy.

Let's see what QinQL provides us by way of new information.

#2018-11-30 18:41:11 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


  I am extremely happy where I am living and filled with lots of Stress that I might not be able to remain here ... it is a Nightmare for me to return there --  Culturally, socially , economically, Medical Care, insurance for everything , Dental is insanity , besides imagine all the new False Flags I might encounter ???? 

But you're 'free', right, Jim?

You, like the rest of humanity, are under total 100% control.

The phrase 'prison planet' has another meaning - think about it.

The 'guards' are the police and the government, in the 'physical'.

The lies, deception, and everything else I've been talking about of late, are the 'guards' in your mind.


#2018-12-01 00:01:45 by anonymous18744 @anonymous18744

Paul, if the USA picked a fight with China it would wipe China off the face of the earth if it got that far. Same goes for Russia, although Russia is better equipped militarily than China. Russia would not ally with China and North Korea doesnt have much to offer except poorly equipped ground soldiers. Japan, South Korea and The Phillipines are bound by treaty to ally with the USA not that they would need it. Japan could handle China by itself. Lets hope it never goes that far.

The decline of some western countries is directly related to George Sorros and Israel as you already know. Since China controld its own banks and financial infastructure, Israel has little or no control in that regards and China is not going to open their borders to 100's of thousands of supposed Somalian refugees, they already made a huge mistake in letting in over 200,000 Nigerians most of whom run the scam sites out of China.

If I could have the relative cleanliness of most western countries and the culture of China or Japan I would do that. Best of both worlds.

posted anonymously at the request of my Chinese woman.

#2018-12-01 02:30:05 by JoeM65 @JoeM65


Here is a site that describes another effort to build a large scale commercial fusion reactor. This one is being constructed in France and is a collaboration of 35 nations:


If a commercial fusion reactor proves viable (if they can sustain a reaction that produces more energy than it took to initiate fusion) it would provide more energy than chemical fuel (coal/gas) and more energy than fission reactors. Fusion does not produce greenhouse gas (like coal/gas). It does not produce long-lived nuclear waste (like fission reactors do).

It is not a chain reaction (like fission). So, if the conditions needed to sustain fusion end, the process will cease and the plasma will cool within seconds.

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