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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Brightness and Darkness    

By Imi
177 Views | 7 Comments | 10/8/2021 10:16:48 AM

Lately, I've been trying to understand and, on a basic level, unriddle why humans interpret global challenges and events so differently that reasoning as a sensible solution is no longer tenable. Why can a modern civilization be divided into groups so easily by their "leaders" that they would be ready to destroy each other just to have the last say?


Over history, inventions, specifically industrial revolutions, had entailed exponential growth in all aspects of life. The faster these changes had occurred, the quicker people had adapted to the prevailing wave of progress. Especially after the third industrial revolution, when computers had come into the picture, the rhythm of life had in general accelerated immensely. Unfortunately, it had also distanced family members from each other to a great extent. Moreover, the rapid economic growth that was always ensured with new inventions and developments had generated an unbalance in the delicate intricacy of the human brain.


In his latest blog post, @melcyan wrote: "The human brain is basically the same as it was 70,000 years ago." Yes, I agree as long as we're discussing the brain's anatomy. But if we take this topic seriously and dig deeper, we will recognize that our brains are more than just matters divided into two hemispheres. For many years, it was believed that the left hemisphere did language and reasoning, and the right hemisphere did emotions and pictures. With further research, it is now accepted that both hemispheres are involved with everything but in two completely different ways. The right hemisphere has a broad view which enables it to identify the need for more data and facts. While the left hemisphere only recognizes the details but doesn't understand that it misses the whole picture. It thinks that setting pieces of details side-by-side will create an image that can't be otherwise. 


Every living creature with a brain has an asymmetrical one. The two hemispheres supposed to be in balance all the time in order to give you the best chance for survival and making decisions. When one hemisphere gets damaged due to a stroke, blunt force or the gradual influence of an unnatural environment, the unbalanced brain can do nothing but cater for its owner with incorrect information. 


In our modern-day societies where all systems are constructed after the same materialistic, money-oriented plan in view, progressive deterioration of the human brain is inevitable. In my opinion, the human brain has very much altered throughout history, and I firmly believe that the earliest people of the human race had more balanced brains than we do. Then, when civilizations began to spring up worldwide, the human brain was most likely to change from its balanced state to an unbalanced state periodically, depending on the existing civilization's condition.


Here's another quote from @melcyan's latest blog: "In the 1990s Carl Sagan warned us that the world was moving away from science and closer to the thinking of earlier centuries." Is this statement truly implies that people were thinking unscientifically in the past but thinking close to scientifically sound in the present? Is science the apex, a measuring toll in how well we get along in modern society? Does modern society require us to think in a specific way that suits the general way of thinking and benefits its culture? But the most crucial question is, is there any positive effect on the human brain with the quickly growing current technology, or is it a setback? 


I believe we are undergoing both experiences at the same time. Starting as early as kindergarten, the human brain is constantly bombarded by facts, theories, data, rules, laws, edicts and regulations every single day. As a result, the brain's left hemisphere is overly active, while the right hemisphere encounters periods of under-stimulation. Our society has become a quick-grasping but keeping-to-the-schedule-and-rules society without reasonably understanding the big picture altogether. And if we look around, some of us may realize that this unbalanced brain reflects in everything we create, such as art, music, infrastructure, agriculture, and, sadly, education which is supposed to be our most important foundation to build a well-balanced future as a society. The gap between nature and humans is undeniably getting as troubling as the divide among humans.           


As of 2021, we have become nothing more than a fast-sinking, mechanical society. Our leaders and the people who "advise" them are all left-hemisphere dominated individuals. So were the leaders before them and the people who owned them. Since they were/are in power and extremely influential, they had designed and built our modern-day, ailing culture and materialistic society according to their visions. Now, this tight, clandestine group is accusing the people, you, for the world's current destruction they have triggered with their desire for absolute power.


Money is not the way to accomplish happiness. It only presents you with permanent dissatisfaction. You keep wanting more and more until you ultimately want to control the whole world. The true meaning of happiness stems from the sense of belonging, social relationships and ties. Imagine yourself alone, relatively healthy and having all the world's money, but removed from society, having no human contacts at all. I'm sure you would be depressed all the time. Half of your brain, the right hemisphere, would soon have problems, and you'd be gone mad. Why do you think there are so many people out there who are depressed nowadays? Is it because we're satisfied and have a balanced mind? Now picture yourself living an average, ordinary life surrounded by friends and family. I'm sure even if you weren't bursting with health and had no wealth, you would feel content.                                                       


Now, I'd like to answer my original question the best I can: why is our society divided into groups so easily by our "leaders"? Unfortunately, it is our education, lack of connectedness, and the environment - all of which have been created and manipulated by a secret organization with long arms and history - that shape our brains. Our current culture encourages and rewards more left-hemisphere thinking in a seemingly unstoppable fashion while censoring and punishing all people with more balanced brains. When the imbalance between the two hemispheres becomes so great that our thoughts are mostly adding up into mindless consumerist activities instead of expressing feelings and emotions, a whole societal breakdown will sure to happen. 


There is a never-ending struggle between good and evil in our world. And it's not going to stop because we are supposedly all civilized in 2021. I believe this struggle has even gotten more violent with time and the increasingly fast technological changes in our lives. Thinking that anyone or anything can be impartial in a worldwide power struggle is incredibly naive. Blind trust in government bodies, renowned scientific literature, medical treatments, mainstream media, etc., is the pathway to servitude. These establishments are not exempt but part of something nefarious in the making. Without their participation, the plan would not work.


Will we have the discernment to comprehend the entire picture yet again? Or is it that we're lost forever under the pieces of the puzzle they have purposefully flooded our brains with? If it is a yes to the earlier, our actions will do the rest to build something worth living for. If the latter comes into reality, living will become a grievous action of everyday survival. 


"Over recent years, urbanization, globalization and the destruction of local cultures has led to a rise in the prevalence of mental illness in the developing world." - Dr. Iain McGilchrist.


"Unrealistic optimism is a feature of the brain's left hemisphere." - Dr. Iain McGilchrist.                             

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#2021-10-08 10:16:35 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, I apologize for posting your blog and leaving a non-comment comment as I am doing here. I didn't want to leave it waiting any longer to be published but I am not feeling well at the moment, so I will come back to provide a more meaningful comment later. I will add the following to ensure that Melcyan sees your blog and hopefully responds to it since you have quoted him twice in it.

@melcyan - please note that you are quoted twice in Imi's blog so it may behoove you to read it and determine if you wish to respond to it. I am just mentioning it here to ensure you receive an email notice alerting you to this situation.

#2021-10-08 17:49:02 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Great post, Imi. It's interesting to note that @Melcyan quoted Carl Sagan (Carl Satan), who was nothing other than a gate-keeper for the controllers of this real, just like other puppets such as Sitchin and that cloned vegetable known as Stephen Hawking were.

Schools are nothing other than indoctrination centres. Look at how young kids are taught in kindergartens - all fun, music, singing, stories, etc.

Then, as their indoctrination progresses, all the 'fun' is removed from lessons and replaced with exams and the pressure to get 'good grades'.

As soon as kids learn to read - out come the text books. Text books that are full of lies and deceit, yet must be accepted as containing factual information.

Here in China, what's known as 'rote learning' prevails. (Rote learning is simply repetition, if you don't know). I walk past classrooms and hear kids literally 'chanting' - and it's called 'learning'.

Then, depending on how good you are at remembering all this bullshit, you may get a 'good grade' in your exam.

People tend to believe whatever they are told by someone who they perceive to have 'authority'.

A teacher can only teach what he/she has learned, and regurgitates it in the classroom. No-one ever stops to ask if the information being presented is true or not. It's just accepted as being 'the norm'.

Then, when these kids go out and get a job, they are indoctrinated into the political system and are essentially peer-pressured into picking a 'side'.

Left-wing, or right-wing politics. The clue is right there - wing!

Two wings on the same 'bird'. Nothing new under the sun.

This is how easily left & right-brain thinking not only gets blurred, but basically molded into one.



#2021-10-10 01:30:14 by anonymous21881 @anonymous21881


How quaint!  Just what we need. A 19th-century view of education, teaching, and learning.

#2021-10-10 09:25:07 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


May have BEGAN in the 19th C, but I assure you that nothing has changed.

#2021-10-10 12:21:42 by anonymous21883 @anonymous21883

An assurance from Paul Fox is all I needed. Say no more!

#2021-10-10 16:25:46 by oldghost @oldghost

@pf1 you pretend to be, earn a living in China as a teacher?  There is someting very wrong with that!  To have even the tiniest portion of the Chinese future infected with your thinking is quite as bad as the current pandemic, and potentially just as infectious.  The very idea of you as a 'teacher' is despicable!

#2021-10-11 12:18:04 by oldghost @oldghost

@pf1 Strange man! Sagan Sitchin and Hawking in the same sentence, how bizarre. And Hawking is/was a vegetable?

Truly detestable!  What astronomical odds against such a coincidence, maybe 10^-641 but we have it neverteless.

Whenever 'I assure you' or 'take my word for it' or 'believe me' issue from your mouth/fingers, my hackles rise - piloerection (a new word for me).

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