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Black Bra - Size 38C    

By John Abbot
3601 Views | 13 Comments | 7/26/2016 1:26:47 PM
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#2016-08-12 12:04:23 by XHavokxCPRx @XHavokxCPRx

Maybe it wasnt derogatory, maybe you could sell the bra for $400. I like money

#2018-01-08 18:48:02 by Map1 @Map1

True to his word, President Trump in less than a year has delivered on 81 major campaign promises and 100 minor ones. He's dropped out of the Paris agreement (they admit that the trillions of dollars spent wouldn't affect climate change that much), dropped out of TTP, reduced oppressive government regulations, improved our relationship with China (constantly on the phone with Xi), stock market has gone over 25,000, lowest unemployment in 17 years, prototype of the wall is almost completed, home ownership is going up again, 250,000 jobs created last month, greater number of consumers shopped on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Congress finally got it's act together and passed an even greater tax cut than Reagan, Obamacare mandates were repealed, greater exploration of our natural resources, reduction of  our giving to the globalist one-world government UN, illegal immigration is down 60%, 4,000 pedephiles were arrested, Justice Department is preparing to investigate the obstruction of justice by the FBI, Mueller and Comey, the wheels are in motion to take down the Clintons regarding Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's e-mails, hundreds of criminals and gang members have been deported, greater respect from world leaders (except Merkel and May), Canada and Mexico's Presidents want to renegotiate NAFTA, companies are returning to America and making major investments, mainstream media is being exposed for their fake news and false narratives, GOP is being reformed, establishment Republicrats will be ousted in the next election cycle (Speaker Ryan is resigning), the swamp is being drained, the Democratic Party will die and be replaced by 3rd Parties such as the Green, Libertarian and Constitution, better trade deals with China (my wife's BFF from university days is angry that "Xi is kissing Trump's ass."), atempts of the radical left, Dems et al to impeach Trump will be thwarted, the BLM, SJW, Communist, Socialist, Antifa, zombie students and ivory tower Marxist protests are fizzling out, Soros and his globalist cronies are being defeated are all just a few of the ways that POTUS is Making America Great Again!

#2018-01-09 20:35:51 by melcyan @melcyan


I have recently bought an amazing translation app that can translate anything. It can translate any language into English. It can even translate political language into relationship language.  It tells me that you married a Christian Chinese CLM woman five months ago and you are very happy. That is very useful information for CLM. Congratulations!

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