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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Bei Sajiao(被撒娇)Be Taken Coquetry    

By Panda
3102 Views | 3 Comments | 10/2/2013 5:43:41 PM

Panda with classmate on Beijing urban central axis in Jingshan Park

Coquetry Interpretation:By pet be deliberately hoity-toity

For something or someone by way of weakness to achieve the goal of psychological thought. Is a kind of feminine, when describe a man we tend to interpret the main characteristic of the word “sissy”. Also be used in a lovely performance about people skills. Coquetry general situation is the technique to make in those closest, such as the children to parents, between lovers, and so on.

When I was a kid, I was just an object who always was taken coquetry (sa pe) to my mother by my young sister. “Mom, why do I always wear jie jie’s (older sister) old clothes? ” My mother said, “You also have new clothes, but jie jie’s small clothes you can wear too.” I am not interested in snacks, when our snack box was empty, the baby would spluttered, “Mom, jie jie ate out all cookies.”

When I upgraded to a mother, look at all the unmarried men like a son. (Sorry, many men think so, called it maternal flood.) My mother like to made beautiful bright-colored clothes for her grandson, the two years old boy had excellent ability of expression, coquetted to me, “Mom, people said, I like a little girl.” When he went into his primary school one week, coquetted to me, “Mom, go to school is Ok, listen to the teacher in class is also Ok, but I just dislike to do homework.” By now, I’m still his object of sa pe. I mailed two quilts from Wuhan which had been stored in post-office of Cheng du over 1 week, but he was not willing to get back. So I had to go to Cheng du before Moon Festival. When we took back the two bags in the street, he scolded me liking a rustic. But soon he was really enjoyable his comfortable bed later. When I cleaned his toilet, he said angrily, “What distinguish with before? Thinking of all sick…” When he rushed into the bathroom, immediately was silence. At a noon, when he worked outside, he called me, “Mom, do you have lunch?” He worried his mom hungry. I was so happy, answered him, “I had eaten Hun dun at home. You eat by yourself.” “That’s ok.” In the morning when I would leave Cheng du, my room door was not flexible, so I made a noisy. The son waked up immediately, “Mom, you go away?” “No, it is earlier, you can sleep more a while.” Of cause, I waited for him taking me to railway station. I extremely love being a mother.

Those after 80s(80 hou后) are really sweet, they call me Cao jie(曹姐) in my office when they asked me composing reports for them. I have been being taken coquetry anywhere until in a relationship…

He likes to play games on his ipad before sleep at night. He told me, “Every boy likes to do it.” When did I have the old boy? I was taken coquetry again. When I was in Beijing for my written translation course this summer, he told me one evening on WeChat, “I’m in Karaoke room with friends now.” I wrote him on WeChat, “I’m studying hard your language, but you have fun in Karaoke room?” He wrote immediately, “You also should hang out with friends at night.” I answered him, “I went to shopping with my classmate this afternoon, had bought a new dress.” This is my only bargaining like a child with an old boy. I’d never been interested in doing such things to my ex-husband. Cool! Now I know where my true destiny lies....

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#2013-10-04 07:30:44 by RobertB @RobertB

Being nice and funny is not sign of weakness. Sign of ability and being able to relax. Sure, you can spot when someone is fake. Or overly 撒娇的.
In other words it is the ability to be less formal in a nice way, that mean not rude or strict way..
Some people can give orders that seem cute because you feel you can easily disobey them or turn them against the one that shouts them out...
Anyway.. Good fun..

#2013-10-05 16:20:21 by isbella2010 @isbella2010

when you trust someone very much ,.you will do it

#2013-10-06 21:21:24 by m1967l @m1967l

Interesting and wise story -congratulations !

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