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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Autumn in Guilin 桂林 * 秋日 Part 3 - Awakening From my Nightmare 梦醒    

By Imi
2069 Views | 3 Comments | 4/11/2016 1:48:49 PM

The lawnmower had gotten me and flattened me onto the ground. The razor-sharp blades cut into my flesh, and an insanely unbearable pain blocked the deafening noise out of my ears. I could hear nothing else but the bawls that I gave out when the blades turned me into a braying chunk of meat. The pain was just too overwhelming. It tested my threshold in waves like an angry sea tests the rocky shoreline. I couldn't bear it for too long. I just wanted to die—drown right there—in the waves of agony, as soon as possible.

From one moment to the other, I gave up the fight. The chopper's belly had dwindled into a watery yellow mass before my eyes closed shut.

Strangely enough, even though I felt closing my eyes shut, they weren't closed at all. They had just blinked a long second, as a slide projector does when it changes the slides, and then I began gazing up at a white and cracky ceiling in the gloom. I felt no pain. There was no lawnmower, no helicopter, and my legs were where they were supposed to be. My agony stopped screaming in my ears. The maddening noise, however, followed me to wherever I ended up. Heaven or hell? It was hard to tell because I was afraid to move and look around, let alone to blink. I thought if I did blink, the projector might change the slide, and everything would have slung back to the freak show.

After a minute or two of lying motionless, my eyes had had enough of staring at the ceiling in the gloom, and I started to search for the origin of that infuriating noise.

It came from the right side and slightly above me, close to the ceiling. Without turning my head, I rolled my eyes as far as I could into the corners of their sockets. My right eye was actually able to catch a blurry oblong shape in the small beam of light that slanted in through a tiny gap between what appeared to be two drapes of blinds in the dark. My left eye was completely useless. It saw only the dark shape of my nose, so I closed it. As I did that, in a split second, the long, blurry square shape became clearer to my right eye. It wasn't a helicopter nor a lawnmower what was making that terrible noise. It was a freaking air conditioner, displaying a shining 23 in green, florescent numbers, what had made that noise and blown cold air onto my face while I was asleep.

Bit by bit, my conscience started to arrive to the mitigating realization of what was going on, after the terrible nightmare had released its bloody grip on me. I turned my head and began to recognize my surroundings. I was in a hotel room in Guilin, and Janessa was sound asleep beside me.

After another couple of minutes of surveying the room, I uncovered myself and sat on the edge of the bed. The first thing I did was to switch off the noisy air conditioner. I placed its remote control on the side table next to Misery by Stephen King and promised myself never to read it at night after a hearty dinner again.

The room was finally quiet. I only heard Janessa's soft, regular breathing from behind. I looked at her calm face, and wondered, how she had been capable of sleeping so peacefully in that terrible noise while I was dying next to her, probably even screaming in my dream.

As an afterthought, I thought it was better she didn't hear anything. It could have disappointed her see a 200-lb white man next to her scream like a little girl in his sleep.

Usually, women are better sleepers than men, I thought after standing up and carefully advancing in the gloom toward the bathroom to wash the fright off my face. They sleep deep like cats do, and men sleep light like dogs do. Or maybe not.

And that was the furthest my abused mind could get on the subject before I glanced in the mirror. I was shocked by what I saw. The skin on my face sagged. My eyes were bloodshot. They sat deep and were shaded by the remainder of my horror. The bags under them must have carried at least a thousand vainly counted sheep each since I'd boarded the plane in Canada. I wondered how many slices of cucumber—or whatever vegetable the women use nowadays—I would have needed in the morning to empty those bags.

“Now, you're thinking just like a woman after that nightmare,” I said to my reflection. “Wash your face, and go back to bed. The bags will disappear by the morning.”

After giving my face a good cold wash, I went back to bed. I laid down, and instantly, a shiver shook me. It ran down my spine all the way to my toes and from there back to the top of my head as popcorn-sized goosebumps cheered it on its way. Apparently, my nightmare had left a huge stain of sweat on the bedsheet. It had cooled down while I was in the bathroom, and now it felt very uncomfortable on my back. I could do nothing about it at the moment, so I covered myself with the blanket, closed my eyes, and hoped to get a couple of hours of sleep before dawn.

I had no idea how many minutes must have passed after I had closed my eyes, but before long, I heard Janessa stir beside me.

Does she feel uncomfortable, sleeping on a dry bedsheet? I thought and then, in the next second, I felt her climb over me. Her body drooping to mine, she reached for something on the side table. To my horror, she grabbed the remote control and started the rowdy air conditioner again. On her way back, with her eyes half-closed, she gave me a peck on my lips and nestled back on her side of the bed with a cute, little smile and a satisfied sigh.

The entire act—to turn the noisy air conditioner on—must have taken only five seconds for Janessa, but it wasn't nearly short enough time to not vivify all the memories of my nightmare. I lay in bed, once again in the noise, on a sweat-soaked bedsheet—as an extra courtesy of my bad dream—sticking and getting even colder on my back as the air conditioner blew its icy breath into my face. I looked at Janessa dubiously.

Does she want me to freeze to death or just to hear me scream in my dream? It must be the first because I can't sleep in this noise. Her side of the bed looked so warm and inviting. I'm just like an old, fallen tree trunk lying beside her, protecting her tiny body from this wind-spewing one-eyed monster.

I propped up on the bed, grabbed the remote control, and sharpened the monster's eye to 27. Its breath still felt cold on my skin, but I didn't want to turn it off because I was afraid if I did, it might have woken Janessa up again if she didn't hear her lullaby rattling in her ears. After ensuring that I hadn't woken her up with my fidgeting, I grabbed my phone from the night table, thinking to record all of these things while they were fresh in my mind

By the time my eyes wandered away from the screen of the phone, it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. The blinds had to work harder against the invading light, and my sleep-deprived eyes against my fatigue.

Despite my weariness, I was truly happy for staying up and writing all night, owing to the fact that the last vestiges of my nightmare completely vanished from my memory as I made the last period. Beaming a pleased and satisfied grin, I closed my cell phone and glanced at Janessa beside me. My fingers started gently caressing her face, whereupon she began to stir.

“Baby,” she said in a voice that was still slightly tinged of sleep. “Why don't you sleep?”

“Why—?” I've just written over two-thousand reasons for why. Where should I start? I thought but then said, “Because I'm hungry.

“Oh. What time is it?”

“It's almost seven o'clock.”

“Okay,” Janessa said, “we could eat downstairs in the hotel, but I think the food's not that good there, or we could go and find a restaurant nearby that's already open.”

“No, Baby, I'm still digesting the dinner from last night. What I meant was. . . I'm hungry for you,” I said, then cleared her eye of an unruly tress, lowered my head, and began to stalk her lips for a kiss.

She pushed me away. “Let me brush my teeth and take a shower first, okay?” she said. Then she quickly got up, escaping my arms that got frozen in a spastic embrace in the air.

“Okay,” I said, and my eyes followed her sexy body all the way to the bathroom door where she turned around and checked my lustful glances before she opened the door. After she had disappeared behind it, the desire in my eyes was blown out in a second by exhaustion like birthday candles by a kid's saliva-spraying blow. My head dropped onto Janessa's pillow, and my lips twisted into a deformed pout on it before I closed my eyes.

After a few stupefied minutes, the first thought that was able to conquer my overwhelming weariness was that, I don't want to lose this woman.

I had lost Lily due to many things but mostly because we were different and didn't have the same plan for our relationship. After her, I lost Jasmine because she read the story My Love for Lily and expected me to be crazier about her than I had ever been about Lily, which, of course, I couldn't because I felt as though I was constantly under a microscope. After examining me for nine months, Jasmine concluded that I was a disappointment and I wasn't the man she had thought I was.

I was disappointed with myself, too. I couldn't find a reasonable way to explain to her that she needed to forget Lily and my past if she really wanted to give us a chance in the present. She couldn't forget my past, and the fights turned into endless battles. After nine months, our relationship had broken down. We both were tired of fighting. We both lost.

No, I don't want to lose Janessa because of a story and my past. It's better if she doesn't even know that I write. She is very different in so many ways from Lily and Jasmine.

As the image of her naked body reignited the desire in my eyes, my eyelids opened and let my lust burn throughout my body. I couldn't waste more precious time thinking about my past when a beautiful woman was taking a shower just arm's length away from me.

Janessa's eyes looked shy but, at the same time, flashed quick glances of interest at the stirring of my awakening desire as I joined her in the shower.

“You must be starving,” she said as I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer.

I was. But not for long.













“别娘们腔腔的了,洗洗脸快回床上睡觉去吧,明天睡醒了这俩袋子自己就不见了,” 我对着自己说道。









“亲爱的,”她的声音里还满是睡意 “你为什么不再睡一会?”




“那么,” 简妮莎说, “我们可以到楼下吃早餐,但我觉得宾馆的饭肯定不好吃,要不我们到附近找个饭店吧,看看现在有没有已经开门的。”

“亲爱的,其实我昨晚吃的东西现在还没有消化呢。我的意思是. . .我想吃你”。我把她脸前的一绺头发撩到一边,然后朝她的双唇压上去。

她一把推开我,说,“你得让我先刷刷牙冲个澡好吧?” 然后从我的怀里挣脱跳下床去。

“好吧好吧,” 我的眼睛随着她性感的身体向卫生间去了,走到门口时她妩媚地回头朝我挤挤眼。她进卫生间后,失眠的疲惫感又朝我袭来,我感觉自己眼睛里的欲火突然被扑灭了,就像一只生日蜡烛被哪个小孩儿喷着吐沫“噗”地吹灭了。我的头倒在她的枕头上,咧着嘴闭上眼睛。







“你一定饿坏了 ,”没等她说完,我已揽腰抱住了她。


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#2016-04-11 13:48:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, now you are cooking. Great romance, great to read your thoughts on what happened between you and Lily and you and Jasmine. These are experience you've had that by sharing you help our members learn from your mistakes, and the revealing of your time with Janessa promises to be even more helpful.

I hope our members will recognize how the value your blogs will hold for them as you guide them through experiences of Chinese women that you describe so well.

I urge new members to go back and read Imi's "My Love for Lily" series as well as paying close attention to this one. Both of them will help you see options in how to deal with your own new Chinese match that will give the two of you the best chance to succeed.

Great blog Imi. I am already seeing the signs that you have taken the lessons you learned in dating Lily and you are using those lessons to improve your chances of having a life long love with Janessa. Bravo (clap)

#2016-04-13 02:58:57 by anonymous14770 @anonymous14770

Imi, I too enjoyed this coming to light finally episode. I wholeheartedly agree with you in regards to the one eyed monsters(AC units) the noise they put out never ever bothers my GF but they sure as hell keep me awake lol. What is about a naked Chinese women lithely getting out of bed? They are like cats, long, agile and graceful. The brush teeth and have shower first is a real spontaneity killer so I too learned not to wait but just jump into the shower with her.

In regards to knowing the past past my gf only asked how many women I had slept with and why I was divorced, she seems contented with my answers to these questions. She has told me of her past and why she got divorced.

I do not believe in any form of all mighty deity but I do know that I spent many years travelling along a path that unbeknownst to me (but having a feeling inside) was bringing us together. I am often amazed at this type of event happening in a persons life.

I look forward to your next episode in this romantic relationship....


#2016-04-16 21:57:50 by seekdream @seekdream


The dream is kind of fun to do the impossible. it will be laughed at dream, just have the value of implementation, even fell down posture is very bold (beer)(dance)

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