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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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April Days I    

By Panda
2476 Views | 5 Comments | 5/4/2013 3:24:09 PM

Country Guarden

The 20th, April, Saturday, overcast to cloudy. Senior Colleague

20th, April, this was also our PMP development day. We will go to Bigui Garden Villa located Huashan District for BBQ, playing water golf. It had been a furious storm last night. Everyone in our club QQ group asked our head Juanjuan, “would the action be in progress tomorrow?” Our two Juanjuan ladies answered definitely: ”It will not be rain tomorrow.”

I also invited my senior colleague to attend our PMP action in this time. She is 57 years old this year. Why did I take her to join us? It’s a long story. Her son, my son and I all used to be the students of a famous swimming coach in Wuhan. In the end of 90’s, when she was not retired, we often met each other in working place, and met in Wuhan Yingdong Natatorium sometimes. She lives in our unit apartment building, and I lived in my parents’ unit apartment with my son and parents. My son and parents moved to Zhuhai in 2003, so I moved into my apartment in my unit, and rent out my parents’ old flat. So I am the neighbor with the old colleague now.

The female colleague suddenly got older when she was retired. One day, she came to see me with a heavy heart, asked me, were there some cheaper real estate in Zhuhai? She wanted to move to Zhuhai, and said, even if to be a cleaner, nobody knew her in Zhuhai. Although she was retired at that time, but rehired in her original post. The duty pay of cause is very low, plus her retired salary, she can earn more than 1000Yuan per month than other retired staff who are not rehired. Many retired people are all not accustomed. But she obviously is very upset. She told me, her parents passed away for a long time, an older sister was her only relative, sister’s eye almost were blind, half a disability. I said, “you also have your husband and son.” She told me, the relationship between her and husband was really bad. I said, “you can get divorce from him.” She said, she can’t lose the face in so old age. She felled like crying as she said. I told her the market quotations of resold apartment in Zhuhai. In her state of the economy, she was able afford an apartment in Zhuhai. And she needn’t to be a cleaner with her retirement pay. Of cause, if she was willing to be a cleaner, that was not how bad a job. And she would have some new friends. My parents have just a friend circle, they meet together once in the time at least every week, singing, dancing, noon tea. They often talk over the telephone when they haven’t party. But my colleague is not a person with decision, just talking, ideas revolved in her mind, without any action. But she treated me her friend, I am also willing to listen to her.

After my parents took my son to move Zhuhai, I started my real single life. I read, got degree in my spare time, almost went to swimming every day by bike in Suiguohu High-school Swimming Gym where is closer for me than Yingdong Natatorium. And riding bicycle along East Lake was free and easy for me. My senior colleague also bought a 30 times card, she asked me teaching her swim. This thing was delay any more by me. I took a friend’s child swimming once before, I stood in the cold water to teach him. When I outed off the pool, the bleaching powder with my legs which was so difficult to be clean off, and my waist below was pain many days. I know the taste that is not taking a bath in hot spring, not at all funning. When her swimming card was near expiring, she just gave to me. I have to be more diligent so that finish the swimming task. To create the return, I invited her to go to a top grade swimming center, except a swimming pool, there were also sauna rooms, and spa. But she stood on ceremony, refused to follow me. She invited me to go to badminton later, that was ok, I followed her, of cause she refused me to pay the card for her again, so we had to hand a morning badminton card each other. We went to the gym several times together. I got up early very difficult, when she called me in the morning, I hurried up to go to badminton stadium, worried her waiting for me so long, and twice I run into pour rain. I thought she was ready and lived in the first floor, and I lived in the 7th floor without an elevator. But when I arrived the hall, always without her person in, or very late to arrive twice, and blamed me why not invited her in her home. I felt her deliberately to find slag, didn’t know where I offend her. She obviously tried to punish me, “if I don’t go to with you, how can you play badminton alone?” There were always strangers who play with me when she played disappeared games, then backed home to take a shower at 7:30AM, and went to work. She blamed me later that my shuttlecocks were too bad, and hers were all the best bought from sport shop. Of cause, I just chose an expensive type from a nearby supermarket, really hadn’t time to go to the sport shop in city center. And my battledore was just taken from my sister’s home when I had been in Zhuhai, just in order to play badminton with her. By now, I go in and out our apartment buildings everyday alone, work in daytime and yoga in evenings. I really haven’t enough time to move in others.

In 2010, I was transferred to assist neighborhood committee for The 6th China Population Census. I was duty for the investigation of our community total 4 apartment buildings families. When I investigated my senior colleague’s family, I touched a flexible nail. She always pushed off, not be willing to report his husband’s situation, and her son’s real age to me. So I had to withdraw her family case to neighborhood committee, asked committee arranging another person to get her family situation. In the meeting of neighborhood committee later, the director seriously criticized this kind of uncooperative attitude, of cause didn’t name names. In fact, she was divorced many years ago, but ex-husband still lived at home, covered up the divorce fact.

After I knew this thing, I also kept the secret for her. Because I used to see with my own eyes she often cooked dinner for her husband, just without talking with each other. Some other colleagues asked me what things happened in her home until her ex-husband left home thoroughly. (So many people though we was close friends, often play badminton together, and I had investigated every families. They thought I would know her something.) I can’t say anything. (This also is why I just write the blog in English.)

Later then she approached me again. There were at least four times that she asked me to promise taking her to go to Zhuhai when other colleagues presence. And some day I bumped into her and her son who had just backed from Australia on his winter vacation. Her face radiating happiness, she shoved an AUS LIFE in my hands, and said it was her son Dada presenting me. I said,” you should visit Australia with Dada.” After Dada left for Australia, I knew that she was alone again. So invited her joining into our PMP club action of Country Garden for BBQ, and definitely told her the action was free. So she was willing to attend with me. Arriving at the location, she received a phone call from her older sister, then told me that there were something in her sister’s home, she had to leave for her sister’s home. I knew her routine distribution, also told her seriously,” I can’t take you to go to Zhuhai, I live with my parents there, no way to receive you.” I thought in mind, “You are not happy, why always disturb others unhappy also? And always ‘add’ in Big Early Morning? ” Our Juanjuan also rolled call her, I singed up her as my relative. Two Yuanjuans all invited her into our bus with enthusiasm. But she just was not willing to go with us, and insisted to back her home when we left.

I had never taken my old friend to go to swim, and used out her swimming card. I had used so many her good shuttlecocks, and haven’t taken her traveling together, and received her gift……I owe her a butt of debt of gratitude. She reached the purpose——“I just hope others felt owing me.” I heard she said by my ear before.

So, that’s ok. You do have the first, and I have the 15th. While a man lives, his favors are remembered. The favor is not difficult. Dear friend, I just hope you being happy.

I recall in 2010, we had just started work after our Chinese new year. I hadn’t presented our All Staff Meeting, and went to Changsha to visit my grandfather’s grave. Even she knew the thing as a retired person, called me where was I? I told her I had told colleagues backing Changsha to visit my granny, and my grandfather’s grave. Just chipped the time of staff meeting, I’d never been prized presentation from our president, so lacked one of me that’s ok. She heard out that I really stayed with my uncle and aunt who all said Changsha dialect. So she just said to me,” the phone opened is just ok.” I understood she spied on me if did I having a man out of Wuhan. Include my colleagues around me, when I went to work on Monday, they were hard on me for my absent from the meeting. So I was willing to take her to join our PMP club action, opened her mind of these vigorous young people and showed her who carried me through “power grid”, and raised me hand in hand be “life and death button”, then climbed over the high wall. And how did I organize my 7 members to prepare PMP examination as their head. I just conveyed her a little message, a woman may not not necessarily stay with someone man who would be happy.

It is no way, she is still unhappy, but always be forward to help others. She stands on ceremony to me, maybe she still thinks me her friend in her mind.

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#2013-05-05 07:45:07 by anonymous6119 @anonymous6119

Such boring details, who could be more brave? or smart? or..... unwitting? I would say a failure marriage usually with both sides faults, so, learn from the past and be better.

#2013-05-05 21:58:12 by anonymous6125 @anonymous6125

@anonymous6119 - "Such boring details"??? Isn't life full of boring details? I think Cao Hui is a great writer. Keep them coming Panda!

#2013-05-06 12:22:06 by anonymous6128 @anonymous6128


#2013-06-27 00:57:01 by anonymous6707 @anonymous6707

that's a good house in China...
and why would people who owned those houses want to move overseas?

#2013-06-27 17:41:18 by panda2009 @panda2009

Many rich Chinese have to expand Investment Source oversea. A massive amount of gray income is seeking safe haven.

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