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Announcing the New Year’s Photo Contest    

By John Abbot
2482 Views | 3 Comments | 1/1/2015 5:57:11 AM

Click on this photo to open our Facebook page and enter our New Year's Photo Contest. If you are in China you will not be able to access this page unless you have a VPN. Please write to us at in that case. We'll help you enter.

We’re holding a Best New Year’s Photo Contest on our ChinaLoveMatch Facebook Page. We are looking for anyone who enters to post what they consider to be a great photo that is somehow relevant to New Year.  It doesn’t matter if we consider it relevant, because if it garners a lot of LIKES then it must be relevant and if it doesn’t, then not so much. The winner will be the photo that gets the most LIKES on Facebook.

Of course if the photo relates to Chinese or Asian dating or women of China or Asia, that will also make it more relevant for our purposes and probably for the people viewing it. But it isn't necessary and is not a requirement to win. Basically we just want to see some great pics. 


WINNING PRIZE: A 1 year Gold Upgrade – value $140. (If you are a Gold member at the time of winning, we will toss in a bonus $40 Introduce Yourself Ads 30 day package).

GIFT FOR ENTERING:  Everyone who enters will receive a $20 Introduce Yourself Ads 10 day package for FREE.


Everyone can enter. All members and visitors of and are more than welcome. Even if you have never visited our sites but find the contest by accident, go ahead and enter.

IN CHINA? If you are in China and do not use a VPN and you wish to enter please write to us at and type PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line. Also attach your photo. We'll help you enter.


Anyone can win, but the prize and the entrance gifts are only usable by a member of ChinaLoveMatch,net or, so if you win or wish to utilize your Entrance Gift, you will have to belong to one of the websites to do so.  However, it is free to join and you will not be required to provide any personal banking for credit information to use your prize or entrance gift.


If you are not in China or are in China and have access to Facebook, please go straight to our Facebook page and enter by clicking on our Contest Post Photo.

NO FACEBOOK ACCESS?  If you are in China and have no access to Facebook, you can still enter. Send your entry using your CLM registered email to and write in the subject line “CLM PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY”.  We will get you entered and provide a link to your entry that you can give to all your friends and ask them to go like your photo. However, we must consider your entry as having a serious chance of winning. If we think you aren’t really trying to win, we will not do the extra work to assist you.


TIP #1: The photo with the most LIKES wins. The more your friends you share it with who LIKE your photo and share it with their friends the better your chances of winning. Send the link to your email list too.

TIP #2: people love photos that make them laugh or cry, or shock or motivate them. Add some short text to help do this. Of course a photo of a beautiful Chinese woman is going to get liked a lot too.

TIP #3: post only your very best photo because you only get one chance.


Please go enter when you have your very best photo ready to go, but remember that the longer you are entered the more LIKES you might get as new visitors come to the page.

Good luck to everyone!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-01-05 08:21:32 by anonymous12712 @anonymous12712

No one enter the contest yet? :o

#2015-01-05 16:48:34 by Barry1 @Barry1


"No one enter the contest yet?"

Yes, I have entered the contest - but on the proviso that I don't want anyone to vote for me as I don't need the prize! (rofl)

#2015-01-07 10:21:19 by anonymous12730 @anonymous12730


I should have wrote

"No one enter the contest to win the prize yet ? "

What's wrong with you guys? It's one year Gold membership prize

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