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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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. . . And Justice for All: A letter to Marrisa Shen    

By Imi
1111 Views | 9 Comments | 11/13/2018 11:33:00 PM

I'm asleep, I'm sure of it, and this has to be a dream. The realization gets through my mind slowly and wearily, gasping for validity in spite of my sureness.


I see a woman in the distance wearing a floral summer dress. She's walking right toward me, her bare feet endlessly trekking the snow. When she reaches me, she stops short, and her eyes bore into mine. She's young—could be my daughter, I quickly judge. Despite her youthfulness, though, there's something mature and wise glittering in her eyes that makes me retreat and look down, feeling a sudden shame. The bloodstain I notice on her dress is already dry, chipping off in pieces.


“My name is Justice,” I hear, my head still lowered, “and I've been raped.” She doesn't say more. She passes me by and goes on, forevermore tracing her abusers.


Dear Marrisa,


To be honest, I'm having a hard time starting this letter. I've tried many times and always failed so far. I think the reason was that the words I was meant to say were filled with heavy emotions and sank too deep within me, out of the reach of my wit. The words that were accessible to me, however, were only a meaningless jumble that didn't depict my actual feelings. Now, I have decided to ignore my mind and, if I may, will follow my heart's content and write about what I feel must be said.


You don't know me, Marrisa. Reviling my name to you is not important, either. However, I'd like to say a few basic things about me just to make up for my rudeness. I'm one of your neighbors, an old man. Well, I'm middle-aged, but I'm undoubtedly many years older than you. I know you are smart—most Asians are—and you may ask yourself now how I would know there are many years between us. I must know your age to come to that judgment, right?


Well, as I've said, we are neighbors. I live a few hundred yards from you here in Burnaby, and I have to confess, after seeing you for the very first time, I wasn't able to get you out of my head for a long time. I even mentioned you to my wife. She is Chinese, too, just like you are. She wasn't jealous of you, at any rate, for mentioning you in conversations more than once. She only felt sorry that you had to live in the head of an old man, where there's not much fun to be found.


My wife's always right. I'm a humorless, sober-minded man, a loner, you could say, who likes to be left alone with his thoughts. Maybe that's why I like to run—to be completely alone in a world filled with ideas. When I run, I'm happy and comfortable with the world, and my ideas run along with me in unison like a pack of wolves, racing for my attention.


Sadly, though, this inner balance of mine suddenly shifted during one of my runs. A year ago, something happened that made me gave up running for a while. There is no other way to say this really but just to come out and say it: Marrisa, you are no longer alive. I saw your picture on a poster stuck to a tree in the park where I usually went for my runs. From that piece of paper, I know your age. You were only thirteen years old.


Marrisa Shen died on July 18, 2017. The police didn't disclose the cause of her death. They only showed footage of her, from a security camera, leaving a coffee shop at 7:37 p.m. on a beautiful summer evening. It was the last image of her. Her lifeless body was found less than six hours later at 1:10 a.m. in a park where she took her daily walks—a park where many people enjoyed relaxing. The park where I've gone for my runs for ten years.


Marrisa, I know the place where your life ended. I know the exact spot where your body was found. I've been there many times before. Since I learned about your death, I've kept asking myself why I wasn't in the park that day. Had I happened to run that evening, I might have saved you.


Marrisa, we never met when you were alive, but your death made my heart cry just as much as the hearts of those who knew you in their whole lives. Your family, your friends, your schoolmates, the people from our neighborhood, and Chinese communities from all over the country are all missing and grieving you.


The police didn't inform Marrisa's family about the cause of her death, either. For a year, the police kept asking people to come forward if they had seen something. Anything. The police's presence was an everyday occurrence in the park. Then, early in September of 2018, more than a year later, the police announced that they had charged someone with Marrisa's death.


Marrisa, I love your name; I would have surely told you that, had I met you in the park. I was told by others that you liked to walk there daily, listening to loud music on your headphones. I would have advised you not to do that, but then again, we never met. I would have also told you to be aware of your surroundings all the time. Just as boxers in a ring have to protect themselves at all times, you can't block your hearing with music and keep your eyes occupied with texting on your phone when you're spending your time outside, especially when you're alone in a huge park in the evening. Regrettably, the world isn't safe anymore. You didn't know. It seems neither did your parents. Unfortunately, they thought Canada was as safe a place for a thirteen-year-old to walk around alone as China was.


The alleged murderer, the police said, was a twenty-eight-year-old refugee from Syria whose name was Ibrahim Ali and who had only been in Canada for three months before killing Marrisa. We still don't know what he did to Marrisa. The details are kept back from the public for judiciary reasons, police say. Since the alleged murderer's identity was revealed, every media news station that had previously been all over this somewhat mysterious case has gone silent or been trying to take the edge off the perpetrator's background.


Marrisa, I can't help but be emotional when I'm near the place where your short life ended. Thirteen years are just not enough to fully enjoy our existence. You were three years old when I moved into our neighborhood. You were growing up, walking the same streets, seeing the same people and buildings that I have seen for ten years. It is so unfortunate that we never met. It was so unlucky that I didn't go for a run that evening. It is so outrageous that people at high places who are supposed to serve us, Canadian citizens, can think that bringing people like Ibrahim Ali into Canada can be any good for us.


What our prime minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, isn't capable of doing, which is to step up and be a man of his word, I will do for him. I apologize to you, Marrisa, and your family for flooding our country, cities, neighborhoods, parks, and lives with roaches. You are not supposed to be dead. You're supposed to be looking forward to living your life, having fun with your friends, fighting with your brother over stupid things, thinking about boys, and waiting for your first kiss. It was all taken away from you in a beastly manner as the currency for a deluded policy.


Justin Trudeau promised this to Canada before letting forty thousand Syrian “refugees” into the country in just four short months: “I will be personally responsible for harm that may have come to any citizen of Canada . . . Any harm, from any refugee brought into Canada by my Government, I stand personally responsible . . . I will make amends and personal restitution to any person harmed by any of Canada's new refugees.”


Well, Mr. Trudeau, keep your pledge, be a man of your word, be accountable for the death of this teenager and surrender yourself to the police because there is blood on your hands!


There was an incident back in the winter of 2016 in which an eleven-year-old Muslim girl, wearing a hijab, was allegedly attacked by a man with scissors. The alleged attacker was trying to cut the girl's hijab when she was on her way to school, the girl and her mother told the media that—surprises me not—was all over the case. On the same day the incident happened, after a couple of hours, Justin Trudeau denounced the event as a hate crime, saying Canada was not about hate. Two days after the initial 911 call, however, the police announced that the whole thing had been made up by the girl and her mother and that the investigation had been concluded.


Concluded? Did anyone hear about public mischief? Mainstream media, liberals, Mr. Trudeau? Anybody? What a bunch of crooks, they are, parading in the phony glitter of political correctness!


Justin Trudeau hasn't made any comment on Marrisa's death in public, not in 2017 or 2018. He has yet to make an apology to the Shen family, but it seems that he doesn't want to let such a marginal case as one of his young citizens' being killed by one of his new “citizens” ruin his daily routine. He's too busy making a fool of himself by wearing a thobe (a long robe worn by Muslim men) and ghutra (headscarf) while dancing in foreign countries or hugging “refugees” at airports for the cameras of the Canadian media. A made-up story about a hijab-cutting man, however, is a different subject matter. In that case, he's all up for denouncing it as a hate crime.


Only days after Marrisa's alleged murderer, Ibrahim Ali, was charged with first-degree murder, a reporter from an alternative media organization confronted Justin Trudeau about Marrisa's death, stating that people don't want guys like Ibrahim Ali to be in Canada. With a smug expression on his face, the prime minister answered, “I'm not one of those people who say that.”


Well, then, Mr. Trudeau, we have a problem. You are a public servant, who was elected by the citizens of Canada, not by Syrian refugees. If you want to serve them, go ahead and move to the middle-east. Canadian immigration rules are not for the world. They are for the protection of Canadian citizens. If you are incompetent to protect Canada from invaders from third-world countries, let alone if you are the one inviting and encouraging them to come, why don't you accommodate them in your city and the district you live in? You have become a disgrace to this country. You don't represent your people, or perhaps you represent “your people,” but they are not Canadians, that's for sure. You are everything that we, the majority of this country, do not stand for.


You let this “hapless refugee,” Ibrahim Ali, into the country. You gave him a future, human rights and now, after this cruel act, a fair trial. What did you give to Marrisa and her grieving family? You offered not one consoling word. You should be carefully listening to other, sane politicians, Mr. Trudeau, who say once your favored “citizens” stop being a minority, there will be no more human rights in this country. So, don't expect me to speak of them or you with respect. Don't expect people to vote for you and your delusional policy in 2019. You are nothing but a puppet, a useful idiot, a bootlicker and a court jester in the realm of evil entities. If I had the brain, the knowledge of the English language and the willingness to run for political office, I would do it without a second thought, and trust me, I would do a better job than you do. Ninety percent of politicians are leeches, sucking the lives out of hardworking people all over the world. But guess what, Mr. Trudeau: You are—with the other Gallic cretin, the reincarnation of Jupiter himself, Emmanuelle Macron—the most arrogant and smuggest of all the blood-sucking, power-grabbing parasites out there. 2019 can't come quick enough to vote you out of office!


Marrisa, what happened to you was an inhumane act. Seeing you leave the coffee shop in the police footage, so young and innocent and full of life, only to walk into the arms of a creature filled with darkness and animal instinct, is what really hit me. I can't fathom the horror you have gone through and the depth of the fear you must have felt in the last few moments of your life.


Your father called your killer a beast. I agree with him. He's not human. He's an animal disguised in human form, a rabid pit bull, owned and controlled by psychotic people with money and despotic intents. He is a danger to civilized societies, but he is not as dangerous as the man who wants him in our country. Our prime minister is a spineless man who doesn't care about any Canadians, including you and your family.


Dear Marrisa, I think of you as my wife's little Chinese sister, the daughter of our community, and an angel in the afterlife. Sadly, you couldn't spread your wings here on Earth for long. I will deliver this letter to you in person one day. Until then, I will carry you in my heart while running in the park you loved so much so your spirit can fly with me as long as I live.


I can hear you laughing and giggling over the sound of my footsteps while you're chasing the wind . . . echoes of your soul.”


May you rest in peace!


Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-11-13 22:32:21 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, you've expressed thoughts here that, of course, many agree with and many disagree with. You can easlily narrow those who agree or disagree down to 2 basic groups:

Globalists - those who believe that we are rightly moving towards a one world government that will be in charge of the New World Order (NWO). These people are led by the richest people on Earth, which includes the people who own the Main Stream Media (MSM), who own all the arms manufacturers, who own all the major players in all the major industries, who meet in secret groups and manage secret organizations that gather annually or semi-annually to decide how the world should operate now, and who have been bribing/corrupting our politicians forever.

These super-rich leaders are followed happily by about half of the voting population in most democratic countries who, in almost giddy fashion, choose to believe without ever actually giving it the least bit of thought, that the globalist leaders actually intend to govern with the good of the little people in mind.

Nationalists - these are the people who believe that Nations States are the best way for the world to operate, in which various cultures or philosophies of the people within each country will best work for the good of those people, by their having their own Nation with government according to their culture and their way of thinking. These countries are, for the most part, democracies in which the people vote in their government.

Some, such as China for example, are not democracies, but there is a small group of national leaders that have a mini-democracy in which about 1,500 leaders discuss and vote on how the country will be run for the foreseeable future. China is an axample of a non-democracy that is actually running very well for the general good of the people under the current regime but has had some bad eriods in the past.

But, in the democracies, about half of the people are Nationalists, who in almost giddy fashion, choose to believe without ever actually giving it the least bit of thought, that the leaders that are elected to lead the country actually intend to govern with the good of the little people in mind. All of the Presidents of the USA since JFK, for example, have been Globalists hiding in Nationalist clothing. Corrupted to the core. Until Donald Trump that is.

The naivety of the common people, on both sides of the policitical spectrum, is astounding. And it has led us to the point you have described so well. The point where our lives are being turned upside down and inside out. Where young girls like Marrisa are of no value to the world. Where citizens of countries have no real say. Where what once was the esteemed "Free Press" is nothing more than a propoganda machine handing down the message fed to them daily by their employers.

How will we save the Marrisas if we can't even open our eyes and save ourselves?

#2018-11-14 09:19:19 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Excellent blog, Imi, and excellent response, John.

Mark Twain famously said, 'If voting made a difference they wouldn't let us do it'

When you look back through history at what I laughingly call 'democracies', you'll see the same 'agenda' at play, no matter who runs the administration.

America has been at war with one country or another, for 252 years since its alleged 'founding' in 1776. This fact alone highlights my point perfectly.

Sure, autocracies such as China, Russia, etc, have not had a perfect record in many areas over the years, but at least they haven't gone round killing billions of innocent people all over the world.

Trudeau, like all political leaders, is simply a Jesuit puppet,

The 'issue' of immigration is just another ploy in order to keep humanity divided. If we're 'at each other's throats' then we're easier to control. The Jesuit 'holy trinity' is simply Fear;Guilt;Control.

We're brainwashed and indoctrinated into a false belief-system wherby we look a jihab-wearing Muslim woman as being our 'enemy'.

How do you know Marissa was killed by a Siberian man? Because we saw it on the TV, or read it in the newspapers. All the world's media is controlled by the same 6 corporations. It's all fake! It's all designed to divide us.

Look what's just happened in California for instance.

The people that run this world are evil psychopaths who have zero regard for human life.

As John says, unless more of us begin to 'wake-up' to what's REALLY happening around us, essentially, we're all f*cked!

#2018-11-14 09:32:10 by Barry1 @Barry1



An important and heart-felt message, Imi.


If it's of any comfort, should this man be convicted of the crime, his time in prison will be tough. Most normal prisoners detest child predators and treat them harshly. He'll likely have to be housed in a protective unit of the gaol, alongside others of his ilk. But sooner or later, he'll be caught out and dealt with. 


In a similar case in Queensland, for example, a child predator had a pan of boiling water thrown over him by another prisoner. This is disgusting stuff.... but the lack of compassion this man showed for the child that he brutalised and killed was even more disgusting.  :^)



#2018-11-14 22:30:57 by melcyan @melcyan

 Hi Imi


After reading this blog I felt compelled to respond. I can now better understand some of your previous comments. I know we are on opposite sides of the political fence but Marrisa's death obviously has weighed very heavily on you. It upsets me too even though I am a long way away.


It seems that nearly everyone in today's world has an agenda and an enemy. We can often see holes in the thinking of another but when we resort, too quickly, to label others we fall for similar mistakes in thinking.


Not all people from China are good and not all people from the middle east are bad. Please do not demonise all people from the Middle East. Marrisa's murderer was a bastard. He must pay for his crime. Other people from the Middle East are not responsible for his crime. We live in a world where stupidity and injustice seem to grow by the day. What is the answer? Mahatma Gandhi understood our mad world better than most and he came up with an answer. Be the change that you want to see in others. If you look for wrong in others you will always find it. When you change for the better, the world changes for the better.


I have said these words to you before. Let go of the anger inside you. Your anger serves no useful purpose. It harms you. It directs you away from living your best life. If you care about Marrisa then let her legacy for you become a commitment to let the anger go and become a better person. Make that commitment today. Even though the two of you never met, I am sure that Marrisa would have been happy to know that she was a key part of helping you become a better person.


Wishing you and Janessa all the very best


#2018-11-15 15:30:24 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot



Melcyan, you wrote:

"Not all people from China are good and not all people from the middle east are bad. Please do not demonise all people from the Middle East. Marrisa's murderer was a bastard. He must pay for his crime. Other people from the Middle East are not responsible for his crime."

I'm really sorry, but I find that to pretty much be the typical trite politically correct response to what is, in fact, a completely inexcusable situation that is being foisted upon the citizens of Canada and most other first world countries at present.

I don't see that Imi suggested that all Chinese are good, nor that all Middle Easterners are bad. What he suggested, as I read it, is that Marrisa was good, and did not deserve to die at the hands of a bloodthirsty murderous asshole who should not have been in Canada, unsupervised, and placed in a position where any innocent person might be murdered by him. If it hadn't been this young Innocent Chinese girl then it would have been an innocent Canadian girl.

Imi's point, as I read it, was that allowing 40,000 unvetted immigrants in from any country in 4 months, and then allowing them to spread themselves out across the country without monitoring their behaviour and ensuring the safety of the population, was criminally irresponsible of the Canadian Government generally and of Prime MInister Justin Trudeau specifically.

One reason their being from Syria is relevant, is that we know beyond any doubt that they weren't properly vetted because it is not possible to properly vet them since they do not show up with any papers giving any hint of who they really are, what kind of record they may have in their home country, and whether or not they can be trusted to keep the peace.

The second reason their being from Syria is relevant is that they come from a culture where many of the males think that raping a woman is a minor infraction. If a woman is out on the street alone then she is fair game. So all the more reason why, if they are going to be allowed into the country, they need to be supervised until we can be sure they'll respect our way of life and treat our women the way they expect to be treated and the way we men expect to treat them ourselves.

It is not okay for Canada to put it's own citizens at risk in the name of political correctness, and it is not okay for Canada to put good, responsible and innocent visitors at risk either.  Canadians should be up in arms over the way their Government has abandoned their safety in the name of political correctness.

Melcyan, it is all too easy to stand off from a great distance and pontificate on how it is an unfortunate but necessary consequence of "doing good" that some innocent people will die, but I defy you to go stand face to face with Marrisa's parents, look them in the eye and explain how it's ok that Marrisa died, for the greater good.

Go sit down with your loving partner, hold her hand in yours, and picture some villain, who the Australian Government had let into your country and then let him loose in your community without having any idea who he is, slowly raping, torturing and then butchering the woman you love. I mean really use your imagination and picture it happening, don't just whisk it through your logical brain. Picture the pain she is going through, and the fear she suffers while this man slowly takes everything she has, and then takes her life. Feel it in your heart as if it is really happening before your eyes.

And then tell me that you would accept that happening to your loved one as a reasonable consequence of having mass, unvetted and unsupervised immigration into Australia. Because if it is good enough for Marrisa and her parents, then it is good enough for you.

#2018-11-15 17:24:15 by melcyan @melcyan



 If you take off your political and conspiracy glasses for just a few minutes, think about my past conversations with Imi and read my comment again you will know exactly where I am coming from. I am amazed that you could miss the mark by so much.


The next time you read my comment try to digest the full implications of these words -

"I can now better understand some of your previous comments"

 "Marrisa's death obviously has weighed very heavily on you."


#2018-11-16 14:35:58 by melcyan @melcyan

I should not have commented on this blog. I will make no further comment.

#2018-11-17 00:16:22 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

Imagine this:

If you met a group of homeless people suffering in the storm, would you stand up to help them?

If they knock at your door, asking some food and clothes, would you willing to give them what they need?

If they start to misused your kindness, eat your food, kill your dog, beat your kids, sleep your wife, would you still ok with that?

Human being are similar, human being could become very selfish and greedy if you keep spoiling and forgiving them.We should always treat people friendly if they desert, but never ever trust snake nor invite wolf and bear into your house.

Trust should be earned by a person's behave, and it takes long time. 

Now it seems there will no a safe land any longer on this earth, and it could be worse and worse in 30 years. Where could Truman run away to? 

#2018-11-19 02:44:43 by Dayton @Dayton


I understand your pain. My heart goes out to the parents & family of Marrisa. It must be devastating to lose a child that young or any child at all.  

I’m positive that none of these Syrian refugees live next door to Mr. Trudeau or any members of government.

In the surrounding area that I live in we lost two young ladies to illegal immigrants. One young lady was in college; she went out jogging and was abducted by an illegal Mexican immigrant, taken to a corn field, raped and stabbed to death. This man had obtained fraudulent work documents and was working on a farm under a different name.  The other young lady had just graduated college and was driving home. She was hit by a drunken illegal Mexican immigrant in a truck and was killed instantly. This man was given a low bail; he posted it and fled the country.  

The inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Our country was built by immigrants. We are a “melting” pot of immigrants. This doesn’t mean that we want your murderers, rapists, gang bangers, drug dealers, or anyone with a criminal history.

In today’s world; a country must have a strong immigration policy. Everyone should be vetted.

As the world knows; we have a President that wants to build a “wall” between the US & Mexico. On many days I am 100% for building the wall and on other days I think that we need to find an alternative; but every day I know that we need a strong immigration policy and vetting procedures.

I believe that many of the legal immigrants who are properly vetted understand what the process is about and how long it can take to become a citizen. They want to learn the culture, the history and be part of a growing country. They can see how hard work pays off and what can be accomplished.  

It is different for many of these illegal immigrants or refugees who choose not to learn our culture and the way that we do things. They want to do things in accordance to their culture and many times there is a conflict. They expect free housing, free food, free health care, free education and they are not willing to do what it takes to get these items on their own and/or succeed in life.

Many people have misconceptions about the United States & possibly Canada. Not everyone lives in mansions, or drive sports cars and the streets are not paved in gold. Movies are fiction, based on someone’s imagination.




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